Yoon Eun Hye Shares Minimal Makeup Look in Pretty New SNS Update

A collage of pretty new pictures from Yoon Eun Hye is as good a reason as any to post an update about her. Her three year long draught from K-ent has passed the point of ridiculous but knowing she’s reviewing scripts and for sure coming back with an acting project this year helps tide the longing. Even if her dramas aren’t always good, such as epic fails like Marry Him if You Dare or erratic oddities like My Fair Lady, I always finish watching the drama because of her and enjoy her performance regardless. Maybe she just rubs me the right way but her acting has such natural charisma and warmth, and she does better to stick with lighter fare than morose mopey melos like Missing You. Her latest SNS update is a head on pillow shot with hair brushed to the side and a clean barely there makeup face, complete with the punchy neon green nails. If only we look so good laying in bed, lol.


Yoon Eun Hye Shares Minimal Makeup Look in Pretty New SNS Update — 19 Comments

  1. YEH looks great, as usual. Can’t wait to see her in a K drama this year, so hurry up Miss YEH, and announce your new drama already! ?

      • This is not the real lano. The fact that you have the time to remember to use my handle and then use it to say anti-yeh rhetoric, Means that you are obsessed. Find a better hobby that will get you a better return in life. God bless,


        Note: if she is doing this with my handle it means that the same person is probably posting multiple time other handles. Don’t get upset. Just ignore.

      • @Lano what a relief! Thanks for your explanation. I was confused at first reading your comment since I know that you’re a YEH follower and it didn’t make sense to make such a “degrading” posting. Thanks again.
        It seems the “impostor” is the same person who impersonated me too once.

      • sorry@lano . i wasn’t aware of it. I still don’t understand why some do that. I hope that you’ll forgive me for this misunderstanding.

  2. I really hope she comes back… either small or big screen. It’s been too long T_T since we saw her. I can’t live like this

  3. she looks so beautiful, happy with her smile and cute gesture ,hope she can smile all the time,of course hope she can come back quickly

  4. she cant come back to drama now. china invester are gone. knet still butthurt from her scandal. she need the writer that make SHK scandal gone to make her lead. so knet can love her again.

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