Top Hallyu Stars Attend IU’s Concert Including Lee Jun Ki and the Newlywed Song-Song Couple

It’s undeniable that singer-actress IU is supremely talented at the singer part of her entertainment career, but through it and her acting works she’s developed an incredible network of supportive colleagues. She’s been holding a series of concerts this December and the night of the 9th brought out a veritable who’s who of top stars attending as happy audience members. Her Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo costar Lee Jun Ki was there as the proud oppa, Park Bo Gum took in the concert, Park Sol Mi was in attendance, and the big get was the newlyweds Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki making it a date night out to listen to IU sing. Congrats to IU for delivering such a smashing performance night, by all accounts the concert was incredible and she truly has much to be proud of.

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Top Hallyu Stars Attend IU’s Concert Including Lee Jun Ki and the Newlywed Song-Song Couple — 117 Comments

  1. IU and LJK look very strange in those pictures. SoSoo shippers must be going insane right now.. LJK looks more like an idol than an actor too

    • LJK looks like he’s lost too much weight and also looks extremely sleep deprived (his eyes are a giveaway) or maybe it’s just the pictures. I agree they both look kind of weird.

      I saw pics of her singing too Yoo In Na at one of her concerts also. I’m glad they are still close friends.

      • its just that pictures.If you go on his insta, his next update after that,.His chin doesnt look so sharp.He looks the way you normally see him.something was off about IU’s face too.The lighting or doesnt look quite right.

        But yeah, he’s lost a lot of weight which makes his trademark cheekbones even more prominent.Lol he did say in high school one of his nicknames was “an ant” because of his triangle v face.Back to serious business, I do hope he finds the strength to bounce back mentally and engage a good dietician to work out a healthy nutrition plan.Also JG is a workaholic.The extreme type.He admits it himself.That can have some serious effects on physical and mental health.This is one of the results.

        Not to mention all the crap, he has been through this year.Dont even have to mention it all.its been a series of one blow after another.Plus delulu shippers and fake obsessive fans😓. Its amazing he is still sane.But we can see all that stress manifesting itself physically.

      • lol i remember knets were yapping about Gdragon’s chin.Saying he got jaw surgery or some plastic surgery crap.Only to turn out it was also a result of stress, sleep deprivation,weight loss and just a really really strange photo.He later was joked about that at one of his fan meets.

    • LOL. If ones have been following LJK…he has always look more like an idol than an actor. What’s with the wacky footwear choice especially. He is actually a bit flamboyant for my taste but his genuine passion for acting and the way he treated his fans kept me being his fans for years now.

      • The relationship between JG and fans is taking and giving. They both give strenghth to each other. As they say he is their vitamin haha and JG likes to tease his fans a lot. Plus the amount of those fanartists who drow him are daebak( as the koreans say) they are too many and each with different style, i just enjoy the journey of JG AND FANS. Hope he gains his strenghth back and surprise us again with his superb acting.

    • He lose too much weight. The problem is that he naturally has sharp features so not having much weight will eventually accentuate the sharpness of his features. The problem with losing weight is there are times ones tend to go overboard with it as in the case of LJK. He really should pack up some pounds because he seriously look unhealthy. I am his fan but I think he used to look a lot more handsome back then. In MLSHR, he was so good looking when losing just the right amount of weight as in the earlier episodes but towards the end, he was simply insect thin. Just a positive criticism. Still love my oppa, though.

      • @Alexa High five✋.oppa is oppa😍.Our support is not conditional depending on his looks/weight.We support the full package(Great Acting+all the side ventures, Great Personality.If he is looking magnificently handsome.Thats a bonus).All I wish is for him to not break the law.Thats when I can unstan.We dont support law breakers.

        Otherwise I need 2018 so that I can see him back on my TV.

      • @Alexa high five✋.oppa is oppa😊.Our support is not conditional depending on looks/weight.We stan the full package(great acting, great personality) if he is looking magnificently handsome.Thats just a bonus.All I wish is for him to continue being a useful being in society, and not break the law.Because thats the time il be forced to unstan.we dont support law breakers, especially unrepentant ones.

        Otherwise, I need 2018 to hurry up so I can see him on my screen again.Keep rocking JG.

    • Lee Joon Gi’s V-shape? lol That is what everyone many women desire. Many of them will go under the knife just to get that shape.

      LJG has an actor and a man has totally embraced that feature as it made him who is since the King and the Clown and the pretty boys started from there.

  2. Do whatever you want LJK with your personal life, just give us a good drama soon. CM was quite forgettable, give us a good one in 2018. Cheers!

    • I second you on this. It’s been so long since LJK last appeared in really good drama. My only reason for loving MLSHR is because of his performance being so raw and passionate. His acting alone saved that drama but CM was forgettable and even got me sadder is they destroyed my ultimate dream of seeing him paired up with Moon Chae Won.

    • @laputas world im not delusional you are arang sold for 200,000 $ in 2012 already just to japan. two weeks also is critically acclaimed. followers you say people dint know he even had insta look at his chinese weibo following already in 2015 he already had 16 MILLION followers. im not delusional basic rate to sell his good drama is 200,000 $ per episod to one country agree scholar was not that of a drama but seriously even the great g dragon does not have the amount of followers lee joon gi has in china you can compare for youself . yes i dont live in korea now but i lived there for 5 years and i freaking know very well. you know why he was cut off from movies and adds and varity shows for 9 years to cut him from people of south korea the corrupt ass government was scared shit of him that they blocked him in all ways. no promotions and agencies were hesitant to hire him because influential people were scared of him that he might show their ugly side to the general public but still people couldnot help but hire him now that is INFLUENTIAL. do you think universal studios will hire some one unknown for a high budget no matter how good he is unless he can guarantee high returns. he had no scandals but people wanted to create scandles now that is INFLUENTIAL. 16 MILLION followers for an actor who does not do romantic or cheesy projects is already high enough and the 200,000 out of 400000 is his amount. you believe what ever you want it will not change the fact that he is super influential in china and japan. LOL using IU and younger actors keeping his popularity.

