Thirs Preview for While You Were Sleeping Thick with Action Intensity and Danger

I gotta give screenwriter Park Hye Ryun credit for not being a one-note pony, her dramas manage to toggle humor, romance, and seriousness without being weighed down by any one element. I’ve seen the former two in previews for While You Were Sleeping so far but this is the first time the third element has made a material appearance in promos, with the latest preview we see leads Lee Jong Seok and Suzy in mortal danger and trying to stop others from the same. I don’t quite know how everything works, especially with Suzy’s character’s ability to see the future when she sleeps, but when she’s awake I see chemistry with Lee Jong Seok as he is supposed to play a prosecutor but seems more like a cop trying to solve crime.

Third preview for While You Were Sleeping:


Thirs Preview for While You Were Sleeping Thick with Action Intensity and Danger — 9 Comments

  1. Lee Sang Yeob looks very interesting in this teaser. I wonder what kind of character he’ll have. SBS releasing this drama in autumn season ( 🙂 ) is better than what KBS did with UF, releasing a drama with winter scenery in July. Poor Kim Woo Bin, it was his first drama as a lead and it was lackluster… anyway, good luck to the cast of this drama.

  2. is it just me or does Suzy looks like she’s actually emoting and doing a good job of acting. im stunned. well ill wait for the first episode to come out to judge.

    • Naahh.. she looked like that in UF and Sound of flower too. Her improvement is truly marginal. Well, we’ll see after the drama starts. I think Suzy will show more improvement than her co-star though

      • She actually looks stiff to me in these trailers too, I’m not seeing the improvement.

        but with Suzy the bar is so low that, as someone said, her even managing to face the right way on camera has to be treated as an achievement. It’s too bad k-ent keeps going for this kind of ‘visual’ casting when it’s obvious that some people are just not cut our for acting.

    • As we saw in UF, it just means they managed to get enough footage of her making facial expressions, to put in a trailer. Come the drama, it was sane old mouth half open and blank eyes.

      If Park Hae Ryun manages to get her to actually act, it’ll be a miracle.

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