I am Not a Robot Confirms Yoo Seung Ho, Chae Soo Bin, and Uhm Ki Joon as Drama Leads

An allergic to other humans man falls in love with a robot girl, or maybe not a robot based on the title I’m not sure, but this set up feels right up the alley of a shoujo manga from Japan. Japan did do the popular girl human and boy robot Zettai Kareshi which for a long time was bandied about for a K-drama adaptation with a male lead who recently got in a scandal so maybe not having that happen was a good thing. Instead K-dramas are doing their own robot romance this fall with MBC drama I am Not a Robot starring confirmed leads Yoo Seung Ho, Chae Soo Bin, and Uhm Ki Joon.  Two out of three leads I love isn’t bad, and frankly Chae Soo Bin has the potential to grow on me in the right role much like I grew fond of Shin Se Kyung and Oh Yeon Seo in the right drama for their acting styles. I am Not a Robot is slated to air Wed-Thurs after Hospital Ship.

The PD of I am Not a Robot directed W: Two Worlds, She Was Pretty, Cunning Single Lady, Arang and the Magistrate, and was one of the three PDs behind my my fave The King 2 Hearts. Writing is screenwriter for Shine or Go Crazy who has more movies under her belt as this is only her second K-drama work.


I am Not a Robot Confirms Yoo Seung Ho, Chae Soo Bin, and Uhm Ki Joon as Drama Leads — 12 Comments

    • ..why? She’s a good actress, has done a wide range of roles and can’t even be criticised for kissing scenes. Unless this is just about her not being super famous top star.

  1. She’s a good actress from what I saw in Rebel and plays a wide range of roles, plus she doesn’t do dead fish kissing in kiss scenes so people can’t go after her for that.

    I like that she’s close in age to Yoo Seung Ho too, I just hope the script for this drama is decent.

  2. wow, CSB is such a workaholic with one drama after another, or if it’s her agency that’s working her so hard… I hope YSH will have some luck this time, his last drama was soooo bad…

  3. I love how this girl’s casting news is drawing ‘enough of her already’ type of comments….. all these ifans fronting as if they actually watched Rebel as well as Strongest Deliveryman, to be this tired of her. It’s not even as if Rebel was well publicised by MBC or anything.

    • This is because she’s not one of ifans’ favorite lol. If it’s someone like the Kim Troika, Lee Sungkyung or Park Shinhye, the response will be drastically different.

  4. This is the girl from Rebel, right? I don’t get the complaints in a previous post about her having no screen presence, she held her own in a cast of top-notch performers including Lee Honey. It’s just that it didn’t get much attention because non-romance-focused sageuk dramas with rookie leads are not popular among ifans (the soompi thread is so short).

    From what I saw, she’s a good actress, and has great chemistry with her male costars. Yoo Seung Ho, talented as he is, doesn’t always come across as convincing romantic hero. I hope that changes with Chae Soo bin.

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