Park Shin Hye Shines in Winter White at Airport Headed to Hong Kong for Chanel Event

The second week of January in this new year 2018 brings K-actress Park Shin Hye to the airport leaving Korea in a wintry flair. Her outfit is dominated by the over sized long wool or cashmere coat in perfect creamy winter white  and is instant covet for me. It looks so comfortable and fashionable, and looks great on her even though she’s not statuesque enough to fully pull off the look. She”s heading to Hong Kong for a Chanel event so I wouldn’t be surprised if her outfit is all Chanel which clearly puts the price tag of the coat out of reach but does remind that a statement piece in winter really helps brighten up the fashion heaviness of too many layers.


Park Shin Hye Shines in Winter White at Airport Headed to Hong Kong for Chanel Event — 50 Comments

  1. Look she is pretty and likes the part but she really needs to decide if she wants be be just another pretty celebrity or a real serious actress. I have yet to see her make the move and i really want to see her in something that makes me feel she is dead serious about acting and the comittment and sacrifice required to want to diversify her ability to play different roles…just my opinion.

    • I think she’s seriously thinking of her direction and next project. That’s why no news till now. Hope to get surprises from her sooner.

      • @Peach then don’t make her an example to just point out your big dreams for PSH acting career. Its as if your belittling SHK’s career path. Well there is nothing wrong with her career path. She just starred on a popular, high rating and awarded drama. She have 2 daesangs and other awards. Popular and well loved not only in Korea but all over Asia.

        Again, just focus on your dreams for your idol.

    • @Lisa, I agree. But I’ll get trashed by her fans.. I saw a translation on twitter that she said in an interview that she doesn’t want to be ’’just another hallyu star’’ but she wants to be know as an actress and that’s why her movie roles and acting are different from her dramas. I don’t know if she will ever be considered as an actress like Jeon Do Yeon or Kim Hye Soo, especially if we look at her resume, but she’s still pretty young and she’s quite established too. She’s been taking a break from drama land while filming a movie with a veteran like Choi Min Sik and she’s taking her time in choosing her next drama, which means that she has more serious intentions in acting than being just another pretty face and CF star. Personally, I feel like she should really focus in movies and comeback in dramas only if the drama is good. I have no idea how her agency is handling things but she’s such a popular star but she keeps getting crappy drama offers.

      • Lol I think she will likely walk the route of Song Hye-kyo – being extremely popular and well-loved as a drama star but never really achieving acting acclaim. She’s an alright actress but there isn’t something that wows me with her acting, even with her film roles.

        And personally, I think her drama offers are not that bad. Being cast by some popular writers like Hong sisters, Kim Eunsook and Park Hyerun; and also rumors of her being cast in Chicago Typewriter and Hwayugi this year – doesn’t scream “bad” to me. There is probably no actress in her age range that has better drama offers overall. Acclaimed writers like Noh Heekyung and Kim Eunhee always go for older actresses.

      • I really am so sorry to su, but woman can’t act at all. Just sad looking all the time. If she is in drama I can’t watch :(:(:(

      • @Peach, you’re probably right. She seems so ”image conscious’’ and it looks like she is following that Song Hye Kyo route. I mean, most of her peers are way more diverse and experimental when it comes to choosing roles and films. Just to throw examples, Park Bo Young, Baek Jin Hee and Shin Se Kyung have shown more diversity with their choices of roles. Yeah, no matter what people think about some of SSK’s dramas and acting, at least she is choosing dramas like Six Flying Dragons and not Heartstrings… Younger actresses like Kim Go Eun have already made a name in movie scene and even new rising stars like Kim Tae Ri are up against Park Shin Hye so I think PSH will need to up her game or be known as just a hallyu star..

      • You can’t compare Shin Sekyung in 2016 to Park Shinhye in 2011. SSK herself has had some disastrous choices, though her roles in period dramas saved her. That being said, I wonder why Park Shinhye hasn’t tried a historical drama.

