Song Hye Kyo Goes for Pretty in Pink at CF Event in Seoul

I know the look Song Hye Kyo‘s coordi was going for in dressing the top actress for her first official solo event since getting married late last year in 2017. She’s pretty in pink but the actual cut, style, and fabric of her pink suit just does not flatter her petite frame. Song Hye Kyo was in Seoul this week for a skincare brand CF event in a pink shantung suit with a natural waist flared skirt paired with a simple pulled back hairstyle and elegant white pumps. I wish her hair was neater in front and this suit had a different skirt shape but all in all these are minor critiques of what is otherwise a total package as a spokeswoman. She’s charming and radiant in still newlywed happiness and the pink color itself complements her flawless skin tone.


Song Hye Kyo Goes for Pretty in Pink at CF Event in Seoul — 25 Comments

  1. Her skin is so clean and clear it compliments with her pink hambok style dress perfect for spring and
    she’s so gorgeous getting younger & glowing! I wonder how it feels to have flawless poreless skin like her so envy.

  2. Oh my god!!!!! This is the brand I am using, and that place is their flagship store. If you are ever in Seoul, you should really visit that place, it is an architectural miracle. Their facial is the best facial I ever got. Also, they give TON of samples. Spectacular products!!!

  3. She looks sooo gorgeous and happy! It’s so good to see a happy smile ^-^
    I hope all of us can smile happily and have positive thoughts! <3

  4. Song Hye Kyo has a beautiful face but tbh, she does not really have a very nice body proportion. She is a bit bottom heavy. I always find her cordi did an underwhelming job in styling her. Anyway, she does exudes a strong newly wed bliss vibe.

  5. SKG has a very face indeed but she doesn’t have much style. Someone in her position could have the best brands but I always find her wearing the dullest and ugliest stuff.

    I guess her outside personality fits her style. Maybe she likes simple.

    • Rather than saying she doesn’t have a style, I think it would be more right to say she has her own preferences when it comes to fashion. I think it’s important to feel comfortable and confident in our clothes.

  6. She is a very beautiful woman and carries herself with so much grace thats why she gets away with so many fashion faux pas.Her stylist is just really terrible at her job.SHK’s style from what I see, she likes it clean and simple.It shouldnt be that to dress her in modern outfits that compliments her figure.

  7. Her top half is very pretty. Just that big skirt makes her look bottom heavy… maybe a more tapered design will look better?

  8. I dont think she really is great in the modelling area. Her face is nice but really dont see a great deal to get excited over on any of her fashion spreads or this one here compared to other KCelebs spreads. Some can do both well but her strength is strictly with her acting. Just my opinion.☺

  9. I don’t understand the bang theory of koreans n always the old stereotypical fashions: too look young n cute. Who am i to say but girls sometime life’s turn more interesting wen u mix n match
    Cumon be experimental.

  10. To me, she does NOT look clunky boxy here, as she can sometimes do in the wrong proportion of clothing-choice.

    At least her legs are nicely slender here, along with her face.
    And pretty shoes to cap those legs.

    Rather, what I would prefer, is a more runway-model ponytail type hair – like side part, groomed chic slicked back style. Or the groomed Audrey Hepburn ponytail. That will highlight SHG’s gorgeous face even more. Rather than going for more au-naturel bangs and wisps, which render the outfit more dumpy rather than groomed ladylike girly sophistication This is an outfit + shoes that just calls for a more slick hairdo.

  11. I am happy to see her happy and smiling. I dont care about actresses fashion choice as long as her acting is good and have good dramas and movies.

  12. That dress does make her look shorter than she already is but I love this color on her. She still shines brightly and her skin is to die for.

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