Pile on the Fall Fashion in New Park Shin Hye Pictorial for Elle Korea

If one likes warm and cozy then this is the pictorial and fashion trend for you. US brand Coach is draped all over Park Shin Hye in the latest fall fashion pictorial featured in the October issue of Elle Korea. It was photographed in Brooklyn, NY two weeks ago when Park Shin Hye was in town to attend the brand’s fashion show. The look is bohemian crossed with biker luxe, with leather contrasting with floral patterns and lots and lots of rich primary colors of purple, blue, and oranges. I like but don’t love it all piled on, it would work in real life with one item is used to accentuate or help pop what is otherwise a monochrome look. As for Park Shin Hye, she’son the petite side so being covered in layers rather smushes her but the beautiful autumnal hair color and bright smile brings it all together.


Pile on the Fall Fashion in New Park Shin Hye Pictorial for Elle Korea — 29 Comments

  1. Love her hair colour too! But I love everything about shin hye. Hope she will pick up a new drama soon. And hopefully her new movie will hit box office!

    • Oh right, she had that movie with Choi Min Sik, Lee Honey and Ryu Joon Yeol. Isn’t it coming out next month? She definitely seems to get better roles in movies with better plots than in drama land. Her rabid fans may hate this but she should definitely consider acting in more movies and be much pickier. There’s nothing worse than awful drama that caters to male leads and panders all those oppar fangirls and the female character yet again be stereotypical.

      • Yes! I want her to be a movie actress too! Movie actresses are highly regarded in SK! And she can learn more from the veteran actors and great directors from Chungmoro 😉 although I’m missing her so much in dramaland, I think it’s more important for her to improve her craft and be a stronger actress before reaching 30 y/o. I love how she became a more mature actress after she did MICN7! I love how humble she is as well to participate in film productions even with supporting roles that has short screen time so long as she could learn from it! She’s also really good in selecting those supporting roles because the characters are pivotal to the story 🙂 btw I love Choi Min Sik’s comment on her. It made her teary-eyed.

  2. I love the top picture!!! Baby girl good luck to your new movie! I hope that it will surpass taxi driver as the top grossing film of 2017 and enter the Top 10 grossing films of all time in SK!!!

  3. We luv u Unnie!!! Please comeback with a top-notch drama after your movie ? How about a drama with Lee seung gi or Kim soo hyun next year? Or So ji sub? Gong yoo? A girl can dream right? How about Hyun bin? Hmmmmm…….. I’m really hoping for a pairing with Lee Seung Gi or Gong Yoo for 2018 ❤️ I hope it’s not too much to ask dramagods! You can rest for 2017 and focus on your movie this November ? Then film another movie after a drama in 2018!!!! With Lee Jung Jae! Jeon Do Yeon! Am I asking for too much?????

    • Lol you’re the same user with different username ???. And you’re a Yongshin shipper too, the most delulu ship of all k-drama fandom. You should have just commented under the ssinzbaby moniker. So… childish lmao

  4. I’m waiting for the movie she is in. I’ve seen the Chinese version and it is pretty good. I’m interested in this Korean version; how much they’ll stick with the original plot.

  5. Since when did Koala became a fashion blog, hehe nice try! but speaking of petite PSH, why does all her bio on internet tell she’s 5’6 feet tall, when she looks smaller than that on screen? My guess, she’s somewhere 5’3 to 5’4 feet, little tall over Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Kyo or Han Ji Min.

    • She looks shorter because of her proportions. Proportionately short legs and bigger head. Also, she started as child actress so many people think she’s still small like that. She was actually in Strong Heart variety show and they measured her. She’s 5’6. She has herself said in that variety show that many people think she is super short when she is actually 168 cm which isn’t that short. Idk for whatever reasons they keep that 5’3 height in her Dramafever site.. that site is crap anyway so never mind with their accuracy.

      • I believe she is 5’6″ since in that show Cute or Crazy she was almost as tall as main actor and she was just maybe 16 yrs old? A show I found so belly aching funny of PSH. Her magazine coverage had been amazing in prep for movie publicity. You’re probably right in that sites list her as 5’3″ when she first started….or the actors are not really that tall either! ??
        Love the first photo as well.


    • Most of the fans comments after seeing her is that she is taller in real life… Her proportion is the reason why she looks shorter on screen. Longer legs make you look taller

  6. Fighting baby girl . Looking beautiful in all those pictorials and anxiously awaiting your movie. Praying for great success , let’s all your hard work be appreaciated. Many blessings.

  7. Can’t wait to see my Hallyu Queen Shin Hye appearance in Temperature Love next week and I’m also counting down the date to see her more in her new movie Silent Witness. Btw PSH you look so lovely and gorgeous on those photo shoot.

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