Goblin to Move This Saturday’s Episode 14 to Following Week and Airing Final Two Episodes Back-to-back

Good news and bad news for Goblin fans – the drama is ending next weekend and this weekend’s episodes will be halved so be prepared for some major anxiety to come. tvN has announced that this weekend’s episode 14 airing on Saturday will be preempted until the following Friday, and then the final two episodes 15 and 16 will air back-to-back on the┬ánext day Saturday. This means we only get one episode 13 this week, but it also means the production team and cast will have a breather not needing to churn out two episodes this week. I’m good with this if it means the quality of the drama with be better and the production team doesn’t all pass out from exhaustion. Writer Kim Eun Sook has stated that the script for the final episode has been completed last week so the production is knee deep in filming the hopefully satisfying conclusion to this ambitious fantasy tale.

Episode 12 left off on one of the best cliffhangers so far in the drama, the reunion of General Kim Shin with King Wang Yeo, even if the latter doesn’t look like his young past life self anymore nor does he remember the past yet. I can’t wait to learn what sad pathetic life Wang Yeo lived after everyone who cared about him died – Kim Shin, Kim Sun, and even his treacherous eunuch who is even creepier and scarier in death, shivers.


Goblin to Move This Saturday’s Episode 14 to Following Week and Airing Final Two Episodes Back-to-back — 11 Comments

  1. This rescheduling of the final thtree episodes of the Goblin to Friday and Saturday week is a wise move. The move gives the cast and production crew some breathing space and hope it will mean the ability to maintain the very high quality standards and production values of the previous thirteen episodes. Loved everything about this drama , will miss it greatly when it finishes. Fighting Goblin Fighting !!!

  2. Hi Ockoala! ??
    I have been an avid reader of your blog (since?) the city hall days! But this news made me come out and say something, Boo, double boo!
    Keep up the good work. ???

  3. It pains me when I heard this news cuz nowadays I live for Fridays & Saturdays so the wait was excruciating.

    But I understand their reason. It must be tough filming this drama but they did a great job & as a fan I want the best for the casts & crews.

    I can’t wait for next week but I don’t want it to end. I can’t believe it’s already been a month.

  4. wise move…very wise…i think this is all due to the stress of producing the episodes on time. just shows that the well being of everyone is very important

  5. Gosh!!! Just another 3 more episodes. I hope it maintains the quality and trajectory. I don’t mind the excruciating wait but it’s for the good of the drama, and also their health.

    • Hi! Is Solomon’s Perjury super good? Looking for a new drama to distract my poor kdrama heart after Weightlifting Fairy’s ending, hehe.

      • I think that young casting is really good. The story is interesting. The relationship between characters is well written. Nobody seems too much perfect or too much evil, it’s well balanced.

        Friday night, it’s Silenced’s night with Gong Yoo on Goblin and Kim Hyun Soo in Solomon’s Perjury.

  6. Any body has seen previews for episode 13?? Just saw it and not only is going to be emotional but at end of the previews it seems like our goblin is holding the real sword on his hand ready to get rid of evil eunuch. Which based on past previews could be a scene for episode 14, think is the real one because is not glowing.

  7. How interesting. When I read Koala’s previous article about Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo, I told my husband they should just skip releasing a two day set of episodes so that they can all get some rest and do them the following weekend. And they actually did something similar by delaying one day’s episode for a week.

    I’m glad they are getting some more time and rest so they can do a good job finishing out the series.

  8. gosh, can’t wait for the last episodes, it’s going to be so good. I love the chemistry between the main otp they look so cute together, I wished there were more romantic scenes between them, especially how the way he looks at her. ^-^
    was sad about the ending of ep 13, it makes me wonder how’re they going to pick it up afterwards.

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