      • @laputas Top Star IU.. Yes she is popular but Top Star? You better don’t say anything more. Even IU is ashamed of you. You are making any sense any sense at all. I think you must be very young or no knowledge of business at all.

        Fighting with kids is more ridiculous I think. That’s what kpop is….. so many toxic not so smart kids or netpeeps with brains of ot very smart kids.

  3. I dont know why he doesnt want to raise his weight anymore! Hope it doesnt related to stress and tiredness but it seems like that from the caption of this post. In fact I didnt want him to post anything related to IU, the shippers are just too much and embarressing.

    • I have no problem with shippers and shipping (being a KimKim shipper myself) but JoonU / SoSoo shippers really a pain in the arse. They are annoying!!! The fact that they kept pestering him on IU really gotten me angry. At least they should have some decency to respect not to touch beyond his personal space.

  4. Haha. A post on IU but the comments are all about LJK…Anyway, I’ve never been a fan of her music although she is recognised as a talented songwriter and singer, but as an actress, she needs to buck up A LOT. I’m worried about her new healing drama with Mr Voice. I hope there’s no love line cos it’s rather creepy just from appearance alone. She looks like she’s still in her late teens.

    • I never find her a great singer, too. And as an actress…I think she is hopeless much like Suzy. I still until today blame her for partially ruining MLSHR.
      Guess this blog mostly visited by drama fans and not k-poppers, so that’s being the reason why the comments mostly on LJK and IU is not someone being taken on high regard as an actress. LOL.

      • She is a great singer only if she is being compared to the likes of Suzy and Yoona.
        Though she has a unique tone of voice and she can hit high notes better than her famous idol counterparts. But they are lacking in talent at the first place.
        Korea has many great female singers and many promising ones too but she is definitely not one of them. Her song writing capabilities are also underwhelming but her hard working attitude and tenacity is no joke.
        It would be better if we call her a great idol not a great songstress.

      • @Jess.Thats right.IU is primarily a musician and is doing great in her lane.LJK is primarily an actor and is doing great in his lane.full stop.No one needs to worry about the other.There is absolutely no need to drag one to praise the other.I am JG’s fan and this is mainly a drama blog.So the only time il really critique IU is about her acting when “My Ahjusshi”airs.Otherwise everybody.relax..its not that serious😊.

    • How passive aggressive is your comment lol. You don’t have to worry over her. If you don’t like her acting, why don’t you stop watching her dramas? She’s 25 and can’t help that she’s petite and youthful-looking. Are you going to blame her for genetics? Grow up.

    • yeah, it was laughable when i saw her win the singer-songwriter award when there are other songwriters/composers with better vocal ability than hers…

      i remember watching immortal song back in their early episodes and IU was a contestant for only 1 episode, i think? (forgot) because she lost to hyorin who outsang her even though all the other idol contestants voted IU for most anticipated or best perf before the stages took place.
      i admit she has a good vocal color tho

      • What laugable is your ignorance. She won best songwriter for her lyrical skill. She wrote almost all the songs on her self-produced album and it became the best selling album digitally this year. So for your information she deserved that award! Do some freaking research before bashing on ppl. It’s funny seeing all yours comments bashing on IU’s singing career. She’s the best selling singer in korea this decade. So u all dont need to worry about her. She has survived the industry for almost a decade and still at the top of her game.

        Maybe you should save all your time and effort to worry about your oppa’s career instead…..

      • “When there are others composers/ songwriters….”
        Who do better her this year ?
        Even Knetizen can’t bash her for that award, you think you can when you dont even research about her
        Why repeat that perf when it was unrelated and 5 – 6 ago(Yoseob lost Jonghuyn lost IU lost Hyorin. Hyorin’s perf was last and she win) Why an win is so important ??? Look at IU now, she is one of the most respected singers in Korean.

      • @annoyin worry about oppa career. lol he has survived for longer than iu and that too for a decade under presidential and ruling party blacklist ah and you believe it or not he white washed IUs career and her nose diving reputation after her dumb and foolish moves which almost butchered her career and reputation. the sheer amount of koreans who were shouting and crying why iu as lead opposte lee joo gi will surprise you. they liked her after starring opposite him completely forgetting why they hated her. a 35 year old actor who survived harsh conditions why would people need to worry about him?you just worry IU will not do again something ignorant

      • Damn I never knew drama fans could be so rude lol. When has popularity equated to being the best of the best? If that’s the case, we can say there are way better actors than Lee Jun Ki, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he is talented and deserves his popularity. Just like IU as a singer. She is talented and deserves her popularity. Girl is only 24 yet she fully produces her own albums with meaningful lyrics (Dear Name said to be tribute to Sewol tragedy victims). Y’all need to accept that she is deserving of her many awards and praises by colleagues and the public alike.

