Hyun Bin Back to Perfectly Suited Basics in New Media Pictorials Promoting Cooperation

After a recent bout with fashion faux pas, it’s nice to see Hyun Bin snappily dressed again for his media press gauntlet to promote K-movie Cooperation. With Gong Yoo hitting drama daebak with Goblin, I find myself wishing Hyun Bin can reunite with Kim Eun Sook again and this time do a male lead that is memorable and doesn’t flirt with being a straight up asshat like his character in Secret Garden. Goblin and Descendants of the Sun shows me Kim Eun Sook can write nice guys who are also alpha males, it would please me greatly to see Hyun Bin do something trendy along those lines. That may be a further down pipe dream as Hyun Bin remains in talks for sci-fi drama City of Stars where he’ll play an astronaut heading to Mars.


Hyun Bin Back to Perfectly Suited Basics in New Media Pictorials Promoting Cooperation — 5 Comments

  1. Hyun Bin looked very dapper in this pictorial!Falling for him all over again hahaha.

    His movie did so well already hitting past 7 million admissions, better than The King which I am pleasantly surprised.

    Can’t wait for him to be back in dramaland.

  2. He should use Yoo Ah In and Gong Yoo’s strategy. After hit the movies, they did drama which became highly ratings too. Korean loves movie stars alot. So, if their movies get big success, they should grab popularity more through dramas. I’m sure it will work for him too.

    As I know, Kim Eun Sook never used the same actors for her dramas. So, it’s probably difficult to have him in Kim Eun Sook’s drama again but there are good writers in korea. I wish him the best.

    I hope he’ll try more challenging roles. No more chaebol please.

    • Yea she has casted the same actresses b/f but not actors…..I think she’s eyeing WB and KDW right now and JIS wants to work w/ her….

  3. kim eun sook unlike competitors like park ji eun does not like to repeat main actors.i think kim ha neul is the only one lucky enough to be repeated and she is a woman.she has never repeated main actors before.eventhough there is a first time for everything, i will rather she works with some one like won bin whom i read she is her next target or any strugling actor who really needs a comeback for career advancement.
    hyun bin has gotten a hit in film cooperation, he has his chance with kes and he took it .he should look elsewhere for dramas.
    anyway it is all in kes court.she does what she wants.

  4. Nope, Hyun Bin already had a hard timing shredding off his SeGa image (and yet, it’s still not done) so the last thing he needs is to be associated with KES again.

    KES doesn’t like working with the same male actors because she likes creating new syndrome each time. Unlike her female leads which are rarely a syndrome (only within the OTP) like her male ones (for obvious reasons, KES cares way less about their writing + female audience).

    In any case, congrats to HB on the success of his movie. It turned tables with The King which everyone thought impossible seeing their owerhelming domination the first week. The movie is now above 7M tickets and still going (currently at the 2# place behind JCW’s movie when they’re entering their 5 weeks!) and HB got positive feedbacks from the audience. He has a second movie coming in the second half and said he wants to do one last project this year before that one will be out, most likely a drama which I hope will be interesting.

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