Gong Hyo Jin Dons a Hanbok in Cameo for So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin Movie Be With You

The last time the Hong Sisters wrote a halfway decent K-drama it was with Gong Hyo Jin paired with So Ji Sub┬áin The Master’s Sun so it’s a nice treat five years later to see the two in the same project albeit in a cameo settling. Gong Hyo Jin made a guest starring appearance in the romance fantasy movie Be With You currently in theaters starring So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin. I don’t recall ever seeing Gong Hyo Jin in a sageuk and maybe she’s worn a hanbok before in a drama or movie but it’s a fresh look for me. She’s got two movie coming out this year but no drama project since 2016’s Incarnation of Jealousy, and frankly I’m not in a rush if there isn’t a good story to lure her back to the small screen.


Gong Hyo Jin Dons a Hanbok in Cameo for So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin Movie Be With You — 8 Comments

  1. I love my girl Gong Hyo Jin but she really doesnt suit hanbok.I mean she looks pretty but she has a too modern aura.Perhaps this partly explains why she doesnt do a lot of sageuk projects despite her long acting career.Also I dont think her acting style would fit historical drama.

    By the way, I miss her.I need her in a drama soon.Jealous incarnate didnt do it for me.She needs to hook up with writer Noh Hee Kyung and do another story with coherent and mature storyline like “Its Ok thats love”.

  2. I Miss her too!! She looks lovely. I don’t mind if she wants to go for other generes other than rom com even saguek :). I would watch her in any roles as long as she is in the screen!!!

  3. She wore a hanbok in Jealousy Incarnate to give the weather. Her hanbok threatened to fly up to her face it was hilarious.

  4. Miss her with So Ji Sub. I love their chemistry! It’s been five years and I’m still waiting for a reunion project ???

    • Huhuhu your hope is my hope too. Miss these two together in a screen. If she can do with Jo jong Wook in a movie just after they work together in a drama, then I hope so that she can consider too doing with So ji sub.

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