      • @rutu AHAHHAHAHHAH this is the funniest thing I’ve read in awhile. You’re either not Korean or you’re just not in the loop about IU, because she has literally been popular every year for 7 years straight, even with scandals. Go to S.Korea and see for yourself exactly how relevant and famous she is. Lee Jun Ki is known in Korea as a good actor but he hasn’t been buzz-worthy or very relevant in S.Korea in YEARS. His last best drama was Two Weeks but every other drama was lackluster in relevance and failed to elevate him to stardom. He took on Moon Lovers because 1. He wanted to work with the director and 2. He knew that working with a young, idol-y cast would put him on the map again. He chose to work with her, he already knew that she got the lead role before he signed on for it. And guess what? He was right, and it did lift his relevancy and popularity A LOT by being surrounded by cast members who either didn’t stand well next to his acting, or by those who have the big name to pull in comments, viewers, media attention, reporters. He was the farrrrr more experienced actor out of the main cast and his historical acting has always been solid, so he obviously stood out in comparison. But to say that by IU working with him her image got better…? No. In truth, HIS relevancy in the industry and to the public exponentially increased by working with her and the rest of the young cast. Before Moon Lovers he was in the low hundred thousands of followers on instagram. After Moon Lovers he now has over 2.7million. Moon Lovers wasn’t the highest selling kdrama to be sold in China because of LJK. If that were the case all his other dramas would have sold too. The good that came out of Moon Lovers is the rediscovery of LJK. IU has always been a top star regardless of any mistakes she’s made. No one ever stopped listening to her music, no one ever cut her CFs, no one ever stopped mentioning her name. Even after Moon Lovers she was still at the top of her game nothing changed except she did a drama and gained some more fans. Stop relying on kpop comments on the internet as a gauge of actual S.Korean public opinion because it really isn’t.

      • @laputas world 2.7 million followers great you know that much about him. but did you see his chinese wiebo followers its 16.7 million and was 16 million even before scarlet heart and he is the 4 th highest korean celebrity followed in china. where how many followers do the younger actors have in china? many of his fans dont even know he has insta. lol 16.7 million followers for a non romcom non cheesy actor for fan girls to cry over cheesiness itself is a big achievement. 200000 per episode is the basic price to sell his dramas overseas. yes i dont live in korea but ive been there for 2 years and i know freaking well. IU survived the scandals sure she is strong and popular. but you know why lee joon gi is banned for nine years from movies adds and variety shows because the govnment and insiders are scared of him that he is growing too powerfull and influencing the public and they are scared as shit that he will show the disgusting and corrupt side of entertainment and politics to the general public now that is some crazy INFLUENCE. lets talk about influence and followers when they can beat 16.7 million follwers of lee joon gi in china

      • @laputas world yes all his dramas are sold at high rate only two people were able to break his record once jan guen suk in 2012 and kim soo hyun see his 2014 gun man in joseon interview the interviewer clearly asked your drama selling record has been broken by kim soo hyun what will you do? he said he should step up his game. his dramas iljimae, hero, two weeks and scarlet are highly sold. 2012 arang was second best after janguen suks drama and joseon gunman also second highest after kim soo hyuns drama MLFS. lee joon gi has 4 dramas sold high.lee min ho has 2 drama sold high. janguensuk has one and kim soo hyun has two. hope that helps how many of his dramas sold high. and i have seen many people accuse lee joon gi of using IU for popularity so saying it all now. lets talk when an actor breaks lee joon gis record of 4 dramas sold high and 2 dramas sold second high.

    • @jess i never said iu is not talented. she is great at writing and very hard working and humble but she is fully responsible for damaging her own career with that supid pic she uploaded on insta and she was wrong in the case also nothing i said was wrong. also can you say how many waaaay better actors are there in s korea in their 30s and 40s i can say no one in their 30s and only on finger tips in their 40s. how many k actors you have seen do life risking dangerous stunts in korea? meaning one mistake then your dead that kind of dangerous stunts? he is the only ONE he can go from innocent looking to creepy and dangerous in seconds. sure he is not the best looking guy but his acting range is so powerful that he can be a metrosexual and seduce the audience with his beauty and elegance show me atleast 15 korean actresses who beautifully and gracefully seduced the audience like he did and maje conservative koreans openly talk about metrosexuals. im a guy and let me tell you it takes a lot of guts to do it and actually nail it. cute boys were not accepted in dramas by directors till lee joon gi broke the stereotype and recieving immence amount of hate for not looking macho. that man was the first to actually really penetrate into china the biggest market and make chinese notice the raw acting potential koreans have. his flower boy concept and metrosexual trend was so powerful that it is still relevant today kpop is full of plastic v shape jaws and heavy makeup and ornaments which was not accepted before K&tC era in korea you will never find someone like that before him in entertainment. and people here asking what happened to his jaw well that v shape jaw is his trademark.the insiders in the industry are blocking him for years and playing cheap tricks so that he wont become more powerful again.waay better actors lol. as much as i find iu hot and cute and powerful lyricist she has good vocals but there are better vocalists her plus point is her genuine lyrics tbh but she dug her own grave and its a fact that hate towards both lee ji eun and lee yoo bi dissapeared after working with him koreans did not watch the dramas because it was them opposite lee joon gi. so what worry about oppas career?? lol.

      • if only she did not do things to damage her own career she would have been more popular and powerful now and scarlet heart would never recieve the bad publicity and hate even before it aired

      • The f? Do you live in the past? What you are talking about happened 6 years ago! As of today, IU is Korea’s n.1 female singer.
        She’s the all-time best selling artist. No one rivals her. She gained back her rep since 2013/4. The only problem she faces is the general bias against idol-actors.

      • Stupid pic she uploaded on “INSTA”?????
        make your research first dude.

        And btw, get yourself a goodfriend, like LJK to IU, that will support and be proud of you. You obviously don’t have one.

  5. She is a great singer than an actress. But she is way better actress than Suzy and Yoona who are just boooring. Have heard her the song for Sewol ferry victims “Dear name”? Amazing.

