Rainy OTP Kiss Poster for While You Were Sleeping and Additional New Drama Stills

I’m feeling a completest mode when it comes to keeping up with the next SBS Wed-Thurs drama While You Were Sleeping, following so intently from the very beginning last year when it was announced that Lee Jong Seok was going for his third go-around with screenwriter Park Hye Ryun. Now it’s T-minus 6 days to go until the premiere and the production has released a romantic and angst-filled drama poster showing the leads in pre-kiss moment under the pouring rain. I love how Lee Jong Seok totally goes for broke in every kiss, he even makes normally dead fish kissers like Park Shin Hye and Han Hyo Joo kiss him back so here’s hoping Suzy got permission from her boyfriend Lee Min Ho to let the lips move during filming. The drama and character posters have been all blue hues, but the drama stills have been conversely cheerful and upbeat, the latest with Suzy and Lee Jong Seok with another Pinocchio alum Shin Jae Ha quite bright and cute.


Rainy OTP Kiss Poster for While You Were Sleeping and Additional New Drama Stills — 83 Comments

  1. He’s got too much makeup on. He is supposed to be the hyung but he looks like a little kid next to Shin Jae Ha. And why would Suzy need permission from Lee Min Hoe to do drama kiss scenes? If she had to get permission, I’d tell Suzy to dump him, she deserves better. It’s just work ffs. And HHJ and PSH dead fish kissers?? LJS is too lucky to ever breathe with these actresses who have made their names long before LJS even dreamed of debuting. These actresses made it on their own in actual legendary dramas with actually great performance. LJS with his overrated mediocre acting, flowerboy looks, model proportions and whiny monotone voice got famous only because of BINSUK ship. How sad is that. And mediaplaying with kiss scene already is a bad move

    • LOL, I know they need to promote this drama but dragging down two previous lead actresses to promote these two mediocre actors??? Is it necessary?

    • I was thinking the same thing. It is not a good relationship if she has to ask for permission. I think it more the regulation from the gov on how much lips can move.

    • wow! FINALLY someone stood up for PSH. that girl gets dragged into ashes in drama sites. she has chosen some mediocre roles but she is fine, actually on a decent actresses side. HHJ too. both can act.

      • I don’t know why everytime LJS will link with PSH. I hate she’s dragged and bad mouth. She’s fine and a decent and Hard working actress, leave her alone please.

      • @always suzy
        LJS fans always drag PSH though. They say things like LJS taught her to kiss and emote and that LJS made PSH act well, like LMFAO. PSH already did all those things at the age of 13 and 16 when LJS was still a high schooler dreaming of debuting lol. LJS fans have dragged Han Hyo Joo and Kim Woo Bin too, so nothing new here. Have some humility, then you wouldn’t be so annoying.

    • good for LJS for being too lucky… I hope his luck will never stop… JJH next probably…he is riding high to the top and laughing all the way to the bank…thank you for his good luck

      • @anon, oh I see, you were a Lee ddochi fan. No wonder you’ve given backhanded compliments and made snide remarks about LJS’s previous co-star. How could you claim that LJS hard carried W, when HHJ and Kim Ui Sung were the ones who made that drama somewhat watchable?

        A mediocrity like Lee Ddochi with his plasticky, caky makeup face paired up with much better and experienced actresses, who have hard carried him, but he ended up getting bigger salary and more fame because stupid fangirls keep raising him up to pedestal.

        Lee Ddochi’s botox lips didn’t change anything. It’s those actresses own hard work and good directors’ wonderful directing and script writers ideas that made them kiss well. But of course you pathetic oppar fangirls always love to credit your average and mediocre oppar for everything. Even if HHJ’s acting depends a lot on her projects, at least she deserved her daesang for Dong Yi. Your Lee ddochi didn’t deserve daesang at all. He isn’t even close to daesang worthy acting. There was a time when his buddy Kim Woo Bin’s name and friendship was used to media play LJS when KWB was more popular than LJS after Heirs and Chingu 2. At least KWB acting is better, unlike LJS overrated acting with whiny voice.