      • @Peach, if you have big dreams for PSH acting career, then so be it. But can you not please drag SHK with this and just focus on your idol. I know SHK is really popular but don’t make her too relevant that even this article not being about her and you just mention her.

        AFAIK, SHK is really happy right now with her personal and career life.

        As for me, PSH should take the route that would make her happy whatever that may be.

      • @Mishie: Uh? SHK was just an example. You don’t have to be hyper-sensitive about everything. It’s not like I was criticizing her.

      • seems there misunderstood here. Actually shinhye is saying ” i want to be an actor with various talents over than being a korean wave star”. But with so many her drama that got popular making herself alone was already a hallyu star. and who do u think whose same age range with shinhye that have talent reached up same level w/ JDY and KHS? JDY,KMH, and kim hye soo are the very amount little of actress that got chance to play female centric stories in film industri. Its not easy for young actress get that chance, and no its not about being popular here. Film industri is more hard than drama were male actor who can get most attract to get well number on ticket of box office. and you said what?she keep getting crappy drama….you must not reading korean site. Shinhye pinnochio and doctors is so much getting praise that land her place in drama industri and get respected, well-liked the top actress of her generation. Drama of these year is more crappy than shinhye past drama, both rating, the popularity thou, and lack of the female actor who got acting praise.

    • I feel like people that leave comments like this aren’t paying attention to the choices she’s making and to the Korean entertainment industry as a whole. Her choices have actually been really good in setting herself up to continue to be respected and well-liked and literally the top actress of her generation. Doctors may have been a boring and lost its steam halfway, but it was a female centric medical drama, where she got a lot of praise and was able to hold her own and lead the drama well.

      Also, if you think she’s not serious about acting or making a serious commitment to it or wanting to diversify, I’m going to assume you haven’t watched her latest movie, Blackened Heart – because you wouldn’t be saying this if you did. She got great reviews not only from critics, but general audiences for her acting in that movie.

      • Doctors is actually a drama that I watched and I have to say that she literally showed that she’s serious about her profession. Blackened Heart basically convinced me that she is capable but she’s just too cautious when it comes to diversifying. She wasted too much time doing dramas like You’re Beautiful, Heirs, Heartstrings aka all the teen dramas that had nothing to offer to her, except popularity, which I guess was fundamental for her to secure her position in the entertainment industry.
        It’s actually a very valid critique that type casting and bad roles have been causing viewers to think that she isn’t capable. In order to show that that’s not the case, it’s high time for her to pick completely different roles and really immerse herself into them. This is why I think she should pick movies rather than dramas because especially rom-coms have nothing to offer actresses. But her ’fans’ would hate me for saying this. She has too many lunatic fans (the international ones) especially on instagram hating on her for taking movies and pestering her to take dramas and not movies and calling her lazy etc. They’re truly dumb for saying that she needs to take more dramas because Suzy and Lee Sung Kyung are ’’winning’’ in popularity, as if popularity equates to good acting and quality production. Are they even real fans? I wonder..
        It would be more beneficial for her if she stayed doing movies and continue getting critical acclaim. She even expressed herself for wanting to be more than a pretty hallyu face. If a good drama comes her way, only then should she make a drama comeback. And please, with no school uniforms or childish surprised expressions when kissing or in other romance scenes. Something more mature, relatable, realistic and suited to an adult’s taste. She’s old enough and she will never get rid off that child actress image so she might as well just go for it, all the way.

  2. Saw on twitter that she’s wearing all Chanel clutch, coat and dress…..maybe even boots! Guess she really is the brand’s ambassador in Asia.
    As far as projects are concerned…..PSH had taken roles out of her box, like in her last movie. Noticed she hasn’t been greedy to take a project after project like a lot of other actors considering she is good for ratings! As a fan, I would be happy if I see her all the time but her taking her time I hope she is choosing her next role well.

  3. She is always putting on clothes that seem to be wearing her. She needs clothes that shows her youth and beauty instead of being buried in them.