  6. IU is a great singer. She’s the biggest female solo singer in Korea particularly this year. Even got a daesang for her album. What i admire the most from her is her skill as a composer or song writer. That’s what make her super popular in Korea. But as an actress she need to learn a lot.

  7. LMAOOOO at some LJK or drama fans now coming for IU’s singing and songwriting capabilities. She is the top female soloist in Korea, respected by both her hoobaes and seniors alike. If she doesn’t deserve the songwriting award, then tell me who does when she’s had multiple hit songs this year written SOLELY by her lol. Just worry about your own oppa.

  8. Wow the level of ignorance in ljk’s fans head amazed me. You can bash IU for her acting but even knetz don’t dare to attack her when it comes to singing and writing lyrics skills. The girl got some mad skill in writing lyrics in koreans. Even big seniors like Psy and epik high respected her and you guys dare to say she’s underwhelming? Hahaha ljk’s fans really seem like jealous, psycho bitches here lmao I’m amazed.

  9. IU is the most popular female soloist and GD is the most popular male soloist. And both of them camr to each other’s concert as a guest. I love their friendship. IU has many celebrity fans. Just like GD, Bigbang, and Psy. Dont ever compare her to suzy or yoona. They’re nowhere of her league in term of music.

    She was so nice yet awkward in hyori’s homestay. The program will have 2nd season. Wonder which artist will join this. Gonna miss the adorably clumsy IU.

    Her newest drama will come soon but young woman and an ajjussi.. Hmm… Let’s see… Not sure if i will love it later.

  10. It’s funny seeing these LJG fans comments. Hey! It’s IU who you are talking about. You can bash her acting talent, but not in singing and writing lyrics skills. K-netz are not even dare to bash her when it comes to her singing and song writing skills. She’s a top female singer in korea, best selling artist this year. A lot of big seniors like Psy, Epik High and GD respects her. A lot of famous musicians wants to work with her. And not talking about how tons of idols choose her as role model. She’s respected in Korea Entertainment (watch video about journalist talk about IU’s power in korea entertainment industry). Besides her music success this year, she also hits success with her recent reality program with Lee Hyori and creating “IU syndrome”.

    You said it’s laughable she wins songwriter award? LOLL Are u kidding me? She’s the best selling artist this year and she supposed to win all 3 daesangs (artist of the year, album of the year and song of the year) but snake MAMA and MMA didn’t give her all. There’s no other singers who sells better than her. She’s a wall.

    I think these LJG fans need some lesson ..

  11. Ladies, Gents..stop lets not turn this post into a toxic place. This is going no where😆😀😁😄.They are literally only 2 out of 33 comments that came for IU’s singing and song writing abilities.But now an entire fandom is being labeled as a group full of “ignorant egoistic, psycho, crazy, crazy bitches”.How can a simple post about an instagram entry turn to this?

    Both are good at what they do.They are friends.Cant we just support or ignore instead of hurling insults at one another when there is absolutely no need?

  12. Reminder that ljk hasn’t had a hit drama since 2012.
    With or without IU, his dramas flop… so…. y’all better get off the high horse.

    • Hadnt had a hit drama since 2008, not featured in many commercial ads.No too much Korean mediaplay about him. Blacklisted by the govt since 2008.Ever since then, he has pretty much secured acting gigs from all big 3 tv stations every single year as a lead.Even cable hired him, this year after a high profile “flop”. still winning acting awards every single year from different awarding bodies since 2008.China hired him in 2015.Hollywood hired him in 2015 after watching him in a “flop” drama.His movie “never said goodbye” was among 5 movies shown in chinese(taiwan?) theatre last month, as part of hallyu wave even with the ban.One of those flop dramas is being aired in Romania as we speak.Next month to february, FOUR of his flop dramas will be aired on Japan-Mnet.”Virgin Snow” his very old movie was showing in Seoul last month.

      Arang sold well when exported.Two weeks was critically acclaimed.Joseon Gunman got him a hollywood cameo offer.Scarlet Heart gave him a career boost both in and out of Korea.If you are gonna be mocked for having flop dramas.Be a successful flop inducing drama actor like LJK😁😀😄.Low rating drama,bankable, Yen and Yuan magnet for producers, bankable, more drama lead offers, success.

    • FYI! Domestic rating is not everything. That is a for the TV station. Lee Joon Gi’s market is wider than that. Whether he had hyped up or not rating in Korea, his drama is in demand and generates revenue. Even his old dramas are still selling outside Korea e.g. Time Between Dog and Wolf, Gunman in Joseon, Scholar Who Walks the Night are scheduled to be broadcasted in Japan. Criminal Minds is scheduled to be broadcasted in Japan too. MLSHR is being broadcasted in Romania and to think this drama has been broadcasted in multiple channels in Japan, Singapore and other countries.

      In a global platform; he may have small role in Resident Evil- The Final Chapter movie but he plays a major role in the promo for the movie. He was the frontliner in the promotion. If you are not clueless, you know what it means. For the box office result of the movie, it earned $312million for a $40million budget and 70% of the revenue was from places where Lee Joon Gi has big influence.

      So don’t show your disrespect just because you are ignorant.

      • And who among actors demands with dramas the demands higher price per episode?

        And to educate you fuether, TV stations to don’t hire actors but the producer of the drama. TV stations hire the actors if they are also the producer of the drama. And and, you have to understand, domestic revenue from Korean TV stations is only a portion of the total production cost. For big budget dramas, producers can only generate as less than 50% of the total production costs from the domestic/local or Korean tv station.

        Be informed.

    • Yeah some of his fans are downright delusional. To think some even said IU’s career was saved because she acted with Lee Joongi lmao. Like the girl didn’t go through a scandal back in 2012 and bounced back on her own with her lyrics and music.

