Jeon Ji Hyun Pretty Even in Denim Potato Sack Dress for New Sneaker CF

When I crack jokes about someone being so insanely beautiful she would look pretty in a potato sack, I never thought a brand pictorial would actually give that a shot. A new shoe brand CF featuring effortless beauty Jeon Ji Hyun decided to focus on the shoes by putting her in the denim dress equivalent of a ruck sack, and to add insult to injury it even looks unfinished with the raw hem. I’m sure it’s probably an expensive and likely designer denim shirt dress but what amazes me the most is how my eyes are still drawn to Jeon Ji Hyun when she’s wearing something so basic. She also knows how to pose like no other and the way she has her legs arched then draws attention to the shoes. Love this woman’s aura and style, hoping she enjoys the time after finishing Legend of the Blue Sea to hang with her hubby and their baby.


Jeon Ji Hyun Pretty Even in Denim Potato Sack Dress for New Sneaker CF — 16 Comments

    • I THInk she dieted too much after having her baby.. she looks so good and healthy on mlfts, and she looks too thin and tired on lotbs, I hope she’s now well rested and gain some weight so she won’t be gaunt looking…put on some chubby cheeks..

  1. I watched her movie, Assassination and she was sooo good on it. Waiting for her to comeback to Chungmuro. After all, she was the Box Office Queen. Her last drama, LOTBS also did pretty well, 17.6% ave ratings.

  2. I really love the dress and shoes. Koala, is there any way you can find out what brand both the shoes and clotes are? I love to get one…..

    • Yeah!! I HOPE she choose a project with substance.. even if its not an action flick.. I like quiet , melancholic films for her next project pls…

  3. as always her legs are the ugliest like legs of a man. Nice well shaped legs for a Star is a plus plus x- factor. just compare hers to Charlize Theron, JJH legs is a big joke!

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