Hyun Bin Attends CF Event and Confirms Drama Comeback with tvN Fantasy Romance Memories of Alhambra

I so can’t wait for this drama now that the leading man is confirmed. K-actor Hyun Bin will be making his K-drama comeback in 3 years with tvN fantasy drama Memories of Alhambra. It’s the third drama offer he’s been considering in recent months and guess third time’s the charm to land this coveted leading man. He’ll be playing a successful and obstinate company president who travels to Grenada in Spain for work and stays at the inn run by the former guitar player leading man whereby they both get embroiled into an intriguing matter. His character is twice-divorced and betrayed by his best friend so has turned cynical and living a careless life. I know any drama has to be better than Hyde, Jekyll, Me so welcome back to drama land Binnie!


Hyun Bin Attends CF Event and Confirms Drama Comeback with tvN Fantasy Romance Memories of Alhambra — 51 Comments

  1. Knew it that this would be his drama comeback choice. It’s different and it’s certainly not SBS. The plot sounds quite diffrent. Reminds me of Misaenf when they went to Arab countries. Hopefully this isn’t big budget drama in vain.

  2. welcome back to dramaland binnie.I see he’s sticking to his safety net.Playing another chaebol role.I cant blame him for doing so since he does them so well and his success in dramaland was when he played one.I think Jun Ji Hyun or Gong Hyo Jin would be great.But one just had a baby and the other maybe budget would be too much to pay both of them.If they are gonna choose younger actress..I vote for Kim Ji Won or Park Bo Young.They have both played with veteran actors and had good chemistry with them and held their own pretty well.I hope they keep Shin Se Kyung, Hyeri,Suzy or Yoona away from this.

    • I like all your lead actress choices, please let me add Lee Se Young to the list 🙂 SSK is ok in sagueks and maybe she should stay there for good. Definitely NO to Hyeri!

      • Looking forward to his drama comeback. Hope it’s not a dud this time. And no idol actress please, he deserves better.

      • Shin Se Kyung has matured as an actors. In When A Man Loves A Woman, I think Song Seung Hoen dull actinf was partly to be blamed. Her performance in Fashion King was oh geez.. But SSK has been performing well in her recent dramas. You can’t line her up with Hyeri or Suzy and even Yoona. She is already in a different league, in fairness.

    • Kang Sora akready accepted a new drama so there’s no chance for Kang Sora and also they are in a relationship before and just broken up recently so I don’t think they will be in the same drama together.

      • You are calling for a messy environment. ? Even in a regular workplace, personal relationship aren’t advisable. Conflict of interest will arise anytime and possible a chaotic one. So better avoid.

    • Kang So Ra is already attached to another drama with Yoon Hyun Min on the same TVN.Plus the breakup announcement with Hyun Bin wasnt too long ago.It would make for a really awkward atmosphere if they didnt break up on good terms.

      I think actress like Kim Go Eun, are better off building their resume in korean movies.If she play her cards well.She could be like Bae Doona in a few years.Being supporting-like character to these kdrama huge profile actors to me, feels like a waste of talent.Her character in Goblin was badly written, and she got bashed before and after Goblin, just because she didnt fit the Korean beauty standards for actress.They hated the fact that she was working with Gong Yoo.I feel the same would happen again if she was to work with Hyun Bin.

  3. I am interested in this drama whoever plays the leads. I thought the person who runs the inn in Spain and is a former guitar player will a woman but he is a man? So… two men will be drawn into the plot?

  4. I’m going to throw Seo Yea Ji into the mix cos she speaks fluent Spanish; lived and studied in Madrid for several years and visually her and HB would look absolutely gorgeous and yes I know she’s in a drama with LJK but hey if she scores the role she could also help with translating. Plus it would be hilarious to have her rattling of in Spanish to HB and him being confused af. And also Lee El if she is free. I know I’m always pitching these two lol!

    • Yes to Lee El.What will it take for this gorgeous and talented lady to get first lead role?But again, Hyun Bin needs an actress with both acting chops and star power to bounce back.He really cant carry a drama on his own, unless this script this time is really stellar.But still thats taking a huge risk.If this drama is a dud again, then I dont think we will be seeing him again anytime soon in dramaland.

    • She is working with Lee Jong Suk for that sbs special drama.I doubt she will be hopping to another drama after that.But she could..since she did so well in the just ended My Golden Life.She must be swimming in drama offers now.Dont you just like it when talented actress/actors get the recognition they deserve?

