Eric of Shinhwa Announces July 1st Wedding to Girlfriend Na Hye Mi

The K-ent wedding bonanza of 2017 continues onward and the latest couple to board the train is none other than Shinhwa oppa extraordinaire Eric and his recently confirmed but really long dated girlfriend Na Hye Mi. The couple confirmed their relationship in 2016 after initially denying denying denying when it was hinted at years prior, but heck it’s been over a decade since Shinhwa’s heyday and the crazy fan girls were likely all grown up and chilled out by now so the final confirmation didn’t send shock waves radiating. I don’t care that they initially denied and later confirmed, both are adults and this is their entertainment career so I assume they are ready to weather any blow backs. On their upcoming marriage, I wish them the best and am happy that Eric has finally found a partner to spend the rest of his life with.

Their wedding is scheduled for July 1st in the warm summer heat, and right now is as good a time to release wedding news since everyone in K-ent is still digesting the tough and weird nugget that is Park Yoochun‘s wedding bombshell.


Eric of Shinhwa Announces July 1st Wedding to Girlfriend Na Hye Mi — 14 Comments

  1. Congratulation to the ultimate oppa and best leader of kpop, Shinhwa Eric. He is one of the celeb that I think really deserve to be happy just because this man is so loyal to his group for almost whole of his life.

    Now, it will be weird to see the romcom king acted lovey dovey with his next co-star XD

    • More like, lucky her to have Eric’s cooking at her beckoning! Haha. I was salivating for his food during his run in 3 Meals A Day. Yum.

  2. well my heart sinks a little when i read the news, turns out i’m not that “grown up” yet, but i AM so happy for you my ultimate oppa!!! be happy!!

    • Mine too. Lol. Been long time fan too…so i guess i am not as grown up either.

      It’ll be hard watching romcom now. I think he’ll suit as the mafia hyung going forward. Lol.

      • I was hoping him and yoon eun hye will be paired since forever. But I guess that day won’t come. He’s so good in romance story. Looks hot and sexy with his co-stars. But it is likely he’ll be in non romance one after get married. I think he’ll as a villain too. He has that kinda bad boy vibes.

  3. They sure will make beautiful babies. The guy is so handsome and the girl is so pretty. Like someone said, I don’t think we will ever see Eric in roco dramas anymore. Damnnn….this girl will get those hot kisses whole of her life.

  4. Congratulations to a beautiful couple!!! I would love to see their babies in the future. Although, knowing K-ent they would keep the child well hidden and protected from the public.

  5. She’s more pretty in daily life than in photoshoots which is rare. Seems like another person. Happy to see him marry. Seems to be a man with ethics.

  6. so happy for them, really wishing more celebs will follow this up… pls does anyone knows what’s happening to yoochun’s wedding, is it still gonna hold?

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