Lee Min Jung Offered Female Lead in Spring SBS Weekend Drama Fate and Fury

Coming back after a lengthy hiatus is hard for any job but in the acting world there’s the added obstacle of feeling surpassed in popularity by a never ending supply of newer entries into the pipeline. If I am Lee Min Jung I would absolutely pick a weekend K-drama as a return project and after passing on My Husband Oh Jak Doo she’s now considering the offer for SBS weekend drama Fate and Fury. It sounds way more makjang, telling the story of a woman who through lies and deceit approaches a man to win his heart, and a man who falls for a woman through lies and together they must navigate this tangled web. If she accepts it would be her first drama in 2 years since Please Come Back Mister but more importantly her first weekend drama in 9 years since her breakout hit Smile, You.


Lee Min Jung Offered Female Lead in Spring SBS Weekend Drama Fate and Fury — 6 Comments

  1. I really liked her in Smile, You. I wish her luck and success in her come back project, even if makjang isn’t my cup of tea.

    Is it just me, or dies she look somehow exhausted? As if she is not well…

  2. The longer you leave it the harder is to regain relevance. I am great believer that a person who has a passion for acting does not stop and start with acting..It is a craft that is perfected and the more you work the better you become. I can only assume those who only do it every now and again share a different passion.

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