Lee Min Ho to Start Four Week Basic Army Training in Between Public Service Arm of Military Enlistment

I’m surprised by this news solely due to timing as I thought it was already done with. K-actor Lee Min Ho will be doing his mandatory four-weeks of basic training starting this month despite enlisting last year in May of 2017 after finishing up his drama Legend of the Blue Sea and doing some farewell fan meetings. He’s been serving his military service at Suseo Social Welfare Centre in Gangnam District Office as a public service officer after being exempt from active duty due to physical side effects of a car accident over a decade ago. But I guess basic training is necessary for all recruits who have not been fully exempt from military duty so here’s to Lee Min Ho getting some straight up army training with his peers.


Lee Min Ho to Start Four Week Basic Army Training in Between Public Service Arm of Military Enlistment — 36 Comments

  1. He looks so greasy and unattractive.. his acting is very mediocre and it was lackluster in LOTBS. He got overshadowed by second lead Kim Woo Bin in Heirs and after that he got crushed by Kim Rae Won’s superior acting in Gangnam Blues. He was then in a Chinese-Korean action film which generated zero interest and his comeback to dramas after 4 yrs is in drama that had an astronomical budget and months of promotion but still got less ratings and less public interest than couple of dramas that year that had very little promotions and considerably smaller budget which were Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, Doctors and Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Even Jun Ji Hyun couldn’t save that lackluster drama. Lee Min Hoe is not only mediocre at acting, he has the amazing quality of bringing down his co-actresses acting too. He still got a top excellence award for his lackluster and mediocre performance in LOTBS, whereas Jun ji Hyun got disrespected although her role was much more difficult to portray than Lee Min Hoo’s.
    I wonder what his comeback drama will be.. he has zero merits in films (quite pathetic that Gangnam Blues was his first big film) and he has been Gu Jun Pyo forever with no improvements whatsoever. This is actually funny but even his ex-girlfriend Suzy, who is a bad actress, has more merits in films than him LOL.

    • Who hurt you? Lol sorry but this was unnecessarily hateful. The post is not even discussing his acting career. At the end of the day he is doing waaaaaaay better than any of us on this blog. He’ll be fine.

    • Why expend so much energy for someone you don’t like?? Is it a paying job for you? lol Put your analysis to use where it will be valued. I would enjoy reading your reviews of people you admire. Everyone has their own taste, and that’s a good thing.

    • Well true about that. His filmography is null compared to his popularity. All I say is go jun pyo and city hunter.his commercially successful projects include BOF city hunter heirs and even if it was not a blockbuster LOBTS Did good

      • Ofcourse ofcourse k drama gods like him haha with all the popular leading ladies backing too.

      • We like him not just as an actor but the genuine and sincere person that he is !!

    • I so love him. I happened to be at 3 of his fan meetings, and he is so incredibly kind, stopped bye a woman in wheelchair, took selfie with her, I think he is genuinely wonderful person. I love his acting too, he simply moves me.

    • For somebody that you don’t like, you seem to know a lot about LMH. You are not a former girlfriend are you? Peace out!

    • I don’t know why you are so spiteful and bitter. He is one of the most sincere, hardworking and genuine person. He has already proven his versatility in acting!! Be it a buoyant role in BOF, or sincere and intense character in personal taste , reliable and (most adorable) in faith..

    • Hey, are you a nominated or a winning award actor/actress oh my I can’t imagine how cruel and bad attitude you have. Be it and maybe it brings you badluck in the future. Lol

    • I kept going back between the first and second picture trying to figure out why he looks so bad the last few years. The obvious thing is he gained a lot of weight on his face, which makes it huge. Then realize he’s been sporting the exact same fringe down hairstyle in the second pic for years.

  2. He’s alright, not the most talented actor but he’s not bad at all. I never became his huge fan because he seems a bit boring offscreen, but maybe that’s just me.

    • He was actually quite decent in Legend of the Blue Sea. I thought Jun Jihyun would overshadow him but he managed to stood his own there.