  13. *This Fireflies comment really get into me. You need a good lesson about business.

    Lee Joon Gi’s market is ablot wider ok. South Korea is just pinch if you compare it to Japan and China market and the rest of the world.

    Lee Joon Gi has maintained such level of popularity for more than 10 years.. as in more than a decade….

    I love IU and I found out Lee Joon Gi thru her but you have to understand IU had a hard 3-4 years because of her personal dating life. She has been doing well because of MLSHR and her association Lee Joon Gi… don’t you dare to disrespect.

    • and there was only ONE person literally talking about lyrics and she should not win but these people shouting on whole fandom and asking his fans to worry about his drowning career lol. its amazing in itself that with lousy scripts and non popular genere thrown at him he is still pulling it off. calling him out for having v jaw and anime like features while it is his trade mark which k pop is still milking with all those fake plastic v jaws. whats with these lee joon gi fans need a lesson? for one person saying she doesnt like her lyrics but EVEN that person praised iu for her good vocal color

      • Drowning career. You downright clueless.

        Check IUs activity for the last 3 years. Compare Lee Joon Gi’s activities for last more than a decade. Most military check Lee Joon Gi’s activities not only in Korea but China and Japan.

        I don’t really want to pick on IU as I like her too but some of her fans are just hopeless. That when you mix kpop with many clueless kids followers with kdramas.

      • Again, the things you say about IU are simply completely mixed up. Yes she got herself into scandal, yes she’s gotten negative comments but NO, these have never affected her career. She was never pulled down. Ljk never helped her gain anything.
        The love IU’s been receiving recently has everything to do with her album and a reality show she took part in, the hate she gets has everything to do with witch hunt.
        IU has the biggest fandom out of female idol, consequently, she also has plenty of anti-fans. Everyone and the one of their posts catch media attention. You’d be a fool to think regular Korean pays any attention to those.
        IU is still very much loved / pre and post moon lovers. With or without junki

    • not only lee joon gi fans but calling out whole drama fans lol. nearly 70 percent of drama fans support kpop and support many groups not a single one

      • it is simply true 5 years ago insta post controversy and that ruined her chances of gaining the recognition for producers she was highlight of the drama but never appreciated for it. then came her dating news although that has nothing got to do with controvercy haters other people and her own fans started bashing for dating with jang kiha . then again the zeze controvercy although i dont know why it was even a controversy people just hated her for anything she did till 2015 regardless of it was good or bad. she gathered haters till that all calmed down after 2016. where as ljg they are trying to do all cheap tricks by forcing people around him so that he will get into a contrversy because he will never bend to those shit people.

      • again she is great at her forte but always gets into some or the other silly problems which will pull her down

    • I’m sorry, but in first place I never bash or disrespect LJG in my comment above. So, I don’t understand why you try to compare IU’s singing career to LJG’s acting career. I just upset at some of his fans who bash IU’s singing career. I’m fine if they bash her for acting skill, but not with her singing and song writting skill. And IU is doing well not because of MLSHR and her association with LJG. IU gain her fame and success solely through her album and reality show success this year. Her album palette got 4 hundred million streaming this year and she’s the only singer who got over one hundred million streaming for 2 songs in one album. Lee Hyori bnb is the most successful reality show this year. Frankly said, MLSHR never bring anything good with her career. All the success she got now is from her singing career not from MLSHR as the drama itself is flop in korea.

    • @KimchiLover LJK delulu fans, stop it. IU has NEVER had a bad year ever since she got popular with her song Good Day in 2010, lets be clear on that. Even the year that she had a scandal, 2011, she got offered a drama that she filmed for more than half a year, then immediately came back with an album in 2012 that swept every single music chart in S.K followed by the series of concerts. There is no bad year for her, only a rough patch. I love LJK’s acting I’m an avid watcher (faves are iljimae and two weeks) but lets be real IU’s fame in Korea is undisputed. No one can contest to that no matter how hard you try. She’s the female counterpart to GD. Ya’ll are making yourselves out to be such a delusional bunch I’m starting to wonder if a lot of LJK fans are like this. Stop dragging IU and appreciate that she’s successful in her own right. She’s not riding off anyones back but her own.

  14. Ermmm why mostly comments are about bashing and not related to the news???
    I’m wondering what makes you guys commenting negatively to others,
    while IU and Joon Gi keep supporting each other. How conflicting!?

    Let’s say the drama was ended year ago but Joon Gi and IU are still in friendly good relationship. And they’re happy enough to show us that they still keep in touch – that’s what we as FANS should appreciate.

    Just to remind that we all are just the FANS. There are lots of things that we really don’t know. We have our own private life, so they have too.
    We should support their careers in the FANS’ space.

  15. For those bashing her singing career, IU is probably hands down Kpop’s most successful female solo singer. She’s not had a kpop group (as in she didn’t sart out in a popular kpop group) to back her and she’s not had a massive company to back her either (lOEN/FAVE is a big company but comparing to other kpop agencies it lacks in that dept).

    Her singing career didn’t start out well and she like all had to do some music that probably isn’t her taste to get her foot through (Marshmallow & Boo) and fortunately for her she was able to and given the freedom to dive into what she likes and wants to do.

  16. People ignorance can really make them rude esp towards Lee Joon Gi. They just type in nonsense like some crazy keyboard warriors of some fake news sites.

