Vanness Wu Does Hobo Chanel Style at Paris Fashion Show

The fun that was the Chanel couture show in Paris this past week didn’t just see the presence of top K-stars like Park Shin Hye and G-Dragon, there were also Chinese stars there to showcase their eclectic style. Singer-actor Vanness Wu posted snaps to his SNS alongside trendsetter G-Dragon and top Chinese model Liu Wen, with everyone rocking their own individual take on the latest Chanel offerings. Vanness looks like the richest hobo on the planet thanks to his raggedly long hair and beanie, but he played it up by wearing the ladies Chanel plaid peacoat from this season accessorized by copious amounts of Chanel gold hardware. I love it on him only, especially finished off with the round sunglasses, clearly he was playful and rocked the ensemble impressively.


Vanness Wu Does Hobo Chanel Style at Paris Fashion Show — 11 Comments

  1. Ok, I know I am an ajumma now…. I just want to comb his hair and straighten his hat. LOL! On the positive side, I’m glad he has the courage to have fun with fashion. Good for him! ?

  2. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I actually think he looks pretty decent! Haha. It stands out in a crazy way but somehow makes sense too. And yes, only Vanness could pull it off.

  3. I like Vanness; no matter how terrible his styling he always manages to make me like him. Just like what happened when I saw him in The Princess Weiyoung.

  4. Daaamn, it is extremely rare to see someone make a fashion weirdo like G Dragon fade out of a picture but Vanness is flawless … o_O

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