SBS Releases 2017 Drama Award Daesang Nominees with Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Front-running the List

The list is out for the nominees SBS is considering for the Daesang at its 2017 Year End Drama Awards, and frankly I’m more interested in who was not on the list since it’s basically a who’s who of prime time drama leads for the year. Ji Sung leads the pack as his Defendant was the highest rated prime time drama for the network, but don’t count out his real life wife Lee Bo Young who is also nominated for Whisper which had solid ratings too. Also in the running from those two dramas is Eom Ki Joon as the villain in Defendant and Lee Sang Yoon as the male lead from Whisper. Then we have Namgong Min and Yoo Sang Joon in Falsify and Seo Hyun Jin as the sole nominee from Temperature of Love. A bunch of drama OTPs made the list including Lee Jong Seok and Suzy from While You Were Sleeping, Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun in Suspicious Partner, and Joo Won with Oh Yeon Seo in My Sassy Girl.  I think this Daesang is Ji Sung’s to lose, and the network will likely award it’s long await Hallyu return performance of Lee Young Ae in Saimdang: Light’s Diary with something else special.


SBS Releases 2017 Drama Award Daesang Nominees with Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Front-running the List — 25 Comments

    • They will give that favorite couple award to Lee Jong Suk and Suzy because they apparently have a huge international shipping following (which always happens to hallyu actors -they always seem to get buttload of shipper fans). Or alternatively, SBS will award multiple couples because SBS have been awarding everyone and their mothers lately.

  1. I don’t know for the Daesang, I didn’t watch these dramas. I stopped Whisper. But for the couple, my favourite is Suspicious Partner’s one \o/ Best chemistry of the year for me !

  2. The daesang belongs to Ji Sung.Case Closed.I can also accept Eom Ki Joon.He always delivers with the villain characters.Ratings and acting skills was grade A.Anyone who argues otherwise should give 10 reasons why either of these two dont deserve it in comparison to the other nominees.

    As far as couples go, suspicious partners are the ones who had the most chemistry.It would be nice if couple award goes to them or they can award two pairs like last year and give Lee Jong Suk and Suzy(although to be honest, i didnt feel their chem!but they had the most buzz).

    Hallyu Award..might go to Lee Jong Suk because of the internatiobal buzz of his drama.Plus he has a huge international fanbase who will vote tirelessly for him.or Lee Young Ae to get her to go to the ceremony and raise its prestige.

  3. I am curious, are there korean tv awards, not given by tv stations to their own shows? So that shows and actors from different tv channels are nominated?

    And best couple: Suspicious Partner. Awesome chemistry.

    • Baeksang and Korea Drama Awards. But KDA is abit weird if you look at their winners… They mostly award supporting actors instead of lead actors and they gave Anh Jaehyun a Best Actor award for his performance in Cinderella.

      • I think only Baeksang is the legitimate one.KDA is dodgy.This year they gave the Best Scriptwriter to Ruler:master of the mask.we all know ruler was saved by Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun not the writing.If that drama had inexperienced actors or actors who dont have star power like these two,it would have flopped.

        They also gave “global management”.Anyone who knows a bit about kpop knows company is not that good.

      • LOL yes those were a joke. That drama is just… not good but it was the biggest winner of the night.
        There’s also APAN and Seoul International Drama Awards.

      • Baeksang is equally shallow. As of late, the winners coming from popular shows. I have nothing against Gong Yoo or Kim So Hyun but they both won Best Actor instead of Han Suk Kyu. How is that even logical? Purely nonsensical too.

  4. Defendant was one of my most fav dramas of the year……the plot did get a bit annoying towards the end but Ji Sung and Eom Ki Joon’s acting made it worthwhile

  5. I wish Suspicious Partner will win Best OTPs, however JCW probably cannot attend due to MS, I hope SBS won’t discriminate because he is absent. Suzy does not deserve to win anything, there is no chemistry as OTP with LJS ?

    • I think it’s possible. Last year SBS did not even nominate the Moon Lovers’ OTP but the pressure from i-fans eventually got them winning the Best Couple Award. IMO, Suspicious Partner is equally popular among i-fans.

    • Jun Ji Hyun was not present last year but legends of the blue sea also won best couple.Lee Min Ho received it for both of them.So know SBS wont discriminate.

      Actually SBS is famous for dishing awards like doughnuts.Its MBC thats wack.No attendance, no award for MBC.

  6. Why is everybody and their brothers, sisters nominated for Daesang, SBS??!!

    Only a few outstanding actors should be nominated for their current 2017 dramas.
    Popular actors/actresses who were good in previous works don’t make them Daesang nominees for 2017 like Lee Bo Young, Seo Hyun Jin, Lee Jong Suk, Suzy(lol)etc..

    Worthy nominees are Ji Sung and Eom Ki Jom. We are talking about Daesang not Best Actor/Actress Awards.

    • I know right.The highest award for Lee Bo Young and Seo Hyun Jin would be “Top Excellence Actress” in the respective genres of their dramas.That is all not daesang.The rest can share “excellence actor/actress award”, and the other popularity awards.They have no business being nominated for daesang at least not based on acting performance and ratings!!!!

    • Sshhh.. to Suzy fans, their bias is daesang worthy. Especially because sbs reporters said that Suzy practiced to speak like a reporter and knetz said that she wasn’t totally terrible.

  7. SBS only has two “real” nominees Ji Sung and Eom Ki-joon. If they wanted to lengthen the shortlist they’d have to put in people whom are roughly of the same “calibre”, which is why this long list is such a joke. Realistically it’s either JS or a shared award with EKJ or the Defendant team on a whole.

  8. Is this a daesang nomination list or a list of every kdrama that aired on SBS this year? Anyonelse think that every single person on that list win some award even if not a daesang.

  9. Ridiculous nominations for Daesang award. All the lead actors and actresses of 2017 SBS drama are in the list. Make sure the awards most specially Daesang goes to the deserving one or change your award show name to SBS Popularity awards next year !

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