    • yes lee joon gi fans are desperate you know why? because from past few months we have been seeing her fans accuse lee joon gi on you tube and social media. he is an old ahjushi any way and he is using her popularity to shine.he is following iu and xxx celebs so that he gains fans. doesnt he have his own style and not copy others. dude like he has been like that for years now. people say he is not that popular so he is just riding on her. we have been explaining for the past few months politely that both are diff generation and gained popularity on their own terms.he reads the comments most of the times and stopped following people on insta. while the truth is his weibo following is already very high 16 million before scarlet and it increased to 16.7 in the past year. scarlet heart dint do anything much to his popularity in china or japan or korea but all the other cast weibo following increased by millions on weibo and lee joon gi just 70 thousand added. 70 percent of the people watched it live just for lee joon gi. ofcourse we will become desperate to protect him when we know that riding on others popularity is not the case. and even more desperate after knowing that corrupt politicians and entertainment insiders are using all shitty ways to block him and his career in anyway possible and are ready to stoop down to any level to drag him down . who wouldnt be? would you not be desperate if all such things happen to your fave.

      • I dunno, he just doesn’t seem popular to me. His dramas don’t do well, his name is never on any brand reputation ranking list, I don’t see his ads all over Seoul like other popular actors.

        Sorry, that’s my observation as an average viewer. Thanks, but no thanks, I don’t need any essay from fans to tell me how popular he is.

      • @abc lol does not appear on any charts yes how how will he appear on charts or ranking or anything ? because he is banned from all those for 9 years when you dont even know that most iconic add ever in korea is his pomogranate cf even if he did it 12 years ago. many big celebs do parody of it and he is asked by the reporters” its the 10 anniversary of your popular cf how do you feel?. manybe happy that your favs are plasterd all over seoul. now i understand that you see drama ratings and charts rankings to decide the level of popularity good luck on keepibg your delsions by following the charts,awards and drama ratings

      • At Rutu stop attacking other people. Only after Scarlet Heart that IU is starting to get her career in good force.

        Remember she did not have an album since 2013. She has endured so much from all the scandals like those photos of her and that SuJu Eunhyuk and then comes her dating scandal Jang Ki Ha. Because of this she has gained many antis.

        So stop your nonsense because you have

  17. Kpop fans are so disgusting. I really love BTS but I can’t stomach their guts when they spread their ignorance worldwide comparing the group to the Backstreet Boys just because they taste a little of popularity.

    And some IU fans are exactly doing the same here. I said *some* because only some are disgusting and also because some of them are plain haters or fans of another ship.

  18. Just wanna say I’m happy to see Joon Gi supporting IU. They are so sweet together. And not only him.. There were Yo, YH and SD… A happy family reunion

  19. Guys why you care for immature opinions of some random people..its enough JG got praises and respects from industry people who knows better than those disrespectful kids.we know that and he knows that and thats enough. You are wasting your energy here..let them hate as much as they want.
    Every fan represents his/her idol and JG’s humble nature and sweet mannerism should be reflected on us. Love our actor and thats it.✌✌✌

      • Your rants about how “sexy” he is and how “influential” he is will only continue to annoy non-fans instead of making them respect him. You can use his weibo followers and DVD sales to gauge his success, but don’t blame the rest of us for looking at ratings.
        A word of advise, proper grammar and spacing will probably make your long paragraphs more readable. Also, don’t try to discredit IU as a top star and her achievements in music when you don’t follow Kpop.

  20. Holaaaa every one….. Please stop being disrespect LJG and IU. Both are great. LJG had good carrier in acting. And IU, had good carrier in music, how about acting? I think IU must learn and learn in acting, and she always does it. Bassicaly, she is a talented musician. For LJG’s fans, IU also had some dramas which are good in rating and having good respect from public (Dream High, Lee Soon Shin, Producer). LJG and IU got many more fans and popularity from Scarleet Heart Ryeo. So, why having opinion about who is the most influential. IU learned acting from LJG, LJG learned about music from IU. If there are some LJG’s fans disturbed about many shipper (Joon Gi-IU), basically its not IU’s fans or UAENA. The shippers came from Scarlet Heart Ryeo Drama. Right now, I am disturbed and annoyed by those shippers? Do you know why? Because they are so delusional people. Personally, I love IU, her music, her talent, her acting, and her personality. I like LJG’s acting, but I don’t like LJG’s personality. And his fans are so arrogant annd being possesive for him. Thank you. Sorry for LJG’s fans. And sorry for LJG ahjussi, I must say this beacause your fans so annoying.

      • I’m so sorry for hurting you honey… I’m not saying he is evil devil… kkkk…
        Its my opinion. I just don’t like his personality, I’m not hating him. It’s good LJG becomes his self. But his fans sometimes make me hating him… lol… Okay, I’m maybe immature, are you belong to mature fans from him? If yes, you won’t disrespect other artist who having work with him.
        Sometimes, there are some artist getting many haters because of their fans.
        LJG respect IU, IU respect LJG. They have frienshipgoals, not for lovestorygoals like some shippers said. And please for LJG and IU shippers, please just support them in acting, not in real life. The shippers sometimes so annoying.
        But still don’t like LJG’s personality which sometimes make other people uncomfortable.

  21. I’m sorry but why don’t we wait for Gallup poll (reputable survey) to see who is between these two is actually influential in Korea. Fans of one person here will see just how popular one artist is over the other lmao.

    • Gallup is already out for actors and LJG is nowhere to be found in the top 20. Not surprised since CM was a flop.
      The one for idols is not out yet but I’m pretty sure IU will rank in the top 20. 🙂

      • nice, this will shut his delulu fans up who discredit IU. She is a very talented singer songwriter, this article is about her concert not her acting… lol…

      • What is Gallup? Never heard of it? Actors are based on $ not some polls from advertiser or organizer who only wants money from it.

        Check schedules of broadcast shows—that is a more accurate indicators.

