Lee Jun Ki Makes Variety Show Appearance in Season 2 of My Ear’s Candy

Popular actor Lee Jun Ki has a treat for fans wanting to see more of him and also get to know him better aside from his charismatic and versatile acting ability. He’s in season 2 of Korean variety show My Ear’s Candy, which pairs up a star with an unknown ear candy star partner for an episode as the two communicate incognito over the phone while discussing whatever they are doing or thinking. I watched the Jang Geun Seok episode in season one with his ear candy being Yoo In Na, talking about two very distinctive voiced stars getting paired together. For Lee Jun Ki’s episode, he travels through Florence and chats with his ear candy during his day exploring the city. Check it out for both Jun Ki fun and the visual delights of a Florence backdrop.

Preview for Lee Jun Ki in My Ear’s Candy:


Lee Jun Ki Makes Variety Show Appearance in Season 2 of My Ear’s Candy — 22 Comments

  1. I just finished watching season 2’s first 2 eps that has hallyu star Hwang Chi Yeul and actress Jung Somin in it. Loved it!!! So sweet and innocent almost like a reality show!

      • Hwang Chi Yeul is a singer who became more popular in China than in his iwn country through an idol singing competition- in his season other contenders included American Coco Lee, HK Joey Yeung and Hacken Lee, Jeff Chang among others..he ended up as second runner up . But now we see more of him domestically- he appears in Immortal Songs among the backroom commentators.

      • A ‘Hallayu’ Star…. He’s was a soloist that never made a mark and was also vocal coach who has trained some idols. Appeared on a Mnet variety called I Can See Your Voice. Then China snapped him up and he became a ‘Hallayu Star’ appearing on a lot of Chinese varieties. Now that China has a ban he’s back in S.Korea. Still no idea why he is a ‘Hallayu’ Star though….

      • Hi – Hwang Chi Yeul is one of Lotte Duty Free’s many models (as are Choi Ji Woo and Lee Jun Ki). He is simply awesome. I came across him by accident when I watched “I Am A Singer” China on a cable TV station here in Singapore on 29 January 2016. I’ve become an obsessed fan of his ever since πŸ™‚ May I suggest you watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqYLDiXnuJo

      • Hi, as far as I know – Season 2 has not been subbed yet. But some clips featuring Hwang Chi Yeul and Jung So Min have been subbed by one of his fans (who does a fantastic job subbing Chi Yeul’s fancams from Korean to English).

    • Agree with you – Hwang Chi Yeul and Jung So Min were so adorable. The person who cast them together got the casting spot on. Hwang Chi Yeul is the first celebrity I am obsessed with – he is a great singer, dancer and variety show performer with an awesome personality. He is an excellent role model for young and old. Cannot wait for his mini-concert here in Singapore on 28 May!

      • Hi cynkdf..Chi Yeul will come to Singapore? OMO! Am a fan of his voice and he seems like a genuinely great guy. Really wanna see him sing live and Singapore is pretty close. Yeayyy

    • Not meaning to hijack this thread about LJK but Hwang Chi Yeul is a Hallyu star through and through. HCY is an amazing singer and a truly talented and entertaining artiste. He is very popular all over Asia now, having performed all over China; he also performed in Australia (guest performance), Malaysia and USA. In Korea, he attracts hordes of fans everywhere he goes. At the upcoming World Masters Athletics Championship in Daegu, he is the only solo singer that is performing at the closing ceremony. He is the spokesperson for a number of brands and also the recipients for several awards the past year. All in all, you have to watch his performances to understand why he is so well liked…they are simply top of its class. Cheers!

  2. so who are in Season 2. Lee Jun Ki and Hwang Chi Yeol?
    I thk in season one there were 3 guys right- Jang Geun Seok. Ji Soo. Gong Myung?
    I hope Lee Jun Ki will allow his carefree personality- it would make the conversations more unscripted. Many ppl commented Ji Soo’s sounded very unnatural and forced. Gong myung one was vy entertaining and his ear cady ended up being his partner in WGM.

    • The concept of the secon season is different. It the first season we could see only the one side and the identity of the “Candy” was a mystery till the end of the onversation.
      Also the star – Jang Keun Suk, Ji Soo and the others, were shown at their homes, revealing the everyday side of them. it was really fun watch JKS in pijamas or Ji Soo moving to a new place.
      In the second season most of the cast members were outside of their homes or even abroad. Sorry, but what is the sense to see how someone is having a horse ride in Prague or how is the weather in Venice? Even now Lee Jun Ki will be in Florence – so is it a travel TV show already?

  3. LJK needs a good ‘Candy’. When I was watching JGS episodes I only liked YIN.. didn’t really like his other Candies

  4. @maia – yes, Hwang Chi Yeul will be holding a mini-concert at the Max Pavilion, Singapore Expo on Sunday, 28 May 6.30 pm. Tickets are already on sale on SISTIC! Can’t wait! @sharrebe you are most welcome.

    I’d like to apologize to the Lee Jun Ki fans and to Koala for hijacking this thread, got too excited talking about HCY. πŸ™‚

    This Friday 10 March TVNAsia (cable TV) will be premiering Season 2 of My Ear’s Candy (I believe Eng subs will be available). https://www.facebook.com/Ch.tvNAsia/posts/1437006683016794

  5. LJG fans want him to be in a rom-com which I highly doubt would happen anytime soon. This is the closest to romcom fans ever get. I love his
    chuckles and giggles in the preview. He is a very entertaining lad.

  6. Is Choi Ji Woo part done? I felt like her part ended abruptly. She and Bae Seung Woo didnt have much chance to talk aftee they met. No closure or conclusion

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