Family, SM Colleagues, Friends, and Fans Say Farewell as SHINee’s Jonghyun Laid to Rest

You worked hard, Jonghyun. You did well, and please be at peace now. It was heartbreaking to read Jonghyun’s final letter that he intended as a suicide note, filled with so much despair with no hope for a brighter future. That his passing this week left behind so many grieving family, friends, and fans was not something he wished for but the desire for a released trumped in the end. His final journey from the funeral home to his resting place was a media zoo but also a respectful one, as the media was simply there to chronicle this event since he was a famous celebrity and did so with proper respect. The coffin was carried by his SHINee group mates and members of Super Junior, with his older sister carrying his picture and leader Minho carrying his plaque. I hope SM is providing grief counseling for its stars, and that Jonghyun fans grieve without doing anything drastic. My heart goes out to Jonghyun’s family the most and I hope his parents and sister lean on all the support around them to get through this toughest period and find the strength for the future.


Family, SM Colleagues, Friends, and Fans Say Farewell as SHINee’s Jonghyun Laid to Rest — 33 Comments

  1. that key and onew pic make me cry again,
    this is a heartbreaking moment and we need to let him go, it just the feeling don’t go in an instant

  2. You did well, Jonghyun.

    At least, wherever he is now, he could see how much he was loved. I admire Minho the most, he was most composed but god knows how he feels deep inside since they are practically a unit.

    R. I. P Jonghyun.

  3. RiIP jjong, i jope whenever you are now, you can found what you searching for.
    I hope his family and close friends be strong and find comfort and ease their pain.
    Ming is really admirable for his composure. Key … T_T…. please be well key..
    really worried about onew and tae.
    Onew in particular, because he is the leader (not ming) and the scandal he has earlier this year. I hope he doesnt blame himself.. and dont fall to depression too. He also has/had history of depression before. He looks so haggard, but still provide comfort to key.. uri leader till the end..
    Tae, he has this numb and lost look in his face. I worried because almost never cry or let off guard of his emotion. I worry if he would bottled up his pain only to be exploded in terifyingly manner later. I was like that when my aunt died because of suicide 6 years ago..
    Everyone, please be well and strong!!

  4. T T Rest in peace, the one you were craving for so badly.

    I can’t see Onew, is he the one behind Taemin in the third pic from the bottom? And who are the 2 guys 4th pic from the bottom? The one where 1 guy is on another’s shoulder and crying….

      • Realised that after i watched a video…Yes, his hair is so long and unkempt. He looks so emotionless that it’s worrying. People who cry out loud at least get their feelings out, those who bottle are the scary ones… Very sad.

    • Onew is the leader of Shinee but he is not leading the funeral procession. Minho and Jonghyun’s sister are leading it. He is the plaque holder with Jonghyun’s sister holding his picture.

      I think the person supporting Key when he cried is Taemin. Isn’t Onew (blond) on the other side of the coffin, when they were pallbearers bringing Jonghyun out?

      • The 3 pallbearers on the left side of the coffin were Shinee members (minus Minho). The 3 on the right were SuJu members.

  5. He brought a lot of happiness with his talent to people. He was a mental health advocate and defended LGBT rights. World lost a shining star a little too early but now he is in heaven, shining without pain and sorrow. They say time heals and I do hope that with time, his closest ones will find that light and strength again. Rest in peace Jonghyun. Replay brought me into kpop. Thank you for everything,

  6. So sad , our society should reflect on the pression they put on the shoulders of their children. More humanity , a place for everyone to have the chance to grow and live as they want and not the way the others want you to be. But we are all traped . Sad.” L’enfer c’est les autres ” well said Sartre. At the end of the journey you’re always alone even if you have a family, friends,…

  7. I hope he finds peace. I was a fan of Shinee after they did a performance with seems like he was the voice of Shinee in the earlier hits such as REPLAY and love like oxygen. He was so young also. Condolences to his family and friends.

  8. May Jonghyun RIP
    celebrity suicidals: wonder if need to find out the root cause. Cud it be:-
    1) imprisoned life as a celebrity
    2) internal struggle of his/her own personality
    3) clashes with family, friends etc
    4) “fan” presssure
    As a celebrity fan, I’m curious whether my expectations of my idol have contributed the largest portion of pressure on my idol
    We expect our idol :-
    1) to be perfect with goody personality and moral principles
    2) not to date anyone at all. To remain single but we never accuse ourselves of betrayal towards our idol when we date and get married. As fan, I admit I have double standard
    3) etc,etc
    If the major root cause is me, the fan of idols, then I gotta sort myself out.
    1) I should be matured and support my idol. Accept my idol just like I would embrace all the strengths and weaknesses of my family and close friends
    2) I should rejoice when my idol dates and get married. Loneliness is very depressing. Having a spouse is theurapeutic and fulfilling.
    3) I should pray for my idol’s marriage to last forever
    4) even if I don’t my idol’s dating partner, I should respect my idol’s choice. There must be something attractive about the dating partner that my idol sees
    5) if my idol has flaws that a normal human being has, I should pray and continue to give my support
    6) I should expect my idol to have freedom to live his/her own life. I’ll be constructed with a conscience if I am the cause of his/her sadness and depression

    So as fans, let’s cheer them on!

    • It’s not that simple. South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates. As a country it needs to do more to help those that are depressed and suicidal.

      I am not a SHINee fan but I can not deny the massive impact this group had, I don’t think anyone who has watched Kdramas wouldn’t have listen to their songs. Rest in peace Jonghyun.

  9. These young people who start out with a stars in their eyes and are turned over to these meat hackers who use and abuse them for profit, is inhumane and shameful. They get away with this abuse because the fans support this behavior. Heck how many times have I heard fans talk about their idol returning to these bloodsuckers companies, after these young people have tried to break away from them and go on a separate path, a path which is more sane then the one they have been on for years and years. These producing companies get these idols at early ages. They live together and spend their Birthdays and Holidays on the road or in confinement. Being a star isn’t easy but to have this daily torturous behavior inflicted on them, by these so called adults, just isn’t OK. If you all are truly fans and care, you would support these idols who have said enough and tried it on their own. They are the brave souls here. These companies who make huge profits off these young people do not care about them, if they did,they would act totally different and treat them humanely. This young man didn’t see any other choice than the one ge took. He was an innocent who got caught up in a cut throat business. What he was around 16 when started out and 18 when the group had their first debut?

    From what I read he didn’t get along with his father either. I am glad he at least said a goodbye to his sister.

    I have heard people say that YEH should find a producer again, my God leave her alone. Be a good and faithful fan and support her decisions.

    Thank you for letting me express my opinion.

    • Youve left out another culprit for all the miseries these people have been put through ie the MEDIA.

      If we follow the articles written by certain sites, you cant help but suspect there are behind the scene transactions to not only promote the artists /movies/dramas they have been paid for to promote but put down the rival artists/moves/dramas. Artists from small entertainment companies or are on their own have no way to compete them. The same incident will gets positive headlines for artists with strong backup while those without such back up get all the backlash for the little supposedly wrong doings.

      The greatest joke is that the same sites/blogs that have been putting the artist down left and right (rightly or wrongly) are now writing pitiful articles accompany with pictures which are supposed to be taken at a private event to mourn their loss when tragedy happens. This is just hypocricy. The companies, the fanatic fans and the media are all involved.

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