Cable Network jTBC Wins All Categories in Viewer Poll of Best Programming in 2017

Congrats to cable network jTBC, not even the most popular network which would be tvN, for coming out on top in all seven categories in the recently held massively viewer poll. KISDI ran a poll of nearly 50,000 viewers asking their feedback on all the major free and paid channels in South Korea in seven categories of programming: objective, interesting, variety, creativity, reliability, public good, and service. Coming in second is SBS followed by KBS, and all the way at the bottom in last place for nearly all categories was MBC. It’s fantastic for jTBC to be recognized as it had two of the buzziest K-dramas in 2017 with Women of Dignity and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon as well as hit variety show Hyori’s Homestay.


Cable Network jTBC Wins All Categories in Viewer Poll of Best Programming in 2017 — 12 Comments

  1. jTCB had my two favorite dramas of 2017: ‘Age of Youth 2’ and the critically acclaimed ‘Just between lovers’

  2. I watch mainly dramas and for me TVn and JTBC are great. But I’m surprised TVN didn’t win with its dramas like Goblin, Forest of secrets, Avengers Social Club, Because it’s my first Life and Prison Playbook

  3. TvN is overhype, the drama gets high rating but meh content like goblin,
    the only one that hold them is Answer Me series and remakes

    jtbc create new content

  4. I’m not a massive tvN fan, but I do wonder why they weren’t included in the poll. It doesn’t seem unbiased or fair if all major channels aren’t polled.

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