First Lee Hyun Woo and Joy Teasers for tvN Music Romance The Liar and His Lover

There‚Äôs a distinct spring breeze in the air, at least from the drama mood front as tvN dropped the first teasers for it’s drama adaptation of the music romance Japanese manga The Liar and His Lover (She Fell in Love with His Lie). The Japanese adapted the manga into the hit movie of the same name with the aptly cast Sato Takeru and Ohara Sakurako, whereas the K-version doesn’t give off the same spot on casting vibe with the selection of Lee Hyun Woo paired with first time acting idol Joy from the group Red Velvet. I’m willing to give Joy a chance since she could prove herself a natural or this role a suitable fit for her, plus Lee Hyun Woo has such a lovely voice and acting style, it’ll be a treat to see him tackle a more mature role.

Teasers for The Liar and His Lover:


First Lee Hyun Woo and Joy Teasers for tvN Music Romance The Liar and His Lover — 7 Comments

  1. I really hope they can pull it off because the japanese movie was sooooo good. The movie was flawless,the characters were excellent,music was awesome too. Goodluck to joy and hyunwoo!

  2. a liar and his girl friend has criticize side for the market music industry which too mainstream,too mean and killing the creativity and idealism of the artist just for making money. If they dare to take that side,it will be great than the japanese version.

  3. The japanese version was so good even the manga. Buti have a bad feeling about the second male lead. Since there’s no love triangle in japanese version, i think they will make the vocalist will fall instead with the first female. I also had a feeling when Shun, vocalist of Crude Play also had a sizzling chemistry with Riko and i thought for a second he would fall with her charm. But unfortunately nothing happened.

    • kdrama cant live without love triangle or square hehe..
      the jmovie version was so good. I dont think this version will be as good as the movie. theres always something lacking in korean adaptation.

    • Iirc there was the ex-gf in the jmovie. That wasnt really much of a love triangle tho. And i think masa’s char(the only one really playing music) was trying to be involved(not sure if romantically) with riko. There was also riko’s bandmate(? Or was it schoolmate?) who may have had a crush on her.

      That aside i hope they focus more on the music/entertainment world stuff rather than shove second leads because there’s more than 10 hours left that they need to fill.

  4. I don’t understand why they show us this kind of video. They are useless. They don’t give any information about the drama, the characters and I’m still curious about the adaptation. Lee Hyun Woo is still super young to play this role.

  5. Honestly, for some weird and unknown reason. I’m anticipating this drama. No, on-going drama appeals to me (except tomorrow witj you)

    Probably because i know Lee Hyun Woo has some acting chops but somehow his dramas are terrible and ive never seen him do broody and i cannot imagine him being one due to his babyface. Meanwhile, Joy is a new face. Im not going to judge without watching so if she never has any track records of terrible acting. I have no issue why i should condemn her for her acting even if she is an idol.

    So for me, this drama is a blank sheet. It can go either way but i have good feelings about this. And ive missed drama that centre around music much like Monstar did so bring it on drama

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