Kim Yoo Jung Has a New Look and Hair Color to Start Off 2018

It’s because I love Kim Yoo Jung that I legit did a double take when I came across her recent pictures from the last two weeks. She looks noticeably different to me, and that’s in connection with a new hair color with red shot highlights. She’s arguably one of Korea’s most famous three K-drama child actresses alongside decade earlier originator Moon Geun Young and her own same-age Kim So Hyun so it’s hard not to be very familiar with looks as drama viewers have watched these famous child actresses grow up.

I’d say Kim Yoo Jung has looked exactly the same to me all through her last six years of growth from child to pre-teen and now late teen/young adult. At least until the turn of this new year when I think she looks different in a way that is outside the norm of just growing up or changing her makeup. If that’s all there is to it then fine to be, and if she had some work done also fine by me, she remains absolutely beautiful and a true talent still developing with a wider stage still looming before her.


Kim Yoo Jung Has a New Look and Hair Color to Start Off 2018 — 69 Comments

  1. Perhaps she lost some weight. That’s why she looks a bit different. Apart from that, she is one of those stars who don’t really need to go under knife. She might enhance her skin though.

  2. She and Kim So Hyun have been lauded for their natural looks ever since their early teens, I doubt she’d ever do surgery or botox at her age considering that.

    The hair does make her look a little idol-like though, she clearly decided she wanted to have some fun this year and good for her!

  3. I love seeing her just be a teenager after all the BS she went through in 2017 having cameras watching you, being judged for the smallection you take. She deserves to just chill and relax and be relatable to her peers. Have fun, enjoy life, take a break from being perfect.

  4. I think she lost the baby fat along her cheeks. She looks noticeably thinner. The middle picture looks like she shaved her jaw though I doubt that happened. It could just be lighting and camera angles. The red tints suits her though personally, I like her natural color better.

    • I also think it’s just the angle and pose. Like a lot of koreans, she probably finds the big eyes and V-chin attractive too, and posed to emphasize that.

      I prefer her natural/dark brown color too, but that could be that I’m used to associating Kim Yoo Jung with sageuks and more classic looks.

  5. Is it just be but your posts on Kim Yoo Jung has that subtle diss or shading going on? I just noticed that in most of your articles, either you bring out name of Kim So hyun (which would ultimately bring up the nasty comparison), bring up the BS she went through for not being the quiet and reserve actress, and now alluding to plastic surgery. If you don’t like her now, maybe you can just focus on celebrity that you like, and stop passive-aggressively shading her.

    • Many thumbs for U!!! I thought I was the only one who feel this way. I mean she has been lowkey shading her since forever but it grows more noticiably after litm success.
      To dear koala forgive me if im wrong. But if u truly love her like u claimed to be u wouldnt post something that could potentially harm her ( especially since of course you knew what kind of hater she unfortunately she had). U basically judge her through a mere few photo which is has no different than a jealous petty hater whom actively bash her

    • Thank you! That’s exactly what I thought after I read this article. This writer is just full of pretence and obviously trying to invite nasty remarks from some readers.

    • Koala has done this for ages. Her articles about KYJ are full of back-handed compliments so sometimes I don’t even bother checking KYJ articles on here anymore. That’s basically her MO for the celebrities she doesn’t like that much but has to put up a pretence of staying neutral. And lol @ the implications that KYJ has shaved her jaw or going under knife. That type of operation takes months of hiding to recover and KYJ has to make appearances for her endorsement events on a regular basis. And it seems like everybody forgets that the Samsung camera has a built-in app to make your jawline slimmer; teenagers love that sh*t.

      • I really despise those type of haters masquerading their hate as “concern” ?. Then acting like we, the genuine fans that support KYJ is overacting?!

        So readers beware of the lowkey shading of kyj in this blog!

  6. I see what ur doing sneaky little koala.
    Off all the photos of her that released today u have to chose these ( of course u have no choice u cant find any faults on them). U basically use these photo to allude her doing PS which is contrast to her image as a top natural beauty.
    With this post u feed a big meat to haters whom absolutely going to milked it. And u planted a seed towards other whom casually like her. Quite clever I think. Hitting two birds with one stone. wow never thought my fav. Cute Koala become a sly bitter one. Well done koala u have suprised me. Please continue to do so. Who knows I might hire u if I want to bring someone down

  7. Lol Cmon, someone as beautiful as her since a child, doesn’t need to do anything.Knetz adore her because they know she is a natural beauty. Don’t be bitter because she is beautiful:)) Well all she need to do is lose weight

  8. Lol Cmon, someone as beautiful as her since a child, doesn’t need to do anything.Knetz adore her because they know she is a natural beauty. Don’t be bitter because she is beautiful:)) Well all she need to do is lose weight…

  9. she is absolutely gorgeous and need no work done in her face,its just a bad picture and everyone is entitled a bad picture now and then.

