Episode 13 of Goblin Hits High of 14.25% Ratings and Story Ends on Epic Cliffhanger for Another Week

Welp, now this is what I call a cliffhanger, and double one at that with tvN not airing episode 14 of Goblin this Saturday and instead making the world wait an entire week to see what happens next. My only prayer is that Kim Eun Sook does not pull another Secret Garden, when the cliffhanger for the epic episode 18 led into a balloon deflating half-baked resolution in the subsequent final two episodes. There better be a good explanation for some major resurrection to come otherwise it’s tear central in Goblin town for the remaining episodes.

For now episode 13 will need to be savored and it was as dense in emotion as the build up from last week suggested, now that the truth is out there is much to digest for both the living and the dead. I loved watching Grim Reaper come to grips with his past existence and what it means for the people he loves in the present. Kim Shin also let revenge go but not without tons of angst. Viewership continues a slow and steady increase and episode 13 hit a new high by breaking the 14% barrier, hitting 14.25% AGB nationwide. Now excuse me while I continue my crying fest that I hit pause on to write this post.


Episode 13 of Goblin Hits High of 14.25% Ratings and Story Ends on Epic Cliffhanger for Another Week — 51 Comments

  1. I’ve been a teary mess since 4am.. The last time i cried this hard was Sang Doo.

    Im glad there’s no 14 tonight. My heart need it.

  2. I saw episode live and was crying rivers, i have seen sub clips because I cant watch the whole episode again need my heart to heal. What emotional episode, so glad that today was not the final episode.

    So sad finally KS and ET romance felt more mature and childish, and then we got heartbreaking farewell??

    Now will KS be back by the next first snow?, if so, we may see some time skip on the next episode.

    Got this thought about the kid, is he is really just a character without any meaningful reason or could it be the god/deity that was living in our young guardian DH but left his body when KS and WY meet him at the bar. Or some other supernatural being?

    There has been a few pics in IG that show KS wearing clothes from 900 yrs ago in modern setting, wondering what it all means hopefully the gods dont make him a ghost if not then im really curious what the written has in store for us.

    Plus wondering how Sunny and GR story will wrap up.

    Darn 3 more episodes, really going to miss this drama, the wait for Friday will be an agony.

  3. I’m probably the only one, who wasn’t affected by the goblin returning to ashes. Maybe because I wasn’t too emotionally invested, or probably because of the Goblin’s premonition of a particular future scene in a Canadian restaurant, so I’m rest assured of his return in Eun Tak’s life.

    Oddly enough, it was when Sunny officially broke up with Wang Two, saying, “Goodbye, pyeha”, that made me burst into tears. So heartbreaking.

    • Female lead was phenomenal in the last scene. I had my doubts about her initially but she and GY are clearly the best actors out of an incredible cast.

    • Really. We are still on this with just one week to go? The entire cast is talented but i would rate her second only to gong yoo

    • I wonder what is good acting for you if she is not. I think most female actors in korean drama land can learn how to act and give all for a character.

    • I hate the female lead too! Most of the time I can’t tell whether she’s crying or laughing because her acting is so bad… And it doesn’t help that she keeps acting cute while delivering the dialogues. I tend to keep skipping every scene she’s in, which means I kinda miss the whole show…. But I keep hanging in there cos the story is actually interesting and I love all the other casts except KGE! I really don’t get it when people rave about her acting….

      • Just curious @bada and @Lisa…who do you think would be a better lead actress? We would like to see who you are measuring her against – it’s a fair question since it’s easy to just criticize without providing an alternative…Personally, I think she is phenomenal not only in this role, but in others as well. So, tell us who would be better?

      • I think some may not like KGE because of the character she is playing which is a very young woman in comparison to the character of Sunny who is a more mature woman. I dont think she is a bad actress at all even I who love to pieces this drama find sometimes the character of ET a little annoying but I dont find fault in the actress more in the writting because I think KSE is better at writting for female character that are older than our ET but that is just my humble opinion. Cant wait for Friday but at the same time dont want the drama to end.

