Section TV Covers Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s Honeymoon and Hilariously Notes They Didn’t Leave Room Much

Once the genie is out of the bottle its hard to put it back in. Now that Kim Tae Hee and Rain‘s very private dating life has transformed into a public acknowledgement of their marriage, the media is all over them starting from the frenzy at the airport heading off to their Bali honeymoon. Section TV has even gone so far as to cover their honeymoon itself, showing pictures snapped of the newlyweds enjoying their holiday and checking with the hotel to hear that they didn’t plan many excursions and mainly stayed in their room. First off, that’s typical honeymoon behavior, but I mostly think it’s because they would be swarmed wherever they go so might as well relax in private. Both are mega stars in the industry for a long time so I don’t think they are chafing at the media interest in their lives, I just hope it’s silly stuff like this and not crossing any lines.


Section TV Covers Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s Honeymoon and Hilariously Notes They Didn’t Leave Room Much — 13 Comments

  1. section tv has gone bonkers.

    but i have to ask – what was need to announce their honeymoon destination and their departure schedule? i’m not trying to shift the blame on to the couple.

    but there are HD shots of them entering the airport so their agencies informed the media in advance. where they are going, how long they will be staying all was announced. Why ? After being so low key for years, why suddenly take part in the media circus?

    • I was wondering the same thing too, ..why did they announce their honeymoon destination? I saw a fan’s video when Rain got slapped by a fan during their honeymoon. I hope that person didn’t do that on purpose. I prefer to think she accidentally couldn’t control her own hand..lols

    • I’d say this was a very well planned out wedding and honeymoon for them. Every media outlet was camped outside the church where only a few family members attended shining away the attention of where the actually afterparty was taking place their afterparty itself was super secretive that even the caters said event was guarded by 40 bodyguard according to their accs. And their party was held at skyfarm restaurant 50th floor so everything was controlled. Honeymoon wise i guess it was their way to inform their indonesian fans that they will be in the country. Location of their honeymoon it took them 3 plane rides and 40 min by speedboat to get to their destination…yep that was verywell planned to keep the paps away u can see that all pics shown section tv are fan accs…their hotel location was only know to the public when they were picked up from there by the hotel liason thats how fans knew the name of the hotel. Notice how they were no pics of them getting in the boat because from sumbawa airport the hotel ppl took over no pics of them till they got back to sumbawa airport 4 days later.

    • Considering the way the couple have been low key since when dispatch released their dating news, one could barely see them together publicly, others thought they broke up and yet some thought they were not even dating at all. Now what i’m I trying to say? Probably the reason why they had to report their honeymoon destination was to put an end to their ninja style (won’t it be funny if there’s a news like rain and kim tae hee spoted on incheon international airport separately after marriage) Now what’s the point of that.

    • The resort they stayed is so private, even the picture is from google not from the resort which located in small Island, you can’t enter resort before having reservation and no jornalist allowed cause they have nude beach, even visiting only up to from 5 am – 9 am and you can’t get out of your boat if you just visiting.
      You can only reach the place by their jet ski, their boat and private plane.
      Lots of people from kate middleton, bieber and sharapova was stay in that exact resort but there is no picture.
      Rain is hugely famous in Indonesia so people can track then by SNS.

      • the point is announcing or not gonna change that they gonna get found but the resort will guarded their privacy while they were staying there.

  2. I’m merely speculating but their wedding is so rushed it makes you wonder. Being together for so long you think they would have formal nuptials. Maybe KTH is pregnant and that’s why they announced their vaca plans. To make it look like she conceived the baby there. I mean why go through all troubles to hide wedding and such and announce their vaca spot. Makes no sense.

    But they’re so cute so I’m super happy for them.

    • On the contrary I think their wedding is all planned out…considering they are A list personalities they managed to have their event as private as they possibly can. I applaud them for a simple and intimate wedding. And I hope you’re correct in your assumption that KTH and Rain will be soon blessed with a baby…that’s going to be super awesome.

    • uh, even if they married in a rush, announcing their vacation spot would change nothing. The baby would still be born nine months after the conception, not nine months after the honeymoon.

    • “The Best Present” is a great evidence that this wedding was planned out. Kim Tae Hee and Rain’s dating life has always been low-key, a picture of them together within these 5 years had almost been nonexistent. I think they’re just aware of their status, maybe it’s sort of a fan service. Most Korean celebrity wedding go through a loop. They have prenuptial pictorial, a press conference/pictorial before the wedding and grand reception. This two did not go through that but they are aware that they have fans and people are extremely curious about them, specially with Kim Tae Hee status in SK as a goddess. They probably had some sort of agreement with a lot of major media outlet, instead of bombarding their wedding, they agreed to just give them that perfect shot at the airport.

    • I’ve read that they actually wanted a December wedding but because of Skor’s current political events, the two decided to postpone it and do a simple, intimate wedding. Kim Tae Hee is a conservative catholic so I don’t think she got pregnant before the wedding. But hey, she’s in her mid-30’s so it’s totally fine even if that’s the real case. Haha.

  3. I think the best thing they could do when they get home is go everywhere together. Once the market is flooded with pictures of them together, it gets boring and eventually the novelty will wear off. I do understand why they’ve been so private and why their wedding was so private. I wish them both the best.

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