High Kick 3’s Young Stars in 2011 are Now Drama Leads of Their Own

I came across this drama still which brought back memories and made me realize how much certain promising young things have truly made it. The above drama still contains four character shots of supporting leads in the sitcom High Kick 3, which aired in 2011 which makes it six years ago. The leads were Yoon Kye Sang and Seo JI Suk but included in the sprawling cast were up-and-comers Lee Jong Seok and Krystal playing siblings, and Kim Ji Won and Baek Jin Hee as love interests. In the intervening six years all four of the young talent have become leads in their own right where already or soon. They also currently or soon will have a K-drama on – Baek Jin Hee is the lead in Missing 9, Lee Jong Seok will do While You Were Sleeping with Suzy, Kim Ji Won steps into her first lead role in Third Rate My Way opposite Park Seo Joon, and Krystal will be donning fantasy mantle in Bride of the Water God with Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung. How time flies and also how satisfying to see young talent hit their potential.

All three High Kick series have spawned big stars not just the last installment in High Kick 3, though I wish this series gets resurrected because when done right it was fantastic.


High Kick 3’s Young Stars in 2011 are Now Drama Leads of Their Own — 9 Comments

    • Baek Jin Hee has been steadily in leading roles for the last three years, Kim Ji Won is just now moving into lead and it’s high time but otherwise her career is stable. The actresses are doing quite ok.

  1. Most have come into their own – aside from Krystal. She’s pretty, but not exactly talented when it comes to acting (but I will say she’s tolerable in very small doses).

  2. For additional information, i have been followed 2 version of high kick before, they are unstopable high kick(2005-2005) and high kick through the roof(2009). High kick 1 is straring by jung ilwoo, kim hyesung(jeni juno), kimbum, and park minyoung, and add. Cast, like chansung 2pm (he was still minor and super skinny in that time), na hyemi (eric moon’s gf now), and shinji koyote. The drama is so funny and so worthed to be watched. Kimbum and kim hyesung are very bestfriend here, even there is episode where they are guessed be gay, hahaha… beside that jung ilwoo’s role as troublemaker maknae, kim hyesung lilbro but he is in same grade school with his hyung, contrary with his hyung kim hyesung who is very dilligent and smart . The triangle love story comes to kimbum park minyoung, kimbum, and kim hyesung. Park minyong is very funny here, she is kim hyesung’ gf, but kim bum likes her too. At least they have been ever stared in their own drama . Park minyoung and jung ilwoo are always be first lead role. And then high kick 2 is so funny too and i like it too. The stars are yoon siyoon (in that drama, how much i adore him), hwang jung eum (i swear i miss her acting in comedy bcoz noew her dramas are almost all melodrama, she is so funny here) , shin sekyung (her character is very suit to her, in this drama i admit she can act ridiculuosly), daniel choi, for add. Cast there are kigwang b2st (as yoon siyoon’s beastie) , seo shinae ( now she is lady, back in that time she acts as shinsekyung lil sis) snd jin jihee (the cute and annoyed yoon siyoon’s lil sis, if you ever watched, you certainly remembered her slogan “ipatungkuya”). Same like high kick 1, stars in high kick 2 are now shining too and they have been got lead role in their drama.

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