  10. I’m trying to find the bad pics people are mentioning…she looks like such a relaxed and carefree teenager and I don’t know, it’s kind of weird and somewhat distasteful to use unstaged, personal pics to speculate whether she has had plastic surgery or not especially when she’s still so young. Also it’s a notable speculation as people are weirdly obsessed and worship the idea of “natural beauty” a little too much when it comes to (asian) celebrities.

  11. People are entitled to have plastic surgery if they want (or not).. given that she’s a celebrity and from SK with its high plastic surgery rate, people are going to allude to that even if she did not do it..or it could be that her pics are giving a diff vibe recently (she might just have lost weight over the hols unlike most of us who probably gained..sigh..kudos to her? 🙂 ).. tbh though I just didn’t instantly recognise her when I saw that 1st pic on insta..

  12. There is this thing called lose weight and lose baby fat on cheeks. It doesn’t mean one has to go through knife to achieve those. Especially kids to young’ll be surprised to see how different their face change, especially if you haven’t seen them in a while. do grow..lols.

    • I agree. She could just have changed her diet, plus she’s maturing. reminds me when we watched Yoo Seung-ho mature from a child actor to an adult.

  13. She is pretty and have so much talent. She and along with Kim Soo Hyun will rule the worl. All they need is a good project to even rise higher and add longevity to not only for popularity but also among critics.

  14. Your thread is life again congratz gurl. I bet this article is the most commented one after a while….it is shameful though u have to resort to accuse a little young lady to accomplish it.

  15. I did a double take after read this article. Seriously the thing people did to get attention is unbelievabe.
    To u whom got a doubt after read this rubbish just go to sidush hq ig n play her video where she celebrated the new year. U could see her jaw get longer and slimmer naturally while smiling…
    N to you if you couldnt post a good thing toward her. Could you just stop and just post your favorite one instead. Its an open secret afterall whose yours.

  16. it is actually a compliment when people think you have gotten some work done on your face but you actually haven’t, isn’t it? LOL…

  17. Thank you! That’s exactly what I thought after I read this article. This writer is just full of pretence and obviously trying to invite nasty remarks from some readers.

  18. Girl just lost weight and its showing on her face.Lets not impose beauty standards and disparaging comments about appearance on a blooming teen.She only 18 years old.

    I will never understand why fully grown adults(mostly women) are trying to drive a wedge between two teens that are said to be friends.This is why they say women are their own worst enemies.

    For starters, the two have very different personalities.Very different looks.Very different acting styles.The only thing they share is surname, acting experience and age.There is nothing like one is prettier than the other.More popular than the other.The better actor than the other.Its just a matter of preference.Its a tie.

  19. Wow! What a spiteful way of fangirling dear koala. I don’t think I can continue to visit this site anymore. After spotting the pretence a million time in other articles I find this one the pinnacle of deceptivity.
    Kim Yoo Jung got that hairstyle and colour ages ago. She still looks same. But you made the effort of finding the pics taken from weird angles posted on her instagram. There are other lovely pics too but seems like you’ve got selective vision.
    Yoo Jung and So Hyun both of them are lovely on their own and two beautiful and talented young women working in the same field are not necessarily rivals.

  20. Oh I miss the chubby cheek Kim Yoo Jung!
    She now looks like any of those k-celebs V-look. Sigh…so common in k-standard of beautiful.

    I really hope its just her losing weight and the angle those pictures were taken. She has unique natural beauty that few k-actresses/idols have.

  21. I think she still looks the same, other than she the hair color change and a more mature face. Nothing more to that. I prefer her natural hair color too but the red hair looks cute and fun and it does suit her age.

  22. i’d love her forever and i know it. hope u stop bringing up Kim So Hyun here when it is related to her. i am loving that she is slowly shedding her baby face.

  23. Such a pretty child….she does had a unique look to her, it’s maybe just the angle of the photos. OT… why do they prefer that “V” shape face, even the guys! Example Lee Jun Ki….I find it odd.

  24. Look lots of celebs have it and never admit to it and i guess its no one eles business…The question does not need to be asked because one can see for themself..The eyes PS seems to be the main one and i would say most have it so no need to talk about as its obvious because they look different..Lets not pretend and its their business anyway.. correct.

      • @Celina Lol her eyes have always been large, even if you go all the way back to TMETS. Makeup and camera angles make them look even larger. If you’re talking about double lid surgery, she’s never needed it since she naturally has double lids. Her siblings have very similar eyes.

