Tiffany Hsu and Rainie Yang Contrast Sexy and Cute Promoting TW-movie The Tag-along 2

It’s cool that I always see Taiwanese actresses being besties with so many of their colleagues, and there’s an oldie but goodie duo on the horizon with Rainie Yang and Tiffany Hsu joining forces again for the upcoming horror sequel movie The Tag-along 2. Tiffany was nominated for Best Actress for the Golden Horse Awards last year and The Tag-along was Taiwan’s biggest horror movie hit in a decade so of course there’s going to be a sequel, there’s more money to scare up during ghost month and this time Tiffany has Rainie along for the ride. This the third time the ladies have worked together from the early ToGetHer days to Drunken to Love You, and I’m loving their contrasting cute versus sexy vibes at the movie press conference this week. They are pair up well in the Elle Taiwan spread titled Be Fearless, and it’s true both actresses have bounced from any personal or professional setback to become better than ever.


Tiffany Hsu and Rainie Yang Contrast Sexy and Cute Promoting TW-movie The Tag-along 2 — 5 Comments

  1. The floral one isnt ‘cute’ and is a revealing as the black outfit. The padded bra apart she shows hints at skin as much as the black one.

    Ive always found these nearly waist length slits in gowns cheap and here it is the same. At Cannes Venice and Berlin few models and lesser known actresses take this route as well to simply gain more eyeballs. They do for all the wrong reasons.

    • @ A:

      I agree with you. I would like them even more if they didn’t wear those two dresses. They made themselves look cheap. 🙁

  2. Tiffany and Rainie didn’t only work 3 times together they were also old classmates. If I remember correctly Xiao Gui, Rainie and Tiffany went to the same high-school.

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