  4. I agree with some of the comments – maybe she can try other stylists? I don’t think she has found her personal style that will showcase how beautiful she really is 🙂 But then again, she still looks awesome regardless of what she wears.

  5. I do wonder is she going to do a drama this year or not? Many dramas are lined up for the first half of the year and it doesn’t look like PSH will be in any of them.

  6. Beautiful and dressing appropriately for the occasion . Represent the brand very well. Hope she will make a decision to do a project as she wish ! Warrior always! And by her side through thick and thin!

  7. Beautiful as always and her beauty is mesmerizing. As a big fan of Shin Hye from STATE I really can’t wait to see her back on full screen this yr. Hopefully she will do some action this yr or whatever project she will choose I’m pretty sure she will choose the right one. She’s so talented in so many ways and that’s why she’s where she’s at right now.

  8. Nothing bad with going the Song Hye Kyo route. I don’t know why some people are pushing her to go to “serious acting”. Whatever that means…

    • what is going the song hye kyo route means? becoming more popular,staying in the industry for 20plus yrs and still on top then no problem abt. it, im sure psh will love that too.

      • I think they mean popularity doesn’t equate critical acclaim. SHK is no doubt popular but she has never won the Berlin Film actress award or Cannes actress award like Kim min hee and Jeon Do Yeon. It’s okay though, SHK is too well loved by the audience to need to take her kit off and act.

    • Lol. I’m not saying that she should go to Oscars or something. I’m only saying that she should finally shift from teen/youth dramas with depthless characters to more nuanced characters and dramas and films with better plots and show that she is more than a hallyu and CF star that is only good for being shipped with bunch of other hallyu oppas. Of course I’m saying this as a non-fan but who keeps tabs on different celebs. Sometimes fans lack objective and critical thinking skills. And serious acting means exactly what it means. I’m not sure what *you* mean with your statement. Unless you’re one of those people who are contented that she acts with popular hallyu oppas and in popular teen dramas like Heirs.

      • It’s not about objective & critical thinking skills here. Fans just want support whatever PSH chooses. It’s her career & life after all.

      • @Ei, I don’t think many fans want to support whatever choices she wants to make. Just look at some the comments some fans make. They’d start hating her if she didn’t comeback in drama and instead took movies. They’d stop being fans if she didn’t do sweet rom-coms with flowerboy oppas but heavy thrillers or films with sex scenes. Some of them won’t actually support her if she really wanted to practice her profession in more ways than being in a rom-com or fantasy k-drama. You know how I know this? Because I’ve seen how some of her fans are like, and what kind of comments they make on social media. If you’re not that kind of fan then good, but just so you know, there are fans that wouldn’t support her decisions if they don’t please the fans. Also, I’m not talking about her as a private person, I’m strictly talking about how she can be taken more seriously and how can she become better in her profession. If she doesn’t want (which I doubt because even she said that she doesn’t want to be known as just a hallyu star), then that’s that.

  9. She is still beautiful no matter what. just accept the style she wants and the lifestyle and career choices all together. I love Song Hyo Kyo. I see nothing wrong with her career route or fairy tale ending with Song Joong Ki. I want exactly same ending for our girl Park Shin Hye. Kim Min Hee and Kim Hye Soo arent in good place in personal life in my opinion. Who cares about acting in major movies and getting rewards when their personal life is sad and sucks, i want fairy tale ending for PSH like SHK. Please just read and be about your way. I am just speaking about my opinion on life so. I am just not into staying single into 40s and breaking homes.

    • There is no such thing as a fairy tale ending. This is not a children’s book that you’re talking about but a person’s life. Life will never be a bed of roses and there is no guarantee that SHK-SJK won’t break up or have an affair. There is no such thing as a happy home how delusional do you have to be to think that way. More importantly women need to be successful and satisfied in their careers not married. Men get away with being single into even their 50s but you throw dirt on women to be single in their 40s. What a misogynist approach.