      • say what you want you dummy @prettyautum…you lose anyway. he probably has plastic nose with botox lips bla bla… he is richer and famous than you….and your personality suck and you mentally poisoned.

  2. i don’t understand with so many spoiler and mediaplay, if this very good drama ( i wish for that),i don’t think they need that. and btw i think lee jong seok chemistry with that shin jae ha, better than with suzy. lol

    • Mediaplay for a high profile drama is normal. Not all media play is bad. Even big named K-pop groups go all out on media play before a comeback. So do big budget movies with high profile actors. It’s all in a days work.

    • IKR. Thinking about the writer it’s actually a guarantee so too much mediaplay and spoiler isn’t necessarily needed. Some of recent dramas with too much promotion didn’t really end up well (bride of the water and criminal minds). The one who surprisingly being a hit is the one which never been promoted well (Live up to your name) all thanks to great acting skill by the casts and good story.

      • Yes, LUTYN is damn good and LNH is so sexy I can’t believe I never heard of him lol @Prettyautumn can you please stop hating on LJS? it’s borderline obsessive st this point. Find something better to do than hate beesh..

      • @Lilykoo
        I think u meant KNG = Kim Nam Gil
        He was at the height of his fame during his Bidam days before he got shipped off untimely for MS. It took him this drama to gain attention again post MS.
        Criminal Minds and Bride of Water God both got good production teams behind them based on their past works, sadly, they turned out to be duds. Such a waste esp CM since it boasted high profile seasoned actors and not some newbies who can’t act.

      • @Lilykoo
        Never 🙂
        The day Lee ddochi fans stop saying stupid things like their precious oppar hard carries dramas and that he taught his co-actresses to kiss and made them emote, when his co-actresses are much better than their monotone oppar who almost entirely relies on his looks, I won’t stop pointing out that truth 🙂

      • Oh yeah, just like Uncontrollably Fond, Legend of the Blue Sea, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo and other overly hyped dramas, that have been ’’promoting’’ for months before the official airing date and still end up getting annihilated by ’underdog’ dramas that were barely promoted and still end up getting much higher, +20% ratings, like RDTK, Doctors, MDBC etc. LMAO

    • @prettyauntumn For real? Do yoy think you are an objetive person when speaking? I´m sorry, but I do not think so.
      Since when does hate allow a person to have a rational mind? For all I know , hatred is irratinal, aggressive and unpleasant.
      Please review you comments, and your will see that they are full of these bad qualities.
      True, you have the right not to like something. But you do NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to ALWAYS use derogatory and degrading words for what you do not like, especially if you are referring to another human being.
      Sorry, but you comments only reflect hate, not objectivity.
      Please, let this site be a good place to exchange ideas even if we disagree. Please do not make it a battlefield.

    • Compare to other dramas, While You Were Sleeping’s promotion only started three weeks before the airing. There are no news about drama until now… Anyway, the more popular the casts, the more hype and media wanting to feature them for click baits.

      • Nope, months of releasing stills and publicity for WYWS and the hype before drama coming out are like promotions, so they’ve been going on for couple months already. Also, three weeks is quite a long promoting time. RDTK didn’t practically get any and neither did Doctors or MDBC. Just sharing my view on this

  3. Ask LMH for permission? Really?! Does LMH also have to ask Suzy for permission before he goes around doing the job he’s paid for? Massive eye roll for you, miss Koala

  4. that kissing just an acting, and lee min ho is professional actor, he will understand. and if he jealous,that good (she doing good job) and lee jung seok win a lot. lol

  5. You guys chill. She’s just making a fun commentary. She’s not serious about Suzy asking lee min ho for permission.

    Mang are you guys jumping into conclusion. I roll my eyes at all of you.

