K-star Hwangbo Misses the Target Hard at Seoul Fashion Week Event

I needed this LOL moment especially when I think it’s going to be net positive for the star in questions. Singer and variety star Hwangbo made an appearance at Seoul Fashion Week in two different outfits that was sure to generate reaction and garner attention. The first is the hot mess outfit above that combines smiley face leopard print suit jacket with a white sports bra with logo on the band and side-studded red velvet track pants with a zip hem bottom opening. I can honestly say each item individually is unappealing but together and capped off with a cap that has a clipped tag hanging from the lid is insane levels of crazy dressing. She switched to another tamer black outfit, but one that equally aspires to flashy rapper attire. I think Hwangbo’s brilliant in assembling these looks because she’s certainly got plenty of attention and it’s harmless enough that there will be no lingering after effects.


K-star Hwangbo Misses the Target Hard at Seoul Fashion Week Event — 11 Comments

  1. She’s so beautiful tho..and confidence is sexy.Just remove that white thing covering her face in the first picture.I dont know if its a chain or what…and its not that bad.

  2. Like these outfits are a hot mess and definitely a big no but I have to say she is wearing them with confidence. So I can’t find fault in that.

    But still… next time a different stylist, please.

  3. Don’t think she missed the point at all. She’s completely on-trend with the rise of athleisure thanks in part to Yeezy and Fenty Puma. Do I like her outfit? No because I’m not a fan of athleisure wear. Does she rock her pieces? I think so.

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