Taiwanese Actor Mike He Announces that He’s Married and the Father to a 4 Month Old Daughter

Talk about a total bombshell announcement from out of nowhere, this is the stealth to end all dating news stealth. This weekend Taiwanese actor Mike He announced that he was married and the father to a 4 month old baby girl! He posted on his SNS account that that he registered his marriage today and his baby girl with his now wife was 4 months old. His wife is a non-celebrity so he won’t be sharing any information about her and asked for blessings from his fans. Mike showed a picture of his baby girl wearing a onesie that says “my dad is super handsome”, lol, and also his ID card and the back of his wife’s ID card where the line that says “spouse” has his name on it (his Chinese name He Jun Xiang). Congrats to Mike even though my jaw is still on the floor, I’m so happy that he’s married and a daddy, and it’s funny that he basically train hopped onto the Taiwanese stars marriage train.


Taiwanese Actor Mike He Announces that He’s Married and the Father to a 4 Month Old Daughter — 61 Comments

  1. Wow, wow, wow… just finish marathoning “why why love” with Rainie Yang. Happy and sad ( where are my younger days!) He and joe Cheng were my 1st crushes . Before Joo Ji Hoon , Gong yoo ,Kim Jae wook ! Congrats !

  2. Wow congrats to him. That’s great!! He is past 30 right? Is he still acting? I am so outta the loop.

    Super cute baby girl!

  3. cute baby! I am glad he shares his daughter’s face because most celebrities prefer to only show hands and toes 🙂

  4. Wow so shocked. He really kept it lowkey! Always secretly hoped that he and Rainie would end up together ya know? Like years down the line they realized that they liked each other more than a friend? Ahaha I watch too much romcom. Congrats to him!

  5. I was shock too.. since last night i saw his instagram. At first i think may be it not real.. so this morning i try to find the news and it’s true… so congratulation to him and his family… his daughter is so cute…

  6. Many of them are married with kids or in a stable relationships, and it’s a shame they have to hide them as if they were criminals. Bunch of cowards. They value their career more, and on purpose mislead fans to believe they are with whoever co-stars they are shipped with to keep their popularity. Only in Asia, be SKorea the head of it.

    • Don’T BE ANGRY scar99, because the full truth will kill you. There are a few Tawanese idols that no matter how many wives and children they have, it is a cover and the wives are beards. The children are to carry on the famuly name. Maybe Show Lou or Joe Cheng will ‘marry’ next. Hahaha.

    • None of these actors never misled the fans into believing that they are with their leading man or woman. It is all in the delusional heads of the fans.Even in this thread, some are still hoping that Mike would have gotten married to Raine Yang. How insane and pathetic.He married the woman he dated in middle school because his parents wanted grandbabies and they are not as young and healthy as before and this woman would do anything for Mike. Even accept his lifestyle.. Is his wife his real true love????. Hmmmmm….It is not Raine either. Whatever reason he married for, get over the delusions.

    • Its because in Asia most people are socially conservative that’s why loveteam sell while in Hollywood were most are liberated it’s sex that sells. Fans should just enjoy the loveteam while it last but don’t take them seriously, they are call Actors and Actresses for a reason. Let them lived their own private life the way they want to be, it’s their right.

  7. Congratulations to him!!! After so many years of gossips of him being homosexual. He actually was a loyal boyfriend.

    • Abc, are you that naive? Many asian celebrities are living double lives. Just because a man gets married to a woman does not mean he is not having sex with men.

      • He is Taiwanese. Don’t put him under the big Asian umbrella. Don’t really follow his news but if it’s a cover up then it’s a good one!

      • @Abc, you said don’t put Mike He under the big Asian umbrella,that he is Taiwanese. Are you naive and stupid?. I thought Taiwan was part of Asia, which would make Muke an asian. Think befire you xomment

      • LOL, Asia, is massive. Are all humans the same? Do you know Mike personally??? Why don’t you write East Asia? Duh!

      • Also, are you implying Vietnamese are the same as Taiwanese just because they are in Asia???? Don’t know why you say all Asians are the same. You’re generalising too much.

    • Abc, whoa. You need to slow down. I did not imply that Taiwanese and Vietnamese are the same, but obviously you did. I am not nor never generalize anything. Are you aware how petty, foolish and way off course you sound?!?. Please try to understand comments before you reply and make a donkey of yourself. You are the one who seems to forget or not know that Taiwan is in Asia.

      • @Abc. Tell me where I compared all Asians. Tell me where I said that Vietnamese and Taiwanese are the same. Tell me or SHUT THE HELL UP. You are so illiterate. I have no patience for the likes of you. If you don’t understand a comment, ask the writer to explain it to you, instaed of making a fool of yourself and making untrue , wild accusatuons.

      • All I said was Many asian celebrities are living double lives. That does not match up to any of the shite you are writing and accusing me of.

      • ‘Many Asians living double lives’ this is the comment I am specifically talking about that you generalise too much. Have you ever stepped foot out of Asia??? It may or may not be just ‘Asians’ that lead double lives. Duh! Also, having a different opinion doesn’t make the other person stupid or illiterate or whatever you are accusing me of.

      • It is just so childish to write ‘Shut up’ in capital letters. This is an open comments section. Who are you telling to not write their own opinions down???

      • Abc, I am still waitong for you to tell me where I generalize and said all asians are the same and compared taiwanse to Vietnamese. You still haven’t because you can’t. Your piss poor attempt at explaining has no merit.This is an Asian entertainment thread. Mike He is asian and I said that lots of asian celebrities are living double lives. Read my comments slowly and calmly, okay kid???. Ahhhhhh… good kid. I never said lots of asians are living double lives. YOU said that. I specifically said lots of asian celebrities. You really have reading and understanding issues.