    • Exactly… I think some people didnt understand words-play thing. Lols, it’s obviously a joke and some people take it seriously.. Lol.

  6. I don’t always understand the way they promote a drama. In all they showed us for now, the vibe is very different… Once it’s very comic, once romantic, once serious… And in all of that, we don’t really see her power that is the most important for me…

    Sometime, they should make less promotion because it’s more confusing.

  7. I hope this drama lives up to its hype. It’s being heavily promoted which means that expectations are high. If it doesn’t live up to its hype, there’ll be a huge hue and cry than if the drama were more modestly promoted.

    • Have to agree… Unfortunately the more it is hyped, the bigger the expectation. I don’t know if it’s just Koala, but when every other update is about this drama, all the promos are a bit overkill and I get tired of hearing about this before it even begins. In addition, I kind of find it ironic Koala calls PSH and HHJ dead fish kissers as Suzy is way below in acting skill in comaparasion to them.

  8. Dead fish kissers seriously koala I think you are bigger than that but actually you are the same as those who keep bad mouthing and dragging of others??

    • please remember heirs, will you…I hope you do, as that drama forever tainted my image of her as a bad kisser. I don’t deny that she has a nice personality though.

      • Heirs is passed. I don’t know why the kissing scene keep implanted in everyone’s mind. Be fair to psh, she work hard and improve, she’s a decent actress.

      • @LL
        It’s a known fact that @anon with brown icon dislikes PSH no matter how much she improved. You know why? Because she is a jealous LJS fangirl and for whatever reasons hate her but she is sly about it. Anon with brown icon calls HHJ and PSH dead fish but considers LJS oppar as an acting virtuose. The biggest irony we have here.

      • hehe prettyautumn know the differences of the icon first time hearing it. she sure stay at the comment box for a living.

      • Really heirs 2013 and we now in 2017 and you are still in heirs era actually you don’t know nothing except to hate her so still talking about heirs but you know what happened to heirs although which isn’t ethical of course beside the kisses scene doesn’t add to the story if you skip it you will find the story will be going kissing isn’t affect or measure your acting ability it is emotions so who talk about kissing seriously don’t know nothing about the acting .

      • @anon – be fair to the girl, that Heirs was an awful role and at least one of those kisses was effectively an assault since she wasn’t told about the kiss by the PD. And kissing scenes are done by PD’s instructions anyway, not by the actress’s choice.

        @prettyautumn – knock it off. I disagree with both you and anon, I think they are good actors and there’s no need to drag either LJS face or PSH kissing. He’s not my type but I thought they had good chemistry in Pinocchio, that was evident even from their clothing cf pictures.

    • I notice that too, she is monitoring every LJS article she must be a very dedicated fan before. She sounded pitiful I guess she just like to be notice.

      • that @prettyautumn…she/he/it probably mentally poisoned 10 years old who disguised as an old wicked bully man…lmao.. forget about him/her/it

      • Lol 🙂 hipsy and liav you’re same user. Why are you pretending to be 2 different people agreeing with each other? 🙂

      • Freedom of speech is not insulting someone’s physical look are you out of your mind or you are stupid. You should be ashame of yourself. You can call him week overrated actor. If your parents read your comment I know they will slap your face. Hypocrite.

      • At least the website has enough decency to remove poisonous and unnecessary comments like yours. Seriously, go create a LJS anti-fan website if you hate him so much. Don’t make a fool of yourself here where everyone dislikes you.

      • ….freedom of speech means the GOVERNMENT can’t persecute you for saying your opinion. It doesn’t mean some website can’t delete your comments.

        Unless dramabeans suddenly became the government without us knowing, you sound very childish and silly.

  9. prettyautumn defender of we don’t know. weakness success of other people especially her Lee Ddochi, she will comment fast just reading the name of Lee Ddochi oh my prettyautumn save your foul mouth to Donald Trump. Wipe your ass with your filthy mouth save your face from the forces of surgeons, you are more than plastic that lee ddochi nose.