  3. he is not a great actor nor bad but he is undeniably famous worldwide,infact worldwide I think only Kim so hyun can rival him among actors.i like him best in city hunter which he did great in.

    I like that he is quietly doing his service and I wish him the best in everything

    • that ironic, if he only can compare with kim soo hyun. when there so many good actor like kang ha neul, go kyung pyo,ryu jun yeol, park seo joon,ji chang wook,why they can compare with lee min ho?

  4. His comeback drama should be with Yoon Eun Hye and be by the writer of Go Back Couple. The pair of them in something low-key and introspective could create a buzz.

  5. Even though he is really known around the world for those who watch kdramas. I think his fame lost its spark or luster since 2013.He doesnt have the same impact that he used to especially around 2009-2011.He used to be unrivalled around that time in hallyu terms.But now that other actors in his age group came on the scene like Ji Chang Wook, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Soo Hyun and others..it makes all the difference.I bet some of these other actors’ fans used to be his fans.As for the domestic scene; he also has competition in the form of Lee Seung Gi, Park Bo Gum and others.But I feel this has alot to do with the fact that these types have public friendly image.

    In my opinion, when he comes back.To get that oomph back.He should find that career defining acting role.Like a rediscovery of Lee Min Ho.Something that will not just make his fangirls go gogaga, but that the whole public will acknowledge.Once he hits his mid thirties..he cant rely on his overseas popularity alone forever, or starring with star power noonas.The kdrama audience these days in and out of Korea is critical.Gone are the days when just being pretty and ok acting is enough.If the acting and script is boring or subpar.The project flops or mediocre results.

    • Heirs was his last drama did incredibly well and maintained his fame till now. I would say Kim So Hyun, Song Joon Ki and Gong Yoo are the only ones that really rival him in terms of popularity.

      The rest I would have have to disagree. Also I guess that depends on if we are considering the fact he is in the military therefore has not had an active schedule for awhile or are we also just comparing his popularity only in Korea or Korea/China/Japan.

      If we are comparing all three countries then his fan base can only compete with Kim Soo Hyun.

      In Korea his last Hit was heirs and LOTS did good although was not considered a hit. I cant think of any drama he has done that can be considered a flop ratings wise.

    • Lee Minho is the most elusive out of this bunch. He hasn’t appeared in a single variety show throughout his career, so its not surprising if he doesn’t have a public friendly image.
      But he seems to have a rather positive image among Knetz if article comments are something to go by. I don’t get why he’s so hated here.

      • He is so well loved internationally. However I have a feeling that he is bot liked as much in Korea!! I don’t get it though? How can he not like him.. no let me correct that… how can anyone not LOVE him??!

  6. Pretty Autumn comments r a bit harsh n give off negative vibes. For most drama fans, what we want is entertainment. We need some cheers n respite from day to day mundane life. Acerbic comments r unnecessary.

  7. He isnt the best actor in my book but he isnt the worse either. In his projects he did some scenes well and he doesnt make me cringe. I dont exactly look forward nor do i avoid his projects. Lets see if he could reach a new high in his acting when he comes back ppst military.

  8. Lee Min Ho is the most elusive korean star i have ever known. Yet he has good image among k-netizens. That says a lot about him. He is gentle, kind, hard working and polite and fair to others. I think his popularity will be long lasting based on those qualities people mention on the comment.

    As for this acting wise, he is talented and do not shy away any genre. I can not wait for his comeback project.

  9. Having nice personality does not equal long lasting popularity. As for acting, knetz and inetz often comment his acting has been the same the last 10 years, no range and no versatility.

    • Maybe he should go back and work in One drama, with all his past costars like Park Bo Young, Choi Ah Jin ( they were from same agency Starhaus, I believe ?) , Moon Chae Won, in a melo, a history of many loves and sacrifices, and he can be a conman, doing justice to the title of a cheater (that certain people, that know him so “well”)they gave him! for sure I will watch it! Lol!

  10. I can’t really understand him. Normally his photos show a chubby face but when he is in movies or dramas, his face magically looks good with angles and such. He must work out and diet really hard before filming. Or his makeup artist is amazing.

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