tvN Schedules Broadcast of Bride of the Water God for July 2017

A slew of failed novel/manhwa adaptations in recent years hasn’t dimmed K-dramas preference for this genre, nor has it dimmed my interest whenever there is an adaptation based on the source material story. The timing has been set for the historical fantasy to modern fantasy setting transferred K-drama adaptation of Bride of the Water God, one of the most well known manhwas in recent years for the epic world building and romance element. It’s also coming at a good time with China having a drama hit with the gods and goddesses romance Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms. Cable network tvN has scheduled the drama for a July 2017 premiere on Mon-Tues following sci-fi drama Circle, the drama has been filming for two months now and may be done or nearly done by the time it starts airing, either way I wonder how much fantasy special effects will be needed if the drama is set in modern times. I like how handsome male lead Nam Joo Hyuk looks in character (see below) and can’t wait to see filming pictures of the rest of the cast Shin Se Kyung, Krystal, and Gong Myung.


tvN Schedules Broadcast of Bride of the Water God for July 2017 — 7 Comments

  1. After watching him swimming in Weightlifting Fairy, Nam Joo Hyuk is already the water god in my eyes, hee! 😀
    This couple is so beautiful, they look great together. I love them both and look forward to watching this. Hopefully they will do a great job and earn some praise. Fighting!! 🙂

  2. tvn hasnt been doing good this year and the line up, even though very quality but i dont think its interesting enough to have high ratings.

  3. As they said that it’s spinoff and modern setting, could it be the story will be the continuation of the manhwa?
    Something with Soah reincarnation and Habaek’s promise to wait for her?
    If yes, will they make she meet with her daughter too?

  4. To be honest Nam Joo Hyuk is still too green in my eyes to play Habaek (Joo Ji Hoon or Kang Dong Won is Habaek in my mind lol), but I’m looking forward for him to surprise me!

  5. The manhwa has good world building alrite but everything else is boring. The plot, the characters, the romance. The drama will probably benefit from the total recronstruction of the story, so we’ll see. But tbh the cast really doesn’t look appealing.

    • Erm… ya I’m a avid manga/manhwa lover, however just by reading the manhwa storyline of Bride of the Water was not interesting enough so I dun see how this drama is going to be successful. there are much better Korean manhwas out there like ‘Saver’ by Lee Eun Young which I think storyline wise is great with some time travel thrown into the mix and one of e coolest female lead I ever come across.

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