Third Teaser for Manhole Shows Jaejoong’s Mad Time-travel Dash to Stop UEE’s Wedding

There is such an epic cringe factor with Jaejoong‘s male lead in the KBS drama Manhole (Wonderland’s Feels or Feels So Good) from the promos alone, I don’t know if watching him be a loser for 16 episodes straight will tax my patience. I need my loser-ish male leads to have some redeeming qualities of especially the man child type who refuses to grow up and behave like an adult. And if these particular man child loses his best girl friend to another guy because he can’t get his act together then I’m not particularly sorry or rooting for him to win her back. Such is the premise of Manhole as Jaejoong travels back in time 7 days via a manhole to change his fate with UEE before she walks down the aisle. It’s very Operation Proposal but with shorter time frame, and a terribly awkward time traveling device. The latest teaser shows us the wedding and Bong Pil’s mad dash to rewrite the future but lordy is this one hot mess of a young man.

Third teaser for Manhole:


Third Teaser for Manhole Shows Jaejoong’s Mad Time-travel Dash to Stop UEE’s Wedding — 7 Comments

  1. This looks hilarious. Although I feel UEE is not a good match to Jaejoong. In fact, she looks rather old especially with her drastic weight loss. And I wonder if she has any comic timing. I know Jaejoong was quite ok in Protect The Boss with Ji Sung. I love their immature bickering and fights.

  2. I’m not sure about the principe to change the future… How his present would change if he changed the future ? In Operation proposal, the hero went in the past and correct his mistakes…

  3. That is a very unflattering dress for a broad shouldered girl. And that god-awful hair and center parting. I am an UEE fan but even I can see how bad that looks on her. And it is not a soft bridal make-up. The make up artist and stylist are just awful. Is it because she has no accessories at all?

  4. Wow Uee is not the pretty girl she used to be anymore. And its getting worse and worse. Probable a bad diet, she looks so much older than her age. Shame…

  5. She was told to change her image she purposely lost weight. She looks healthy before but now she just looks so thin. I wish she would stop it. It really doesn’t look good for tall girls.

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