      • Yes, it’s great when talented actors/actresses get the recognition they deserve. From all the drama polls in the last half a year, SHS seems really popular (due to MGL) in SK so it would be good if she was just as popular overseas. Working with LJS would definitely help and I’ve heard they have worked with each other before in school 2013.

      • Isn’t it just a 2 episode drama? So she could really be casted to Alhambra too.. HB can’t lead a drama on his own, he needs an actress like Ha ji Won, an established one and who can also lead a drama on her own.

  5. Yesss, Binnie…Finally! So looking forward to those dimples.How about Yoon Eun Hye for the lead actress? Anyone agree?

    • hmmm… this is a fantasy drama, do you think YEH will be suitable based on her rom-com/melo track record? Not that she can’t do it, but it will be a hugh risk to cast her to guarantee ratings in Korea…

    • Why didn’t I think of her? I don’t think Hyun Bin and her have ever acted in a drama together before, right? Hope they cast her this time.

    • playing a ceo again? I just hope it won’t be another arrogant-rich guy character..I hate how every kdrama’s male character is rich&perfect..

      • wait why did my comment went here..I did not sent it to kimchee or someone else..whats happening

  6. If they would pair him with a fresh actress, that would be Gong Seung Yeon or Lee Se Young. They both shine on their own and their acting improves everytime ?

  7. but i wanted him with park shin hye.. their scene will be walking posters throughout the drama.. oh, well.. im just glad he is back in dramaland!

  8. Am so happy to see him again on the small screen. I hope the leading actress is Kim Go Eun or someone else. Please no Ha Ji Won. Lol to those that think he can only survive a role if he’s pair up with Ha Ji Won. Super crazy and sick Ha Ji Won fans will forever brag about that everywhere they go. Hella dumb because Secret Garden didn’t hit big just because of Ha Ji Won. It’s the whole teams. Hyun Bin is so much better than Ha Ji Won in Secret Garden.

    • Slay! Couldn’t agree more. He’s a good actor but delusional crazy shippers are so out of this world. Not to be mean but they’re freaking retarded. So sick of seeing the Hyun Bin need Ha Ji Won to hit big.

    • OMG I love to see him in a drama again anytime soon with a different actress that he haven’t worked with before. I agree with the crazy Ha Ji Won hype. It’s so overly out of control that I felt sick everytime I see a delusional comments drop on any of his other dramas. Especially the comparison of putting Ha Ji Won above all his other co-actress. I personally think Ha Ji Won is a good actress but not the best because I could only watch her work if the drama or actors is really good. If not she appeared very boring and bland. So to downgrade his other leading lady is seriously pathetic of her fans. She can not carry a drama or movie by herself. Her recent works hasn’t been so good or impressive. Secret Garden is good because of the whole team. Hyun Bin actually kept the drama entertaining. He played his role really well. To brag about Ha Ji Won is the reason he hit big is the lamest thing I’ve heard. I’m pretty sure he can survive any roles on his own if he chose wisely. SMH!!!… If Ha Ji Won really is his real girlfriend then I understand about all the delusional Sega shippers logic. Too bad he’s not so they really needs to stop being unreasonable and retarded. Waiting for his return to the small screen. No hating or being baise here. Just a comment passing by since I like his acting.

      • You guys speak my mind here. Sorry to the most annoying Sega Shipper fan base ever. Sorry but I don’t think Ha Ji Won is the best actress out there. I have seen so much more talented then her. I’m so sick of the Ha Ji Won hype too. I agree please no Ha Ji Won. Let us enjoy a project of Hyun Bin without hearing her names.

  9. Bet it is going to be Suzy, his leading lady! My personal feeling? The dating news did not fall out of blue moon for nothing! Lol

  10. OMG it might be one lucky lady that we have not mentioned in our posts – I counted 24-25 names of prospective actresses listed here but I have a feeling that they’ll pick someone else and when they do we’ll either all cry a collective sigh of relief and cheer hooray or otherwise you’ll see us all grow fangs simultaneously and start howling in unison whyyyyyyyy?????

    • If this dream comes true, I’ll be happy for the rest of my life…I don’t know if they have the chemistry, I just want YEH to do comeback and her partner has to be someone of this calibre to bring her glory back, I think they both could help each other…besides, YEH is really good at getting the chemistry works with any actors…

      • @deenaana agree. I love their chemistry YEH and Hyun Bin in one of the events that they attended before.

      • They definitely have chemistry. You should search for their Basic House videos.

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