  22. LJK looks busted. That’s a V-line face that even Fan Bing Bing would be jealous of.

    Just when I thought IU-JK shippers are batsh*t crazy, the fanwar between their individual fandoms is even crazier. This comment section is a trip.

  23. ALL these LJG fans trying to credit him as a popular actor but HE IS NOWHERE NEAR THE GALLUP POLL. Actors who didn’t even have dramas this year are on top 🙂

    **Gallup isn’t just in korea, but they use their method as a survey everywhere in the world**

    • Right? Then they will bring out how he is being black listed so that’s why he is not in the list lmao

      Gallup is a credible survey which they did survey to all people around korea from 10s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s~above (Female and Male). So it’s not about being black listed or else since it’s a poll from korean citizen.

      • Shhh… according to Junki fans, you’re not supposed to look at ratings, awards, creditable surveys or number of CFs to determine if someone is popular or not, LMAO.

  24. @anotherabc That is ok if you think Lee Joon Gi is not popular to you because I know you watch artist up to watch.

    Lee Joon Gi does NOT need to prove anything to prove. Lee Joon Gi is a global ambassador and a very strong influence in Asia. You can tell from the drama and movie productions he is in. And he is very consistent—he does at least once a year. Despite the blacklisting of some Korea’s corrupt president, he is still able to do drama or movie and FM consistently because of his strong influence outside Korea. Unlike many actors who does not even have a yearly projects and some even have 1 or 2 years or even more years gap because they get another project.

  25. IU fans are really delusional and have short-term memories. Although I think these so called fans are new to the fandom because they sound like they know nothing.

    IU has been battered with series of scandals.

    1. When she accidentally posted a picture of her and Super Junior Eunhyuk shirtless which they appeared to be in bed.

    2. Then she being known as one of Korean little sisters confirmed her relationship with Jang Kiha. Nothing wrong with having a relationship but fans call it scandal.

    3. Then the Lolita scandal which resulted to mass cancellation of her concert tickets. And, If she did not have this scandal, I think she would have received recognition for per performance in the Producers. She outperformed everyone in the drama. Sadly the scandal was extended longer and due to the Lolita scandal the credit that Moon Lover (Scarlet Heart Ryeo) deserves in KOrea was not achieved — partly due to this scandal.

    However, Moon Lovers has endured and has been popular worldwide. Without too much hype and promo costs. The drama was sold at amazing rate and being broadcasted to many countries up to date even without much hyped up promotions. It was the drama fans efforts which drove this drama to stardom.

    Having said that,IU fans should be thankful that the potential of the drama was only affected on its domestic market which they could have achieved much better result. Well, I still think though think Moon Lovers did decently in Korea, yes not great, but decent as it was still number 1 on CPI index for more than 10 weeks and did achieved number 1 on its timeslot for few weeks with a rating of at least 11%. at its peak. For the drama’s worldwide success, IU’s fans should be grateful as it helped her career back on track after she battled series of scandals. I also believe the drama also put Lee Joon Gi’s status as an actor or artist back to the top. Before LJG was only big in Japan, China, Taiwan, Hongkong but now his popularity reached the South East Asian region.

    • Have you ever listened to her songs? What are you saying here is so irrelevant to her concert & songwriting talents!! As a millennial, all these scandals are really nothing, what has she done wrong exactly, what’s the big deal? has she really committed a crime? All the scandals seems so minor… I am not her hardcore fan, but what you are saying here seems so irrelevant…. 😄

      • The scandals are big deal. It cost her and her agency millions of dollars. Let us list down the impact.

        * Mass cancellation of concert tickets. Do you know how much revenue it cost her that. – get your calculator and compute the figures
        * No Album for the last 3 or 4 years until her latest release in 2017.
        * Her good performance in the drama The Producer was snubbed.
        * Shortened the success of Moon Lovers in Korea

        Irrelevant you say?

        Because of Moon Lovers, IU’s career is back on track and that a fact. Yes she is a good singer and it amazes me how her thoughts are very mature at 25.

        But newbie IU fans don’t blindly patronize. Facts are facts. Those scandals had the big blow in her career and hope you don’t try to ruin her career again.

        AND Moon Lovers helped her career back on track and that is a ‘FACT’.

      • Oh, of coz I won’t ruin her career, why should I? I like her singing… I don’t particularly enjoy Moon Lovers, but I like her as an entertainer 😊

      • It is ok if you don’t like Moon Lovers but it does not mean you have to demean the drama. Moon Lovers helped IU’s career back on track. And that is a BOLD FACT.

        In fact not only IU but Lee Joon Gi too. Lee Joon Gi has always been huge but I think mainly in Japan/China/Hong Kong/Taiwan — especially JAPAN which is a dream market not only for Kwave but for Hollywood productions and American artist. But because of Moon Lovers, Lee Joon GI is now very popular in South East Asian region. He also is gaining more popularity in North and South America, Russia, Europe or Eastern Europe of which Moon Lovers is currently broadcasting in Romania. The drama has also helped Nam Joo Hyuk elevated to leading man status and had done 2 dramas after Moon Lovers. Ji Soo is doing great as well. Kang Hana is getting more projects in Korea and will be in upcoming drama and that is the fruit of Moon Lovers.

      • In addition to the success of Moon Lovers: not only the main characters in the drama who have benefited but the supporting actors too.

        Kim Sun Kyun who played Jimong– Yes he was been active long before but now he is getting bigger and better roles.

        Song Dong Il who played General Park – He used to have a little bit smaller roles but roles he is getting now are much better.

        Seolhyun – She is on leading lady status now.

    • Thank you very much for your explanation. And right now, its make me more not respect toward LJG’s fans… kkkkkkk…. Hope IU never and never has project with LJG, because his fans is very anoying.

