Shin Se Kyung is a Luminous Joseon Hanbok Fairy in New Pictorial

Nobody can say that Shin Se Kyung isn’t a beautiful woman. But everyone can have differing opinions on whether she’s a good actress. For the sake of this pictorial it’s the unanimous side at work as Shin Se Kyung recently posed for a hanbok photo shoot that is nothing short of breathtaking. Reminds me of Suzy‘s hanbok shoot and even Lee Young Ae‘s in recent years when they were promoting their sageuk projects. In this case Shin Se Kyung’s last sageuk was Six Flying Dragons and her most recent drama was the modern romance Black Knight with flashback scenes to the Joseon era where she played a servant so didn’t get a chance to don one of the rich lady style hanboks.


Shin Se Kyung is a Luminous Joseon Hanbok Fairy in New Pictorial — 22 Comments

  1. I think Shin Se Kyung does well in sageuks compared to modern romance projects. I loved her in Six Flying Dragons, Tree with Deep Roots and Queen Seondeok.

  2. WOW, she looks like an ephermeral vision … gorgeous!

    To be fair – I think she’s improving slightly.
    The recent Bride of The Water God was a lot more palatable than say Fashion King (Yoo Ah-in) or When a Man Loves (Song Seung-heon)

    Also loved her fashion sense in Bride of The Water God too.

  3. Shin Se Kyung should pick her projects better next time. Black Knight was such a badly written drama.. well I think she agreed on to it to have a chance to act with Kim Rae Won but I don’t understand why he picked such a pointless drama. From Punch to this cheesy pointless mess called Black Knight..
    Anyway, I’ve only ever liked her in her sageuks. She was also the only good thing in Girl Who Sees Smells (Park Yuchun was terrible, I don’t understand why some people consider his acting good). She should get an acting coach and pick roles that match her better.

    • I don’t know who accepted Black Knight first, but I always thought SSK chose it because she worked with the writer before on When A Man Loves. I hated that drama but Unkind Women was a more solid drama from the same writer but don’t think I’ll ever totally love this writer.

      I have a few more episodes of Black Knight but have to admit I haven’t been blown away by KRW on this one. I think maybe it’s doing Doctors and then this part and they seem a bit the same type of character….but that’s just me.

      • KRW is being too much like Dr. Hong.. except more boring. Theee is no meat in jis character. His only pirpose is to be swoony. He was sipposed to be the Black Knight who saves the girl from everything but it looks like he can’t even save himself.

  4. She has been acting for 20 years but very little improvement.She got good reviews for six flying dragons but regressed in Bride of the water God.She just managed to escape the wrath of the nets because her co-star was so terrible.I think Black Knight would have been less boring, if they had casted an older actress who knows how to create chemistry with her male lead costar.Of course, Kim Rae Won also misfired on this one.Shin Se Kyung rarely has chemistry with her male co stars when she has to do a romance drama.She is the most promoted actress in her agency, and she has had multiple opportunities and working with veteran and good mature actors.Unlike idol actresses like IU, Yoona, Suzy etc; her main focus is acting and she is much snior in experience and I dont see much difference between their acting and them.So what is the excuse?So is it wrong for me to conclude that maybe she is a much better editorial model than actress?

    • I always thought she made her actual acting debut much later, in 2004. And that too was a minor role. Her real break through was in High Kick which was pretty late. She was never a beloved child star in this sense.

  5. She looks beautiful in every photo I’ve seen of her but can someone tell me why she never smiles? I mean every look is so straight looking no teeth at all? Or is that her persona? A smile doesn’t cost a thing or maybe she is under contractual obligation not to smile? I dunno but I hope one day she finds her niche and is able to wow us with her acting.

  6. I’ve only seen her in Fashion King and Six Flying because visually, she looks great with Yoo Ah In. Yoo Ah In makes her look good. All her other co stars…ehhhhh

  7. agree with @RubyRed. SSK is missing something… ?charisma ?emotions She always has this blank stare look in stills and in dramas… Wonder why she keeps getting drama offers… hmmm…

  8. I think Black Knight wasn’t friendly to either of its leads because they were reactive to so much with the witches being much more dramatic and interesting. I think it would have worked better with 16 episodes because it got repetitive. I actually found myself thinking that the historical story suited both SSK and KRW better as actors because that’s really where so much happened. (I’m still shy of finishing though so who knows).

  9. BK blow KRS too old to be playing playboy. SSK should not pick this drama up. there lot of young actor she can star with. why pick a drama with a Ahjussi.

    • SSK is nobody without KRW… she was riding on his fame… Have you ever seen SSK leading a drama without a reputable male lead whether he was a flower boy or an famous ahjussi? The bottomline was… SSK cannot command ratings, that’s a fact!

  10. Kim Rae Won should try acting with actresses over 40 and lets see our screens explode. He can definitely hold a candle to the likes of Kim Hee Ae, Kim Hye Soo or even Kim Nam Joo.

    • or even the ones in his age group..they are plenty..the beauty queens like Jun Ji Hyun, Song Hye Kyo,Shin Min Ah, Gong Hyo Jin or if we go younger..Moon Chae Won, Park Min Young etc. 30+ Actresses who are experienced and know how to create chemistry with their male leads and know how to emote and do heart fluttering romantic scenes.He should leave the 90 liners for a while if he wants to do the romance dramas.He could learn from Kim Nam Gil..look at the explosive chemistry he had with Kim Ah Joong.

      • Kim Rae Won actually did Punch opposite Kim Ah Joong just a few years ago.

        He’s also worked with Gong Hyo Jin before, it’s just that he’s had younger costars in two dramas now. I agree he should be paired with actresses closer to him in age now.

  11. She’s acrually a decent actress….in sageuk lol. It’s her modern dramas (apart from Girl Who Sees Smells) that don’t work as well, it’s usually the other way around for actresses.

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