Lee Jong Seok Pairs Up with Red Hot Shin Hye Sun for 2-episode Drama Death Song

This is quite a lucky coup for Lee Jong Seok when he agreed to do the 2-episode short drama Death Song (Hymn of Death) last week. He not only gets a solid leading lady in Shin Hye Sun, he gets someone coming off a red hot weekend drama My Golden Life and last month sat on top of the actor buzz ratings. It’s based on the true love doomed romance of opera singer Yun Sim Deok and her married soulmate Kim Yoo Jin. Lee Jong Seok is not taking any salary for this drama so clearly he really wants a meaty role to challenge his acting chops. The drama will also star Lee Ji Hoon as the supporting male lead, with him being most recently the brother in Legend of the Blue Sea.


Lee Jong Seok Pairs Up with Red Hot Shin Hye Sun for 2-episode Drama Death Song — 7 Comments

  1. She’s really on the roll now. If this mini series is well made oike those British short dramas like Young Pope, this could potentially be great. Not sure if another genius character will be a deviation from LJS’s other characters, but at least he’s doing this for the sake of passion.

  2. Glad that My Golden Life is done and so happy for Shin Hye Sun, she is getting her due after yesrs of hard work….that show MGL was a hot mess for the ratings it had….I love this cast, hopefully it’d be good

    • Not just LJS and SHS, infact Lee Ji Hoon was also in School 2013, it was his debut drama. So its a true reunion on school.

  3. hahaha School 2013 reunion!

    But seriously, an actor on LJS’ level of celebrity choosing to do a 2-episode drama is highly unusual, looks like he really did want a role that was more substantial than his last drama. And Shin Hye Sun is having a richly deserved rise to the A list, I’m so glad she got the role and not some idol hired solely to bring in advertisements. LJS got lucky here.

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