      • not all female actresses that could cry a bucket are good enough.

        a point to consider in measuring one’s acting skill is if that person can pull you to believe and empathize with them.

        an asshole character that has been bugging you to the point that you would like to put your hand on him or her to stop pestering the OTPs means that that person effectively delivered the character to keep the viewing public hate him or her.

        in the case of goblin, bear in mind that the Eun Tak character is basically a happy freshman college student bothered by the fact that her first real love, the Goblin will have to disappear by her own hand. Lately she is becoming this person that can’t help covering up her emotion that is in turmoil but still have to keep that sunny disposition.

        think of it as a heartbroken person that has to put up a happy face to conceal the pain and so as not to cause problem to people surrounding her.

    • Hater gonna hate, right?
      But it’s Kim Go Eun’s acting brought me to tears in this episode. She did an amazing job to make me feel real emotions.

    • Kim Go Eun is a wonderful actress. An award winning actress none the less. I agree with Hmm? she was phenomenal in the final scene.

  4. Dieing so early in KES drama means definite resurrection later on especially given her past records and also because TVN is going for a freaking 3 hour finale. I have a bad feeling about cramming too much into one episode as it is never a good idea. I think we’ll be in for a pretty lackluster ending but a happy one. Also I think somebody forgot to tell Yoo Inna that her role is not the second lead but an extended cameo. What a mess. Primary lead fans should be happy, looks like they’ll get 100% screen time till the end.

  5. Are you sure this is Kim Eun Sook drama?? What happens to her? I’m honestly curious. This drama doesn’t seem like Kim Eun Sook’s and I’m genuinely surprised she could create this amazing world. Episode 13 is simply mindblowing. They definitely deserve that rating.

    Hope tvN give the casts and crews a long holiday cuz they earned it!

    • Kim Eun Sook is more in tune with fantasy. Such genre (esp if it’s heavily fantasy-based) helps lessen the possibilities of unexpected events or the cheesy lines. There are still flaws but at this point she has improved with her scriptwriting! Helps that her cast and crew are awesome and so hardworking.

  6. Nice.
    After LJK’s scarlet heart, I took interest on this & since then I religiously wait for this every friday & saturday.

    I hope the ending is great.
    I keep rewatching this episode.?
    It helps cleanse my eyes naturally.

  7. oh gosh was so sad when i saw the ending, especially after all the romance between the main otp, i was hoping for some more since i love how the way he looks at her it’s so touching and it shows their chemistry together. plus i’m also thinking that he might be resurrected or come back as a ghost since there were images of him in his armor in modern time so i’m wondering how that’ll work out. so i’m just waiting how everything concludes and i’m also thinking that they might be reunited in the end…i’m hoping, really hoping haha *fingers crossed*

  8. Can a kind soul share the images or links that showed gong yoo wearing clothes from 900 years ago in the modern setting? Desperately need some optimistic previews etc. Ep 13 is too heartbreaking!

      • I feel better now. But slightly only. Coz I totally can see the amnesia happening and I don’t like it. ?

      • Jr you are welcome, im just curious why KS is his goryeo outfit even long hair in 2017, when he “died” on episode 13 he had short hair, please dont tell me all we have watched is KS seeing into a possible future, since one of his power is to see the future of someone. Still can think a good reason as why will KS be in our time dress up in goryeo outfit.

      • idk how they gonna go about and explain it, but i guess it may be something like an extension of kim shin’s life right after the sword impaled him 900 years ago? then somehow he was transported to the current times with only memory of 900 years ago..

        i really hate amnesia plots.. i rather they end at episode 14 showing how everyone copes with kim shin’s death but apparently it’s not the case.
        i would really prefer it if they slow down the death showing how kim shin says his goodbyes with everyone or some plot advancement etc then let him die in episode 15 or something.. haha! my wishful thinking.

        it just really reminds me of secret garden, the possible amnesia, just like what ockoala mentioned. arghhhhhhhh….

        let’s just hope for the best. *prays really hard*

      • i think practially everyone is wishing for the amnesia plot with grim reaper end up kissing goblin to get back his memories -.-

        i love to see that too but it makes no good for the plot. sighs..