        But hey, believe what you want to believe. Since you think all K-celebs have had PS, by your logic, actresses of her age bracket like Kim So-hyun and Kim Sae-ron have had work done too.

      • She always has huge double-lid eyes since she was a baby and you can do a simple search with google to check her earliest commercials for proof. The shape of her eyes, the eyelids are literally the same throughout the years. Also, human eyeballs get bigger when we grow up so of course our eyes can’t remain the same size from birth to adulthood.

        “no doubt about it…” so according to your wack logic, just because it’s such a common PS in Korea so KYJ must have it as well even though you have zero proof?

  25. There were lots of gorgeous shots from Laneige and Fila released yesterday, both taken within the past month or so, but instead Koala chose some selfies with weird angles to stir the pot. Yoo-jung clearly lost some weight probably in preparation for her comeback but her features are still the same. Lots of people take angled selfies and filters to make themselves look slimmer. Case in point: Yoo-jung’s selfie during the KBS Drama Awards made her seem like she had a slimmer face but she was still as adorably chubby-cheeked as ever in videos of her in that event.

  26. so what if she had plastic surgery, PS is so pandemic in Korea so if she had shaved her jaw and look more beautiful why not??
    For those who r complaining about koala way of writing …smh. This is her blog she can blog whatever she wants, whether u like it or not. u have a choice not to read her article.

  27. Anyone that believes that k celebs are plastic surgery free are delusional..they all have it.Some admit and some dont…its their business anyway.

  28. I find it funny that these baseless PS accusations never happen to male child actors (such as Yoo Seung Ho, who used to have monolid eyes when he was a child but now he has some kind of weird European double eyelids, has anyone accused him of eyelid surgery yet?) but every time there’s a slightest change on a girl’s face, it MUST be due to PS. No it’s not because she’s just a teen going through puberty. No it’s not because she’s maturing and loses some baby fat on her cheeks. No it’s not because she loses weight. The only reasonable explanation is PLASTIC SURGERY and THERE’S NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!

    • I dont understand why people have a problem with the truth…We are not saying anything is wrong with it but why pretend someones face has not changed when it has..The denial of fans can sometimes be strong but the truth is people will see the difference especially if they are from a western country..Once again most k celebs have it some may not and only a few admit to it and its often in contracts..Facts.

      • Of course her face will be changed. She’s growing. What do u expect? I know she did have braces, so maybe that contributed to her change a bit. She also lost weight quite significantly in 2015-2016. Other than that, her features remain the same and she just becomes prettier as days go by.

      • Why do I have to provide proof for something that doesn’t exist? The burden of proof is on you, you pathetic hater.

  29. I have never commented here before. I think Koala should be free to post her own biases which she does a lot, but I also agree she’s implying PS too much with this recent article, KYJ is still growing, it’s normal to look different and she’s obviously posing at different angles to get a cuter look.

  30. Unless you know the industry you dont understand it as a fan you will only believe the illusion or what they want believe and thats the basis of the indusdtry. Sorry if that hurts but that is the truth and fact.

  31. Ockoala is in a much better position than any of the fans to have an opinion on an actress and change in appearence over the years. Fans will be on a different page and only see what they want to see.

    • Knetz widely regard her as one of their natural beauties up to now, and they are arguably in a much better position than Ockoala to spot any signs of PS since it’s their country.

      Teenagers’ faces change and develop as they mature. Many of my classmates in high school became almost unrecognizable after college. But hey, you do you. By your logic, every Korean should look exactly the same when they were 10 and 20 because otherwise they must have had PS.

      • @amy: lol you must be one of those dumbass religion people who are like “How do you know God doesn’t exist? You have no evidence that God DOES NOT exist.”

  32. Kim you jung is know for natural beauty since she’s a child I’m sure she don’t want to ruin that right now, maybe when she get older she’ll get PS which is fine but right now all I see is a girl growing to be a beauty lady and this is quit low of koala to imply that she has PS . I mean out of all KYJ photo she could have post she picked these which is cute but we all know why koala really chose this out of all her recent photos.

  33. Do you have proof she did plastic surgery? No you don’t. You have as much evidence for a surgery than we have for her not having one. Just that KYJ was pretty active in the recent months and didn’t disappear for a long time to heal from a possible surgery.

    She is a young woman who is growing up. She didn’t change at all. Apart from losing weight. In the photo she is most likely using a filter to slim down her face.

    She looked completely normal at the award shows in December. So yeah…

  34. i know why netizens or ppl accused her for having a plastic surgery..i think it is because her face shape..previously, she had a square face shape…but now she had a v jaw line shape..maybe the work of correct dieting..well i donno..she and god knows better

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