Park Shin Hye Pretty as a Picture at Bruno Magli Event

Pretty Park Shin Hye out and about is always a welcome treat for me. She made an appearance this past week at the Bruno Magli event in Seoul for the brand that she’s repped the accessories line for many years now. Initially her style seemed too youthful a fit with the traditional stylings of the brand but she’s been gravitating towards a more mature look that now seems a good synergy. I don’t mind that she tends to wear clothing that skirts the line of matronly, her hair and makeup are always impeccable and stylish. I hope she picks a good drama for 2017 that continues her acting and role evolution from last year’s hit Doctors.


Park Shin Hye Pretty as a Picture at Bruno Magli Event — 29 Comments

  1. Hope the Chicago Type. drama works out….Kim Soo Hyun was also in the talks and I think it’s about time this pairing happens.

    Happy to see that she’s gained her cute chubby cheeks back…..always beautiful ~

  2. Obviously, PSY is your bias! You would criticize the way other actors inappropriate style of clothes, but you do not do that to her. ? ? Anyway, she needs a new stylist to change her style, and to say that Doctors was a ‘hit’ even if it was not that ‘good drama’??? Hahaha!

    • That’s called having a personal opinion and taste. And for the nth time, this is koala’s blog and she’s entitled to write whatever she pleases, why are you even if you dislike her blog so much? I like Park Shin Hye, but not a fan of her dress in those pictures and yes Doctor is universally considered a hit drama. What’s wrong with stating facts? It earned the highest ratings in its slot, over 20 % and you can find this information anywhere on the Internet, e.g.

      I have no problems acknowledging this despite that fact that I personally disliked Doctors and dropped it after a couple of episodes because I simply couldn’t stand it. Still for the majortiy of the viewers it was a major hit and therefore a good drama for Park Shin Hye’s career.

    • Well
      1. Her styling is never her strength and her face is enough to cover that weakness. Even all her kfans say that
      2. Opinion if Doctors is a good drama aside, there is no deny the drama is a hit. I has 3rd average highest rating in the whole Korea last year and was number one at all streaming side when it was airing. You don’t have to like the drama but you are acting dumb for saying it’s not a hit just because you don’t like it. lol
      3. This is Koala’s blog. She can write whatever she wants. It’s not like she never criticized PSH and her drama before. So she has to criticize her all the time to please you? What’s a sad life you have

    • And while I think Koala likes PSH enough to post about her time to time I’d not list her bias list…
      Clearly you haven’t followed Koala enough. Her bias actresses are Yoonie and Moonie

    • i’m agree with @Gracia she needs a new stylist ! Something that matchs her natural , fresh , free personality.But her hairstyle and make up are allways perfect .

  3. Her intention was to showcase and promote the bag , not her dress, and she achieved.
    Maybe the plot of the Doctors was not to the understanding and liking of many, but Park Shin Hye nail it, and prove one more time, her talent and grow as an versatile actress, and capacity to carry on a drama and her popularity worldwide, without flower boys.

  4. Someone as popular and pretty as PSH should have unlimited options of all gorgeous clothes but she picks the ugliest stuff. I think she just doesn’t have good taste in clothes. Which is ok because some people just doesn’t have style.

  5. Worse pd,poor writing,mess drama.”this is psh fault” lol
    i hope she more picky to choose drama/back to movie
    But i agree she should change her stylist.this dress wasnt bad.but there are many dress better this one

  6. She’s just a human being who is not a perfectionist. Her sense of style is her choice. We can criticize her all we want. In the end PSH will still be PSH.

  7. It is so interesting that from a young age that she chose such ahjumah styles.

    It certainly does make her unique, doesn’t it? An old soul in a beautiful younger person’s body.
    Somewhere out there in the universe, an old lady is walking around in stilettos and short shorts to balance this out! 🙂

  8. I love this girl. Doctors is a hit drama. Who cares if it wasnt everyone’s fav, it is still high rating drama and heartwarming to watch.

  9. It is a shame to read this type of comments. In what our society has became and which direction is going? She looks Spring fresh, elegant, pretty and appropriate for the occasion and the product she is promoting. Reason why many famous multinternational companies and brands want her to represent them and endorse their products worldwide, not only because she is a talent skillful artist and model, but also for her attractive, clean, elegant, pretty,sexy with class, and decent image.
    Would be more candy to your eyes and to your satisfaction if she would dress like the idols and many untalented actresses that barely have clothes on,or showing alot skin, projecting an image of soft porn artists, to get attention?!???
    I am glad she is a warrior,a strong Christian woman, with clear and strong values and principles about her being in this world, and know how to stand up to other’s women bullying, envy and jelouse, on trying to put her down. God will always protect her and continue to bless her as always.

  10. If u dont like Park Shin Hye i suggest all for you watch her drama such as
    YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL/ PINOCCIO/DOCTORS and what are u opinion about her pretty and acting ..for me she is beautiful and talented actress! I support her 200 times 11

  11. lol, because the dress is not my taste i ended up noticing the bag more.

    This type of clothes probably look better in person than pictures. I have a few dresses like that. Looks older in picture but it’s not that bad…

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