  9. What an amazing cliffhanger. And the most amazing thing of all the sword pulling and him dying happened with three episodes to go. As long as we keep Gong Yoos body and Kim Shins soul I will be happy.

  10. The goblin holding on to the girl’s hands and pulling the sword out literally with his own strength. Wow. Never thought of this before. Kudos to writer Kim. Gong Yoo’s smile was heartrending, so sad, tender and resigned and relieved.

    • The ending was amazing. I went back and watched it again to make sure I got everything. I love this drama. Gong Yoo is magnificent as Warrior Shin.

      • He is dignified warrior lol..
        So touching hiwnhe smile and cry,so damn it melts my heart..applauded to GY…???

    • I really like Goblin’s writer (she is so good at creating conflicts and at writing interesting lines), but that (the fact that the goblin was the one who actually plucked the sword out) was contextually wrong. One shouldn’t create a fantasy character whose whole purpose is to pull out a sword, and then defeat the purpose in an utterly childish way. Why did writer Kim do that? Because (I suppose) the viewers would have strongly objected to the bride willingly killing the “lonely goblin oppa”…

  11. Gong Yoo is perfect for his role and Kim Go Eun did a very good jobs ,
    Love the stories and editing , everything about this drama is perfect

    • This is the way her character was supposed to be portrayed in the beginning. She has matured significantly these past few episodes.

  12. All right,although everyone is entitled to their own opinion.kge may be good or maybe not… But I think the cohesiveness of each character contributed to the whole God damned effect…let’s just support them.

  13. JR you mentioned Secret Garden and I thought the same, in how afew scene are similar to secret garden for example noble act, KJW comes with the realization what he needs to do to save/wake up Ram-Im, he cry rivers writting the letter she will read later, in Goblin is KS reading the contract he cry rivers as well. Different but still the same meaning when KS take ET to the roof top he had the idea what is going to happen she will be save but not him, in secret garden KJW drove RI to the area where was raining in Korea and she is saved and he is coma. He wake up and dont remember RI but later he does and goes directly to her, will the story will repeat and is KS who will loose his memories instead ET? As lets remind that part of his punishment was not to forget anyone during his immortality. Or would both loose their memories? SG ended in happy ending with marriage and kids how Goblin will end?

    • Lol i didnt think so much. I just hope it wont be like secret garden with that ‘balloon deflating half baked resolution’.

      To be honest i didnt like how secret garden ending. No matter how much i love the drama, the ending was just a too-easy way out.

      But with almost 90% confirmation to have the amnesia plot already dampen my spirits. I’m not someone who must have a happy ending. I prefer a make-sense and memorable one. (:

  14. I love the show and i hope that it ends with a lasting sense of longing — longing for a possible short sequel or a side story.

    It may not be as pleasant to rewatch and do a second marathon viewing like the (now) classic Coffee Prince and Princess Hours since it is quite heavy to take in — there are scenes whose effects are quite long lasting that viewers would need a week’s break to recuperate (well, unless the viewers are ready for a long rollercoaster ride… ).

    But i am happy to say that this series can be up there along with the recent series — Descendants, Moonlight Lovers, Scarlet Heart Ryeo — memorable, exciting, heart breaking, well thought of and produced series.

  15. I actually spent the entire day yesterday re-watching episodes 1-12 and I don’t regret a single minute of those hours. It really made 13 fall right into place. I have only re-watched 2 dramas – Nirvana in Fire (4 times) and KMHM (twice)and I am betting that I will re-watch this again in its entirety once done. It is well written and well acted and the OST is full of hauntingly beautiful music that really accentuates the mood of the drama. Some over-acting in some places but overall a fantastic drama. Lee Dong Wook was brilliant in episode 13.

  16. I felt bad for Kim Eun Talk , she witnessed and lost both persons who love her much right in front of her eyes ( her mom and Kim Shin )
    Her life after losing mom was miserable ; only after She met Kim Shin then she has received So much love, happiness and security , now he was gone ,how can Eun Talk continue on with her life just like she said : how am I supposed to live without you
    Kim GO Eun nailed the scene so well that I cried a bucket , im so emotional wreck when thinking about the ending of episode 13

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