      • @LalaPhoh It is sad that IU has a fan like you. I feel sorry for her. I have been following her career since Dream High,watched all her variety show and and saw her ups and down in her careers from the very young age but it’s disheartening to see fans like you who are the ones dragging her down.

    • okay… I’m sorry for IU because she has fans like me. But this is the first time I’m feel not comfortable with other fans artist whos is discredit IU. And for DramaBuddha, I hope you can enjoy and happy in your life. Thank you. And I’m sorry for hurting you.

      • Okay, something wrong with me. I’m feel disspointed with not all of LJG’s fans… but this disrespect just for some LJG’s fans, like DramaBuddha maybe. Sorry, for my mistake to hurting you, because you start to discredit IU.

      • @LalaPoh
        Not ALL people will like IU as singer but there are many people who loves her as singer. I love her as artist. If others don’t like her as a singer who cares it’s their choice. But I don’t like the Lolita concept but I don’t think it’s a big deal but sadly many made it a big deal especially in Korea. Good thing it’s all left behind and IU’s career is in a new height.

        I adore Moon Lovers and to me it’s the Best Korean Drama ever made. But there are people who don’t like the drama but who cares, it’s their choice.

        I love both Lee Joon Gi and IU. Their chemistry in Moon Lovers is amazing. Some will not agree with me, who care it’s their choice.

        I hope you won’t discredit Lee Joon Gi because his so-called fans are discrediting IU. You have to understand Lee Joon Gi is a senior artist whether you like it or not, not only he is senior artist but he has very strong and stable fan base with fans who’s with him for as long as 15 years. I only followed him from Moon Lovers but knowing him will make you amazed of him. I won’t say I am a die hard fan of him, I am just bewildered.

        Well I am not a die-hard of anyone but a fan of talents and follows their careers. I followed IU since Dream High and started following Lee Joon Gi since Moon Lovers.

      • I wanna reply your comment because you started your comment wich said “IU’s fans is delusional”, not because your opinion about Scarlet Heart Ryeo Drama.
        Okay, let’s leave yhis thread by forgive each other.

    • Considering how long your post is, I would’ve thought you’d have something factually accurate to say, but you didn’t. If you don’t know much about the music industry and IU’s reputation in S.K., follow some IU fans on twitter or something so you know a thing or 2 about her before you type something like this. and fyi IU did receive recognition for Producers almost everyone was watching it for her scenes, all the cast said IU did the best, for more than half the dramas airtime IU’s segments had the highest viewership ratings.

      • Honestly it’s really freaking annoying how LJG fans keep claiming that their bias and/or Moon Lovers “helped” IU in getting her career back on track when they know nothing about her achievements in music. They overrate their bias too damn much.

  26. Can the writer or someone delete this thread? This thread will make both IU and LJG sad, really. And some IU’fans will start disrespect towards some annoyed LJG’s fans, the other hand some LJG’s fans will start to disrespect some IU’s fans too. Both of them in friendshipgoal. But in here we start nonsense war. Let the become friends. And all of as only fans. Just enjoy their music and acting.
    Again, I’m feel so sorry for DramaBuddha.

    • @LalaPoh
      Don’t feel sorry for me. You have to feel apologetic towards IU. Next time, before you say anything make sure you are knowledgeable or at least know a little bit. Don’t let you urges dictate you and write useless things behind the screens.

      I pointed those IU scandals to awaken you. Those so-called IU’s scandals are not true but peoples’ perception created a massive havoc in her career. And now that she is enjoying a new height in her career, it is so bad that some fans have the guts to compete with other artists who are actually her partners towards achieving what she is achieving now.

      • I’m back again…. sorry, if you read from the first comment, you will see, why some of IU’s fans become not comfortable about this thread. Not about the news, but about some earlier comment, maybe some comments have deleted from this thread, which discredit IU. Who are the first compared IU and LJG? Its maybe from LJG’s fans or LJG’s hater, or IU’s hater who just bring their name.

      • Because from your point and explanation, its like IU’s fans who were starting disrespect LJG. The truth is, some fans discredit IU’s carrier first, both her music and acting. I think its enough for debate and war in this thread. Thank you.

      • I wanna reply your comment because you say IU’s fans is delusional, not about your Scarlet Heart Ryeo opinion. Not all of IU’s fans is delusional. Okay, Maybe there are immature like me.
        At last, let’s leave this thread by forgive each other.

    • @Lalapoh First off, I don’t discredit IU. I only pointed out something based on what’s going around. Whether we like it or not, it’s what it is. She has those scandals that along the way affected some productions not because of her but due to malicious people. However,she braved and win over them. And I believe, Moon Lovers is one of the driving forces for his current successes.

      As you said there are so-called Lee Joon Gi fans who tries to discredit IU. Because they say IU became popular because of him? Some comments are just written in a malicious way. However, I also don’t think those so-called annoying fans represent the whole fandom. On a positive note, it is true and LJG and IU’s chemistry in Moon Lovers is undeniable. However, I believe it’s two-way and Lee Joon Gi has benefited too. He has expanded his popularity esp. to South East Asia because I think his popularity was only limited to Japan/China/Taiwan/Hong Kong before Moon Lovers.

      • **Correction***
        And I believe, Moon Lovers is one of the driving forces of her (IU) current successes.

  27. Before leave this thread, I wanna say, so sorry for IU and LJG. In this thread there some debate or war which bring their name. Let them be good friends. All of us just their fans.
    So sorry, because some of us, including me, being immature.
    Let’s learn being respect and forgive each other. So sorry for my comment wich hurt some of you.
    Let’s be happy and enjoy our life!

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