Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki in Paris for Christian Dior Winter 2018 Fashion Show

Being able to do entertainment events together must make Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki so happy, as newlyweds who have the same busy careers a pit stop in Paris doubling as a vacation is a nice treat. The couple jetted off to Paris last week for the fashion shows and were spotted at the Christian Dior show but never photographed in the same frame. Both wore head to toe Dior, which for Song Hye Kyo started with a smart beret flowing into a double breasted and back belted A-line skirted trench completed by black tights and platform stilettos. Everything looked cute on her but the trench cut isn’t the most flattering on her petite frame. Song Joong Ki went with a black turtle neck and grey and black coat ensemble, more muted but fitting for a Parisian low key vibe.


Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki in Paris for Christian Dior Winter 2018 Fashion Show — 26 Comments

  1. Song hye kyo is so pretty and bang really suit her I wish ha Ji won will also make her bangs like this the one on her just does not fit her

    • Yes, I know what you mean about HJW’s bangs 🙁 her current hair style doesn’t suit her face shape. It could’ve worked with a bob cut or something that gives more body to her hair.

  2. Sorry to say but Song Joong Ki does not have the height to carry that look. The coat is way too long for him and he looked swallowed down by it. In contrast, Song Hye Kyo’s look is simply chic and perect.

    • lol i was about to say the same thing. He looks handsome and all however his long coat is something that will only look good on tall guys such as Gong Yoo or Jo In Sung for example….

    • Thought the same thing. He looks cool but that coat doesn’t match his figure. It will fit perfectly for a tall guy,someone like Hyun bin,hehe. But that doesn’t matter cause his cute face got the spotlight already.

  3. I’m in love with the beret on SHG- she could be one of those dreamy girls in one romantic movie in Paris but that coat cut/her fashion is awful (being short and thick does not stop anyone from looking fine, especially with her face!)…in fact both sgk and shk could have done with better styling! or at the very least better customisation that befits either..

  4. Omg Song Joong Ki, what’s wrong with your outfit? That’s my first reaction when I see it. His coat look too big on him. And his baby face make it worse.

    Song Hye Kyo’s face is so chubby, but she look fine. Though the coat is look big on her.

  5. Song Song is a pretty pair.Song Hye Kyo makes a great beauty model.Song Joong Ki makes a good commercial film/advertising model.But they dont make the best models for these kinds of high fashion posts.I dont know if they pick out their outfits themselves, or they each have a stylist working for them.But whoever styles them, cant seem to get it right.Like this time, the outfits are swallowing them up rather than complementing their petite frame.

  6. Beautiful couple. I know nothing about fashion so I don’t really care about their outfits. But I love what SHK’s wearing here. Of course it’d be better if she’s taller but being petite is one of her I’ve no complain about that. Besides, she’s rarely praised for her fashion. That’s why I don’t understand why some people are still ‘surprised’ by that. Lol

  7. song joong ki is on point!!!! the dress length makes him look trendier as fashion goes. normal coat length would look to common and boring.

  8. sweet couple, they both look great.please song joon ki don’t emulate shk in doing project every 3 to 4 years and comeback soon with a great project, waiting very much for it.

  9. Love this couple but I agree that they can do better with their outfits when attending a haute coutoure fashion event like this in one of the fashion capitals of the world. I bet SHK wil look as fabulous as Olivia Palermo if they’re both dressed by the same stylist… Or maybe it’s a cultural thing? Maybe they don’t want to look too fashion conscious or fashion forward?

  10. Not interesting and in fact very boring…Neither of these two stand out in any way to me…No idea what the fuss is over either of them sorry.

  11. Both are good. I like shk’s style. But im more envious of her ‘young’ look. She’s older than me but she looks younger than me hahaha… Blame those $$$. And she has sjk as her hubby. Oh, what a life. Rich, pretty, smart and popular… Plus having sjk, ah life couldn’t get better.

    Sjk oppa is always handsome.

    Ps: not a fan of both but they do look great together (not together in the pic, unfortunately).

  12. No SHK did not show up eto a Dior show looking like Inspector Gadget takes on Paris. That coat is a no-no IMO and even looks a bit wrinkled, the beret is OK on its own (kinda cliche though) but makes no sense with the coat. I do like her boots though. She’s very pretty but I’m not feeling her styling.

    SJK’s stylist tried something similar with a signature coat but it only looks good from afar and I’m 100% biased against turtle necks on anyone haha. Anyway they are good looking people but their stylists could do better since they have a lot to work with.

  13. Facewise,they’re beautiful and handsome but with no fashion sense.The look is outdated,frumpy, boring and sad. Hope that this does not translate to their married life.

    • They don’t make the best models because SHK’s styling always dated (that beret with feathered bangs?) while SJK has terrible posture, he slouches too much, especially on the red carpet.

      There is nothing wrong with the fashion here, it’s just their short stature don’t fit the clothes.

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