Jang Nara and Park Bo Gum’s Agencies Deny Rumors of Impending Marriage

In what might be the oddest dating news since ever, K-ent is trying to wrap its mind around the latest gossip making the rounds that young actor Park Bo Gum and established actress Jang Nara are planning to get married. Like, whut? Seriously, like what the heck times a billion. Park Bo Gum and Jang Nara have actually been implicated in secret dating rumors after they costarred in the drama I Remember You together, where he was the younger brother of the male lead played by Seo In Guk. That was nearly two years ago and they denied the dating rumors then, so this getting married soon rumor isn’t completely out of the blue. Nonetheless this coupling remains wholly random and improbably hard to wrap the mind around, with her being 36 years old and a 12 year age gap with 24 year old Park Bo Gum. Noona and dongsaeng, yes, future married, not really seeing it.


Jang Nara and Park Bo Gum’s Agencies Deny Rumors of Impending Marriage — 27 Comments

      • Well, Bogum is a full-grown man so there won’t be a problem legally despite the huge age gap.

        That said, Jang Nara has posted on her IG denying the rumored marriage, saying she has not been seeing him or having meetings with him, and she calls the rumor “something that is impossible”. It’s a strongly-worded denial straight from her and not from her agency. She wouldn’t be so vehement if it were true.

      • Ms.Penguin, so you find the age difference a crime?? what a narrow bonehead, you should stay with Koala inside her big bubble and keep floating in the air, you have lost touch to reality, that’s what Kdrama and showbiz does, it shrinks your brain.

    • @Harvester, geez dude… calm down! Don’t accuse me to whatever you wrote!!! I actually didn’t read the posting, I thought it’s all gossip, why should I care? Everytime somebody says age is just a number, I right away continue with jail is a just a room. Why? Did I say anything about the posting? Gosh..take a chill pill!

  1. Hmm don’t see what’s so improbable about a younger guy liking on older woman (even for the more shallow ones, let’s not forget she is known for her seemingly eternal youthful looks) and her liking him back. Isn’t it pretty ageist to dismiss it as nonsense on the basis of their ages alone? I don’t buy the marriage rumor either, but that has more to do with Bo Gum being on a career upswing right now and how K-ent works than with the improbability of a relationship between the two.

  2. This is the weirdest dating rumor ever. Not because of the age gap but because I never saw either of them as more than just friends.

  3. Well, my first reaction was “they were dating?!” It now seems like they might be at least dating considering even marriage rumor is circulating… I thought the age gap is not even that surprising and Jang Nara always looks young.

  4. I love Jang Na Ra and I have no problem if Park Bo Gum really is to marry her even though I don’t believe this rumour at all.

  5. The rumor is not true but Koala when Korea itself doesn’t have problem with age-gap marriage, why are you so surprised and negative about it. I’d be happy if it was true. They’re adults, they can date whoever they want.

  6. This all originated from a blind item, and I always believed that it was an unconvincing coverup from PBG’s agency. He clearly swings the other way imo, if you get what I mean, so his management decided that some rumours would help dispel speculation. However, a younger actress would been more believable.

    • I read a lot of comments that PGB “swings the other way”. How did you guys come to this conclusion?

      Anyway, if it was really just a cover-up, I can understand the rationale behind choosing JNR. A younger actress would have been too believable, and dating rumours won’t do any good for him at this point of his career.

  7. Who cares if PGM is gay or straight and who he dates more power to him. Being closed minded SAD, Both actors
    keep on truckin…. Be who what to be and fly……..

  8. I don’t believe both of them are dating! But even if it’s true, then why not?
    Hey fans, pls give your idols the freedom. Stifling their life and making their life unhappy are surely not your intention!
    Your idols are doing their best to entertain you by:-
    1) improve their acting so that the fans enjoy more
    2) abstain from hurting their fans
    so, if you love your idols, pls respect the idols and their rights to privacy and love! Surely you do want your idols to be happy!!

  9. male idols/actors married girls with 10++ age gap, and no one bats an eyes. So why is become problem when the older one is the female??
    If they love each other, then more power to them..
    I dont see these two as a couple though. Fansgirl really need to chill out

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