      • I agree with @JK, there is no fairy tales endings, fairy tales are really far from what real life is.
        I have known single women in their 40’s and happy with their careers, marriage is not the only and most important goal in life, being happy with yourselve is.
        I dont think that getting married is what makes a woman’s life happier and better. First she should feel satisfied with herself, learn to be independent and deal with the ups and downs in life then get married whenever she want.

      • I just pity you, it seems you have a lot of bitterness in life. Thinking of a married couple breaking up or having an affair just to prove your point. Well yeah life is not about just being married but it still depends on the person/woman what would make her happy in life if getting married or having a successful career. Also having a successful career does not mean you always win acting awards.

      • I pity you @Shar you must really live in a fantasy world if you can’t even accept the fact that spouses cheat on each other regularly. If not physically then emotionally. Its a common occurence that all families go through. How sheltered was your life to not even know a basic thing life that. Even young students in liberal arts know this reality because its discussed on a regular basis in class.

      • @Fin, WOW as if you all know what families go through everyday. Do you know each person that you seem so sure what they think and feel. Do you know each of them to be sure that they cheat on their partners regularly. Do you do surveys on each houses asking about these things. You seem to have a negative perception in life and about marriage.

        Because if your belief is true, I wonder why couples still decides to get married since they will cheat on each other anyway.

      • @FIN, so are you saying that even other Korean celebrity couples such as Ji Sung – Lee Bo Youg, Jun Ji Hyun – husband and etc. cheats on each other regularly but they just choose to keep their marriage intact? Whoaaa what a life could that be.

    • Eh I’d prefer the Jun Jihyun route for her – a good husband outside of the entertainment industry, success in both film and tv; and raking in money with endorsements every year.
      But I don’t really see the link between a successful career and a blissful marriage. Besides, PSH herself said she doesn’t want to walk the Hallyu star route, not that there’s anything wrong with it.

    • interesting discussion here… I think the problematic term is “fairy tale”… Seriously who would term the Song-Song as a “fairy tale ending” unless for a dreamer with no experience in relationships? If I don’t aim high in my career, I will just quit school now… different culture different viewpoint I guess…

    • They keep mentioning SHK since she is so relevant that even those who are not her fans seems to know her career path. So funny, hahaha!!!

      Well there is nothing wrong with SHK route, she just starred on a very popular and awarded drama. She already have 2 daesangs and other awards. She is well loved in Korea and all over Asia. She is married to a handsome, kind and equally popular actor.

  10. Completely agree with JK. What has their private lives got anything to do with this? i’m talking about PSH as an actress. Besides, why can’t a woman have both? Career and good family life? And life is not fairy tales. It’s so dumb when fans think they know everything about celebrities’ private lives.
    I’m saying as an objective observer that PSH has got potential, but she mustn’t ruin that with awful teen dramas and characters that have no depth and serve only as a love interest. I’m not expecting sudden Jeon Do Yeon or Bae Doona level of acting from her, I’m just expecting that at this point of her career and age she really needs to consider the choices of her films, dramas and roles. Sure, if you want her to forever play different variations of Go Mi Nam or Cha Eun Sang, then go ahead. If you like to see her in school uniforms and doing wide eyed surprised kisses and playing very unrealistic female characters that’s only purpose is to be the love interest of some hot hallyu oppa, then you keep doing you. But I guarantee that that’s going to get her a lot of criticism. Doctors and Blackened Heart is showing that she is finally taking steps to the right path.

  11. You all are still stuck up in 2013,lmao.She already doctors and blackened heart but all what you guys still talk about is heartstrings and heirs,go get a life

    • Yeah, one drama and one film that show her more serious side in her entire fifteen years old old career, eight years after she became an adult.