  10. This poster, wow, what intensity!LSJ really accomplishes beautiful kisses, and not by the movement of the cameras. If you have any questions, check out the BTS of those scenes. His kiss scenes are more intense than those shown in the drama…

  11. when prettyautumn is being held responsible to her words she will envelope and hide. I know she wouldn’t stop she’s just resting pretending to be someone else.

  12. @prettyautumn.
    by now you have made it clear you are not into lee jong suk looks and it fine.everybody has his/her favourites.you dont need to say it again and again.

    i am also not into eric and kim nam gil looks but i admit they are great and charismatic actors and i enjoy another hae young and dr heo live up to your name very much.

    lee jong suk has many succesful dramas and movies so at least he is doing something right so for you to say he is not a good actor is a lie atleast to me.he is not my personal favourite but he was exceptional in the face reader and l can hear your voice.

    you are an intelligent commenter and i always enjoy your views very much but i dont know what happens to you when it comes to lee jong suk?.

    • He was good in I Can Hear Your voice. His role was too marginal in The Face Reader though. I may go overboard with my LJS comments because I’ve seen too many of his fans bashing and unfairly criticizing other actresses. Just look at how even HHJ is getting called dead fish kisser, absolutely irritating.

      These women in k-dramas don’t get as meaty roles to begin with and they are therefore already at disadvantage. These people don’t realise that script and directing plays a huge role in how the female characters are portrayed, yet here fangirls are, telling how LJS ’hard carries’ dramas and teaches his female co-stars how to kiss and emote like that is such a disgusting thing to say about female actresses. These actresses are doing their jobs and they can act as good as their co-workers are willing and able to create synergy with them.

      • then go fight that fan you are looking for reasons to hate, the truth is you can’t stand other success. You are the same level with them with the worse mentality. I hope his management read your comments and sue you. prettyautumn the barking puppy here in koalas website

  13. Please stop on the LJS hate. If you don’t like him…don’t watch him. Simple as that. No need to comment every single time on his nose.

    Also (regarding the article–in this case, I agree with prettyautumn), Han Hyo Joo is not a dead fish kisser. Watch some of her movies. She is a very gifted actress. The reason the kissing scenes in W were great was because BOTH of them are very good at what they do. (Sorry, I just hate actresses getting dissed. They are just as important as the precious oppas.)

    • Thank you! The only comment (unfortunately) that I have seen written by LJS fan that didn’t bash his co-actors or co-actresses in order to make LJS look superior. In fact, I liked LJS in IHYV. That performance was award worthy. Not maybe daesang worthy, but top excellence award worthy, which was given to Lee Min Hoo that year when his performance in Heirs was dismal. I know I’m maybe harsh by generalizing a whole fandom based on couple of rabid delulu fans, but I’ve seen in too many forums LJS fangirls (just by looking at their comment history) how they’ve bashed other actors and actresses. I admit I liked Kim Woo Bin a tad more (especially after school 2013) and it irritated me so much when LJS ’fans’ said how much better LJS was etc. This is why I may come off as bitter..

      • I know an awful lot of LJS fans who adore HHJ. And PSH. And LBY. But it’s true that one loud voice can mask many quieter ones.

        I think LJS has been really lucky to work with quite a number of gifted actresses. He definitely does his part–and so do they. wish they got more recognition.

      • No one needs to be recognize by prettyautumn your filtering the comment box base on what you want to read. You’re the most disgusting anti fan of the century. You are also hitting on Suzy’s acting how about you act as the protagonist and kiss the botox lips of lee ddochi. At koala can you not filter this kind of self harm comment, her self esteem is so slow she resort by attacking others.

  14. it is funny reading those so-called self-proclaimed noble objective commenters asking the blogger to filter the comment box. I hope those commenters can also read their own foul-mouth words filled with “stupid” “idiot” “ass” “fool”. You are no better and are all hypocrites… and “dotards”…. lololol….