  8. I am so happy for them. It’s so hard for him to have a private life. I am glad he felt confident to share his news. What a cute little girl.

  9. gosh..i thought it was just a big joke….then i red the whole thing..and it was like whoooahhhh…
    well, for whatever reason Mike has…im very happy for him and praying for their happiness..lots of love

  10. I hope it is a happy marriage and not just because of cute baby daughter.. Please Mike, can we see you on screen in the very near future????!!! You are missed.

  11. I am happy for him and family, he’s a good actor, but have to say, am not surprised, why? there are some actors that truly create the romance in their dramas, i think b/c they are unattached and can afford to do so while other actors, even though they are good actors, you feel the distance, there is not that true chemistry with their female leads. He is a very good actor but I felt that distance.

  12. @emchi. I know him very well personally. He is not a good actor. He gets by on his face and body but that works very well in the entertainment industry

  13. What the he’ll is your problem MIKEJOE? This is supposed to be a happy occasion but here you are throwing shade at his private affairs. So what if he sleeps with either a man or woman, why does that bother you so much? Unless you’re the aggravated party then SHUT THE HELL UP

  14. Hmmm… interesting word to use in this situation. There is a lot of shite involved.Shut up Abc, oops, I mean Shut up covfefe. Even sarcasm does not give chosing that avatar justice, so it looks like you are involved in the shite too?

    • Name dropping someone not involved here is just a pathetic move. You just proved my compliment suits you well ?

  15. Covfefe YOU called me an idiot????!!!!?????. Thanks for the compliment. Boy, coming from you I am flattered.

    • You just won’t quit Abc or covfefe or whoeved you chose your pathetic, ignorant backside to be.

      Okay. Let us say you are not Abc, you are only covfefe, why the hell then did you pick a fight with me when I was dealing with Abc?.Were you so thursty for a fight that you stuck your nose where it did not belong?? You could not in any sense respond to me as Abc so you chose to respond as Covfefe as you would look like an ignorant glutten for punishment with nothing to say after losing the argument.

      You would be a more ignorant, backward comprehensively challenged goat to respond as Abc or Covfefe so you will respond as someone new. I await your assinine reply fool.

      • Again, it is a rich compliment you of all people calling anyone pathetic, thanks for the compliment???

      • Because you’re a pathetic old hag that blabbers nonsense. Man, I thought Trump was worst but then you came along. You’re dada should have just smudge you off the sheets back then instead of breeding a mentally incapable subhuman

      • Covfefe, that is rich coming from you as your father is also your grandfather and your mother is his daughter. No wonder you ate so effed up. You are the one who started bring on family. Bring it on loser. Am ready for your dirty stinking rotten backside

  16. Keep off the drugd. Then you won’t get so angry and get into arguments that have nothing to do with you. You are more in tune with Trump than anyone else. Too bad you don’t have his money. Get out of your parents basement, lose some weight, get a facelift, take a bath and drop dead. I really mean that last part. The world would be better off without you. You pathetic loser. I await your next vomit trash comment while I take a swim in my pool, at my house. Bring it on tampon

  17. I would like to see his wife. It should be something to be proud of and celebrate. Is he saying he just registered their marriage? I am glad he found someone to share his life with…what is the baby’s name? She is a cutie pie for sure.

    • The baby’s english name is Mabel. Mabel He. I know his wife’s name but will not divulge it as she is not in the Ebiz. Can you picture Jolin Tsai before she had so much Plastic surgery?. That is what Mike’s wife looks like.

      They dated from when Mike was fifteen untill he was nineteen. They broke up and went their seperate ways. She never forgot him. His popularity is going now as he is not as young as before. He is not an Alist idol anymore and his glory days are over. Time to give his parents who ate not so young or so well some grandchildren. Who better to chose than the loyal woman who will accept him no matter what he does. They hooked back up in 2015.

  18. I needed to cool down before commenting about Mike’s marriage.I first saw him in Devil Beside You. I think that was year 2004? 2005? And from that moment I have had this huge crush on him. Even until now. When he posted the pictures above on his social media accounts .. I was really dumbfounded. And yes, I cried lol. I was hurt and all. It really brokey heart. Funny lol. I still can’t believe it until now.?

    • I hope all the guys you daydream about get married soon. Even if some of the wives are just beards. Hope you have a lot of kleenex. What woman in her right mind is heartbroken and cry tears of sadness when a celebrity marries?.

  19. Woo it’s a great news many many congratulations and gbu you and all your family . You daughter she super cute God bless her with all the happiness and success and I wish that all her wishes come and give her the strength to fight with any problem she face with whole courage . I am from India I would not say I also your fan I like your work the way you goes in the characters and make its feel others that it’s really all the best for future work hard like these I would be waiting for other series I can only give wishes from far I hope these messege will get you I know I will not get reply from you but then to I hope . Byee take care

  20. it mkes me feel sad tht ur already gt mried…and its been a decade since i wtch devil bside u.i really like ur killer smile..hope i can see you in person here in taiwan…tht will be a dream cme true!?

    • Don’t be sad cause he was never going to get married to you. Even if his marriage maybe questionable, people like you, who are supposed to be his fans should be happy. He was never going to marry you, none of his other delusional fans or Raine.Grow up and get over yourself. Why are you sad???. There is no logical explanation for you being sad that Mike He got married.

  21. i was still in grade school level when i first saw you on tv..and guess what?? i already fall for you..not just by the good looks but the handsome devil looks..jejeje..i love you..MIKE HE…

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