Ha Ji Won Pulls Off Short Wavy Bob with Bangs in Array of Interesting Outfits for Instyle Korea

Ha Ji Won has pulled off yet another transformation in a look I’m surprised to like. The short shoulder length bob with bangs in a soft wave feels a tad young for her, like what a high school or college kid would do for ease of getting ready, yet in the InStyle Korea pictorial the cut has been styled to various appealing looks that frame her face beautifully. She’s also remarkably fit and fierce still at 39 years old, which makes me love her as much as always but then increasingly nervous for her next drama outing Hospital Ship. Her playing a doctor is a role that’s a rite of passage for every K-drama actor or actress at some point but this time she’s stuck on a ship surrounded by comparative youngsters and I don’t want it to turn into the gender reversed version of the Doctors OTP. She’s so versatile I hope the drama has plenty of character development and whatever romance is squeezed in works within the narrative context.


Ha Ji Won Pulls Off Short Wavy Bob with Bangs in Array of Interesting Outfits for Instyle Korea — 18 Comments

  1. As always, she looks great.

    I wished Lee Seung Gi could discharge from military service to join Hospital Ship as the male lead!
    Or the drama could wait.

    What does it take to reunite the TK2H otp on screen?

    • Not quite likely since most OTPs in Kdrama never appear again together. There are rare exceptions to that rule and they happened in the recent years. So, one may hope… still TK2H is on top of my all time favourites and on top of my rewatch list.

    • Hello Ms. madqueen, I agree with you. Actually, it was just this month of July 2017 when I discovered KDramas to be very entertaining and I soooooooo love Lee Seung Gi in his King 2 Hearts opposite Ha Ji Won. This was the very first KDrama that I have watched and from then on I was already hooked with Lee Seung Gi. I am already old enough to be his mother (going to be a Golden Girl this year on November) and Lee Seunggi is like the son I wish I could have. I am so happy that he is converted into Christian already during his stay in the military. He and Ha Ji Won in the K2H made a very good match. I wish and hope that the story in this series will come true to both South and North Korea. If this happens, I would say: “What a wonderful place to live in”. To the one who wrote the srtory of K2H, KUDOS to you. I can say that you are very brave in coming out with that kind of story. I have watched it over and over again and I just can’t stop falling in love with the actors and actresses in this series especially to Lee Seung Gi. I so love his songs…his voice is like a soothing balm that caresses my heart. Even if I don’t understand the lyrics of the songs(mostly because some of his songs do not have English translation) just listening to his melodic voice is enough to understand what he is singing. Thank you for loving Lee Seung Gi. I am one of his big fans here in the Philippines.

    • I second that. Love their chemistry. I remember the days when TK2H was being recapped at Dramabeans, the comments were insanely long.

  2. SO. MUCH. BETTER. *thumbs up*

    In my bks anyway, she wasn’t rocking her long hairdo at all. Maybe it’s the shape of her head, or maybe it was the way it fell. S’times her hair just looked so thin on top, or disproportionate.

  3. Hoping this will be more like a mentor role, where shows them the ropes but doesn’t fall for any of them. Like a Japanese drama where you should never ship anyone unless it was a romantic drama.

    Like Classroom at the Seaside.

  4. Yes she is really a versatile actress. Instead of just sticking to those safe cheesi roles that appeal to bulk of kdramas viewers she had done all genres. And thinking of the extra training she had to go thru (diving, boxing, ping pong playing, fencing ect ) to make her roles realistic, I take my hat off to her. I cannot think off who else her age group has done that.
    And lastly TK2H is one of my all time fav too.

  5. She kinda looks like Yoo In Young here. Anyway, comparing her new drama to Doctors is too much, even reversely. KRW is a great actor and idol actor Kang Minhyuk isn’t even comparable to PSH acting-wise lol.

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