      • Yeah just like how your criticism on ssk has played ‘diverse’ roles just bcs she did six flying dragon which is like 2-3 yrs ago despite the fact tht now she is playing another modified ver of her prev roles. Okay let’s do some comparison. Heirs is 4 yrs ago, heartstring is 6 yrs ago, yab is 7yrs ago and since then has she ever done another crappy hallayu dramas??? No! However, in ssk’s case even after she did 6fd 2yrs ago, she went back to bride of water god which clearly intended for hallayu market. You clearly have some soft spot for ssk for you to overlook those thing but make a fuss when it comes to psh taking another hallayu drama when she isnt. Among dramas airing atm, she rejected black knight & hwayugi. It has been a yr since Heart blackened yet she is still in hunting-for-good-project phase. Doesn’t tht scream SHE IS SERIOUS about being a good actress & not just a pretty popular face starred in hallayu dramas? (well hwayugi does scream hallayu success when it first announced). Why dont you save your comment on crappy hallayu drama thing when she actually accepted the offer for one. Past is just necessary to measure how far have you been. Other than tht it doesn’t matter at all. Future is what matter and the last 3 projects showed her stand.

      • @soonshin SSK should take more acting lessons because she isn’t good in certain things. I was talking about choices of roles. She has more diversity in them. She isn’t playing just all damsel in distress or good girl roles. She has sageuks, contemporary dramas and more unconventional roles. When it comes to acting, PSH more convincing actually. But I’m strictly talking about choices of roles. She can’t forever play bright girl characters.
        PSH’s peers are already more diverse than her when it comes to the types of roles and films and dramas. All I’m saying that after Doctors, PSH is on a good path to become a better actress with her choices. Now she needs to stay in that path and not choose dramas like YAB anymore. And I didn’t know she was offered Black Knight?? I thought the writer had SSK in her mind because she was offered that drama first???

      • @prettyautumn I beg to differ. did you forget she did the bitch role shin sae ryung in prince hr, the quirky quiet go dok mi, the ghost twin in Evil twin, the sass in cyrano agency, hana in TOH and she did a serious role in saeguk project w royal tailor… just bcs she played a good girl doesnt meant she lacks in diversity too much. isnt ssk played a good cheerful girl in FK, BM, TGWSS, TBOWG, 6FD?? Ouh it is different case because they are fantasy, contemporary, romcom n saeguk . My bad. If anything the only damsel in distress role she ever played is cha eun sang.Early last yr, there used to be a circulating unverified casting rumour for black knight w kim soo hyun and psh from drama insiders in daum cafe. Thinking back when black knight first made an official news with confirmed pd n writer, it supposed to air in september but then it got pushed back to dec probably bcs of unsecured leads. You may say it is baseless or whatever but back then we (her fans) knew she had been offered for female gangster hye jung by ha myung hee (doctors) much earlier than the official casting offer news. The same thing goes to silence (HB). We knew it even before she is confirmed for doctors

      • Since it is only heartstrings,the heirs and you are beautiful is her only projects you watched,why won’t you be writing trash.She have more than 5 or6 works!!stop acting as if she only have those popular ones.And do you just say acting in a contemporary drama makes your role diverse?lmao,can’t take your critics anymore now

  12. a lot of people are curious about her next project. I think some comments are right,she should focus on her acting career. I’m sure her truefans will support her even though she chose movie rather than drama and play mature character.But talking about his private life is excessive,comparing with other actress ?, she knows better what she will do and need

  13. Waiting for another good big screen project alongside A-list chungmuro talents after heart blackened. The cold silent outburst after choi min sik’s betrayal at 2nd half of the movie is seriously goosebumps-worthy! (at least for me haha)

  14. Suzy can’t even compare with PSH, PSH is a better actress. Having said that I do not think PSH is all that talented. She is a cutie pie just not a great actress. But she is smart and worth a lot of money, so she is doing something right. Read, one time, she has been working a long time.

  15. There’s no need to argue here 🙂 In the end, it’s PSH life, choice and yes, her bank account :)) I’m already entertained when she posts pics of her cats in IG, so I just wish her best of luck in 2018 🙂

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