Song Joong Ki Models Fall Threads for Marie Claire Korea November Issue

It’s amusing in a sad way to think that some fans of popular stars get upset when the star gets married or it actually affects the way they feel about said star. Marriage before and after is merely a wedding day and then figuring out how to cohabit and compromise with another human being. But it doesn’t change the fundamentals of a person and especially not the talent or looks that make a star gain fans. It’ll be interesting to see how just married stars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo navigate post-marriage life as serious actors and as popular stars, the latter of which may entail things beyond their control if fans want to artificially create roadblocks to future support. I think one thing each will have to be willing to do is answer interview questions about married life and their significant other, and in the November issue of Marie Claire Korea it’s Song Joong Ki doing a rich playful pictorial that highlights his boyish charm while gushing to the interviewer about how lucky he is to be with Song Hye Kyo. Preach, my boy, and continue to be grateful and appreciate, that’s the key to a lasting marriage.


Song Joong Ki Models Fall Threads for Marie Claire Korea November Issue — 9 Comments

  1. lol this is oct. special edition for the busan intl film festival, reporters are just writing a throwback after the wedding

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