Lee Seo Won Joins the Increasingly Young Cast of Hospital Ship with Ha Ji Won

Man, this particular Hospital Ship is turning into a Semester at Sea, and works better if it was a teaching type of K-drama a la Queen of the Classroom. Ha Ji Won signing up to place a doctor on a floating medical ship sounded fantastic a month ago but as the rest of the cast fills up with idols and young actors it’s starting to really concern me that the tone and narrative places her character as a mentor rather than as the central figure of growth and maturation. The latest younger to climb aboard is Lee Seo Won, most recently in The Liar and His Lover but I remember from being Suzy‘s younger brother in Uncontrollably Fond. He joins already confirmed younger cast members Kang Min Hyuk from CNBLUE and AOA‘s Minah, making me wonder if the ship doctors and nurses will periodically break out into song and dance onboard.


Lee Seo Won Joins the Increasingly Young Cast of Hospital Ship with Ha Ji Won — 10 Comments

  1. Kang Min Hyuk is a drummer, he doesn’t like dancing (and can’t !) :p

    But it’s true that is surprising that all the news we had are about young actors. KMH is 26 years old, so he’s not so young anymore but compared to HJW… I would like more informations about the story but it’s not very clear for now.

  2. While I love Lee Seo Won, isn’t he too young to be playing a doctor? He’s young and he looks young, will he be able to pull it off? Not to mention his lack of experience, though, I do think he can act.

    At this point, it looks like Ha Ji Won will be mentoring a bunch of interns/med students.

  3. I’m starting to think Ha Ji Won needs to drop this drama. I’m getting flashes of 9 endings 2 Outs when the main the character is trying to appear cool to her boyfriend’s young friends. It was such a cringe worthy moment. This show can’t/won’t center around her if the cast is so young. Any potential Noona-romance is going to feel awkward and contrived because so much of the cast is so young and there won’t be a counterbalance. I’m worried for Ha Ji Won!

    • I feel the same. I hope she backs out. She’s basically babysitting these rookies and she deserves a good drama role since her last was a misfire. It’s gonna be awkward with love scenes between her and Min Hyuk…

  4. Ummm…what did Ha Ji Won sign up for?! Poor girl. Was hoping she’d get a better main/supporting cast after the mess that must not be named. *sigh

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