      • as I have said before, you are NO BETTER!! AND… I have never used the word “retard”. Do you know what retard means? Your filthy mouth is sure worse than mine… lol… I know what you are thinking, and yes, I guard my comments very dearly, and I check them all the time, so don’t get me angry, hazen!

  15. wWOOOOWW.. there is so many excited comments just from this teaser… while you were sleeping.. fighting !!! i cant wait to watching.. i saw the presscon and i think the chemistry between suzy and jongsuk is doing well . .. i hope this drama reach the expectation… and get the high rating..

  16. Suzy is so meh, I don’t find her acting exciting at all. I get she is a cash cow for her agency as she has many fans but unfortunately to the detriment of many other great actresses who bother to study their craft. I don’t understand LJS angst except that his fans and anti-fans just go for each other’s juglar. In any case I do find his acting warp speed better than Suzy admittidedly he has stayed in fairly similar roles and he needs to have the confidence to breakthrough. I’ll tentatively check the first episode but with Suzy I don’t think I have any high hopes. She needs to play to her strengths and acting is not one of them.

  17. If i am not wrong, it was LJS who suggested KWB to the PD to act in school 2013. That was the 1st time i watch LSJ. His role in school 2013 is not easy to act but he impressed me so much felt his is trulyhas great potential n he continues to improve in all his works. An amazing actor n good person that i like so much.

  18. haha I saw the episode!! LJS is so cute out there! I agree with yo, it seems to be a simple and tender person. And I like it as an actor, he works hard.
    I wish all success for this drama. It´s a very nice cast.

  19. I find that LJS has so many potential yet we never get to see cause his role are not similar but in thr same trajectory.

    Suzy is pretty, that’s all

  20. These comments are hilarious, I’m laughing so loud at them ???. People, be happy that Prettyautumn has refrained from calling LJS worse things they used to call (like Flopsuk) and the previous WYWS article didn’t even have any plastic nose comments. Looks like the comments about the female actresses agitated prettyautumn so they went on a ranting spree lol

  21. Lee Jongsuk needs to stop taking on the same kind of roles. It’s been the same since 2013 – he has always relied on the same writer and formula.

    Suzy… sigh. I guess her fans will spend the rest of her active days saying she has potential. Maybe one day she will improve like Kim Taehee finally did in Yong Pal.

    • He also needs to drop his repetitive and boring acting. He also should consider taking roles that require minimum amount of talking because his voice is too whiny, annoying and unimpressive. He should also consider telling his makeup artist/stylist to tone it down with his makeup. He should definitely stop going to clinics to get facials because his too smooth wrinkle free skin makes him look unmanly and plasticky. He should also curse his plastic surgeon who conducted the rhinoplasty on him.

      Suzy fans will always be deluded. They really think she has potential or that anyone who finds her painful to watch are ’’jealous haters’’. They’’ forever go on with their CF queen and ’’visual queen’’ and top salary bullshit. Everyone knows how Suzie lucked out with her projects and how lucky she is that her first love image has taken her really far. There was a time when Suzy was called a mediaplay bubble and it was a disgrace to call her a CF queen next to Jun Ji Hyun. Much like the comments Seolhyun is receiving now. I’d still much rather watch Suzy on my screen than Lee Ddochi Suck

  22. DEAD FISH KISSERS? Seriously Korea?
    I expected better from you
    No PSH can kiss if she wanted to and if she script asked her to.
    LJS didn’t do anything to her if not she didn’t have that open mouth kiss with Se7en and the guy in FBND and KRW in latest drama
    I don’t hate LJS but I hate how people giving him or any actor all the credit. Even if you are skilled kisser like Lee Dong Wook can’t kiss if the actress didn’t want to… It’s never 1-side in a good kissing scenes.

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