Moon Chae Won Turns Down Leading Lady in Bride of the Water God Drama Adaptation

There‚Äôs been movement in the casting rounds for the upcoming modernized drama version of manhwa Bride of the Water God. No, the male lead hasn’t been swapped out and remains Nam Joo Hyuk, whose casting is coming at a better time in his career after getting much love in the underrated Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. That doesn’t mean he’s the right actor to play Haebak but we’ll have to wait and judge. The change is with his potential leading lady who is now for sure not going to be Moon Chae Won. Her agency revealed this week that she turned down the role and the casting has fallen through. I want to see her back onscreen but after the disappointment of Goodbye Mr. Black has me preferring that she wait to get a more suitable drama as this one has lots of unknowns starting from taking a well known historical fantasy story and tweeking it for modern times.


Moon Chae Won Turns Down Leading Lady in Bride of the Water God Drama Adaptation — 48 Comments

  1. Now that MCW has turned it down, hopefully it goes to another actress of the same calibre as hers. There aren’t many actresses in their 20s who are free right now. I’d hate it if it goes to someone like Seolhyun.

  2. MCW should be very careful in choosing dramas. Mr. Black was a Mega Flop- had a single digit ratings on its entire run (experienced a 3% range ratings) and doesn’t earned a good reviews from critics. I want her to take her time.

      • More than the rating (but of course not bad at all if her new show will garner good ratings and reviews), I wish to see her again in a project where she can really sink her teeth in. Nice Guy is such a long time ago and I really miss her shine in a project.

    • Come Back Mister also suffered poor ratings due to going up against DOTS and it was a solid drama. I know Mr. Black wasn’t so good but who the competition is does matter when looking at that 3%

      • Yupe. It went up and lead the ratings for a few last eps (although they only reached 9%) after DotS ended.

      • Weightlifting Fairy never reached 7% despite not being in the same time slot with Goblin though. I do think Nam Joo Hyuk is not ready for lead roles yet. Look at how Kim Soo Hyun and Song Joong Ki proved their capabilities before their first lead roles.

  3. I am glad that MCW turned down the offer. I could not picture her alongside NJH. Habaek is supposed to be a charismatic and overpowering character, and with NJH portraying it, idk which actress could compliment him since he does not seem to have a commanding presence.

  4. Well i am glad. She is gonna look older beside Nam Joo Hyuk, i know she is beautiful. Last time only thing was bad on W-2 Worlds was age gap between LJS and HHJ that showed and felt.

  5. I think KYJ and KSH will go well with this role but they were in their late teens. I’d say Suzy but she is only slightly better than Seolhyn. That leaves the next best choice. Yoona. What am I saying there is also Park Shin Hye

  6. too bad she turned down this role. i was hoping he will turn it doen so that they can cast another actor. anyway, maybe they can consider lee yubi or park seyoung for the lead role.

  7. I actually read some of these books, and not too much happens for the most part.
    I think she would have been underutilized. I would like to see her do a “War of the Arrows” type of film or drama where she gets to be kick-ass again. She really was good in that.

    • War of the Arrows was one of the best action movies I’ve ever seen, she was amazing and so badass but in a way that was believable for the time .

  8. I don’t think moon chae won is too old to paired with nam joo hyuk or any man who young than her. So what creative tim and make up artist for? As long she can build the chemistry,I don’t mind. But yeah I respect with her decision.

  9. Why is here so much hate on NJH? Why ask him to turn it down? If everyone turns down, then we will have no drama to watch! You turn your TV/computer OFF!! Please don’t spoil our fun in entertainment ?

    • You don’t need to be a hater to say that Nam Joo Hyuk is a mediocre actor and this lead role should be given to someone with proven acting skills. Nam Joo Hyuk can take his time. Everyone wants to enjoy the show, not just you. So we hope someone more suitable will be picked.

      • Hahaha. Sounds like u r a person of authority… U go ahead & make that change. Let’s see who will get the lead role! LOLOL… SMH… what a joke ?

    • Even if the lead role goes to him that doesn’t mean anything. People have all known his ability. Unless this time he is the one with lots of changes and improvements, it’ll be another low rating drama for his career. He should be practicing acting and not traveling or relaxing right now.

      • @Ru – you sound like his mom now. My point is that as a drama watcher, watch if you like and don’t watch if you disagree with the casting. Why make so much noise when you are not in control?? The drama is not even out and all these comments are just all spectulations and so annoying!!

  10. Glad she turned down the role. Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting is too questionable. Taking a lead role after so many low ratings dramas is quite rushing.

  11. Even lee sung kyung was too good for this kid. She worked her ass off in supporting roles and did so well in a varying range of characters in dramas that all garnered solid rating. She should have made a better choice than kim bok joo.

  12. NJH has not confirmed either. Probably both sides want to know who will be their partner. TVN must have wanted MCW to carry the weight but her agency learned enough from Lee Jun Ki’s recent setbacks. Now wait to see who will volunteer.

  13. another model/idol turned actor from a big house landing a lead role and it seems so unfair bcos there are so many strong potential ones from small companies out there

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