Yeo Jin Gu Joins Chun Jung Myung as Dual Male Leads for K-drama Roco King

This is a fun choice to play a cupid-like drama robot! Yeo Jin Gu has signed on to play the character of Night the mail order boyfriend robot in the upcoming K-drama adaptation of the shoujo manga Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend).  He’s the third name attached to the OCN drama Roco King (or Rom-com King) with earlier Song Ji Hyo and Chun Jung Myung offered the other two human leads. There was conflicting reports that Chun Jung Myung declined the role but the most up-to-date news was that he has accepted and will be playing a top star character. This one looks like harmless fun with the PD of Flower Boy Next Door and the screenwriter of Mirror of the Witch working together. I’m fine with Song Ji Hyo declining but please let the final actress let it be someone with emotional sincerity and range.


Yeo Jin Gu Joins Chun Jung Myung as Dual Male Leads for K-drama Roco King — 30 Comments

  1. Nooooooo baby Yeo Jin Goo.I heard he was in talks though not confirmed.I hope he hasnt accepted yet.He needs to run from this.I smell trouble over it.The previous potential leads both rejected this and OCN has dropped this too.

    I feel like this will be “Reunited Worlds” all over again.Its obvious they will pair him with a noona again due to his experience..But a non acting one like Lee Yeon Hee.Heaven forbid it ends up goes to MBC.SM will stick another idol actress who cant act, relying on him to hard carry the drama.

    But if he has really signed on, can they at least get an actress who can synchronise with him.My vote would go to the girl he acted with in circle, Gong Seung Yeon.She was alright.I would also vote for Chae Soo Bin but I am not sure she would want another robot boyfriend.

    • Only Song Ji Hyo declined. Chun Jung Myung has accepted. I have not find SHJ to have the acting range and she appeared to be dull but if she was to be paired with Chun Jung Myung then it’s ok.

      • he rejected it accdg to his new agency,he confirm in feb but not signed any contract, but they just release today he officially decline and that the prod. team shld stop saying he is confirm

    • Thank goodness.If you ask me..I think Yeo Jin Goo should go the Ryu Jun Yeol or Yoo Ah In way and cement his name in the korean movie indusry.Has he worked with Director Lee Jun Ik yet?YJG is a natural in sageuk.If he can secure a sageuk movie role offer from him.I think it would do wonders for him.

  2. I am still going to watch it for Chun Jung Myung. It’s been awhile since he’s on with a light and fun drama. (I assume it’s a rom-com by it’s title.)

    • I loved him in Heart to Heart! I’m looking forward to this drama because of him. He had great chemistry with Choi Kang Hee too. Although it faltered a bit in the last few episodes (but what’s new with kdramas lol), I still enjoyed it alot and watch it almost every winter.

      • Chun Jung Myung has always been great. What’s Up Fox was a rom-com classic and always fun to watch. I followed him since then.

      • I don’t really deal on trivial aspect when watching a drama. It’s an art so there is no good or bad, but rather a matter of preference. Or if there is something we didn’t like, at least we should be objective. It’s not like the drama falters a little bit but rather it falters from our preference. However, something might be off from one person’s liking but for sure other person likes it.

      • Just an addition, I may not like his Noodle drama or Cinderell Sisters drama, not because the writing and direction are bad,- that is too subjective and biased… but rather heavy melos are not my cup of tea.

      • I haven’t watched What’s Up Fox but I bet he was great in it. I started watching kdramas in 2009 and never got around to watching it. I’m not even going to bother with your other replies to this comment, it’s just not that serious.

  3. I think Yeo Jin Goo just picks roles based on how much fun he feels he’ll have playing the roles without concern for whether it’ll be a hit or not. To me, he’s one of those actors you can tell genuinely enjoys acting which just makes me root for him. I wish him the best with whatever decision he makes.

    • Why would an actor be concerned about being a massive hit? To begin with, they don’t have crystal ball to forsee the future and predict whether an upcoming drama will be a hit.

      And I don’t think viewers will be concerned about rating either. Doing so is just a waste of time. Instead viewers should be focus on whether drama is fun or not or engaging or not.

      • I guess it would be more fitting to say he’s not concerned whether a drama will be potentially a flop. There are actors that have stayed away from kdramas for years after being in dramas that were flops in ratings and quality.

        Also yeah it would be ideal to think viewers don’t think about ratings but it can potentially discourage some people who were thinking of checking a drama out when they see it has low ratings.

      • Don’t you think those actors who have stayed away for that reasons. I don’t think they are not that shallow though and have no regard for professional advancement but fame. I’d say they have not received any compelling scripts to work with because they are typecast and stuck to rom-com and has been receiving scripts with that genre. Just like Gong Hyo Jin who’s been receiving the type of roles in drama so moved aways and been doing more challenging roles in movies. Gong Yoo is the same. He said he is not receiving any scripts which I don’t think it’s literally mean no scripts but the scripts he’s been receiving are similar to Coffee Prince/Big/Goblin. Unlike with Coffee Prince/Big, his acting or his characters were so one dimentional, at least in Goblin, his interpretation of the character has depth compared to the two dramas.

      • But I don’t mean they won’t feel bad if their drama dont do well in the viewership rating but I don’t think it’s the reason they are not doing another drama yet.

      • Why would an actor be worrying about starring in or creating a massive hit?wow for a whole myriad of reasons.Perhaps the same reason people fuss about sslling as many box office tickets as possible in movie industry.But since we are discussing drama.

        One, while acting is indeed an act.The drama industry is a business too.Low ratings or mediocre results lead to loss in recupping production costs, staff or sometimes even the actors can go unpaid(read what happen to “faith” and “world within drama” and many others).Only if the cast have enough hallyu influence to sell the drama abroad can it remedy the situation a tiny bit.But again that helps the actors but the staff are the ones who lose out the most.

        Second, most of these drama stars are commercial actors.They have to earn their living too.Starring in a high ratings drama means more endorsements, more project offers, better and high quality pool of productions
        teams to select from;in terms of directors, writers and even co-stars.While the inverse is true when they are consistently starring in low rated drama.Your talent fee gets reduced with time.Endorsement offers get lesser and lesser.And yeah Korean Actors seem to have a lot of pride in their reputation so not securing acting awards for a job well done could be a motivation killer.

        I could say more but yeah.Its unfortunate but you cant dismiss the inportancw of ratings to them and their career.

      • Depends on what kind of actors they want to be; commercial actors who earns more from their cf or actors’ actor who earns from talents fees and royalties from their dramas and movies.

        Certainly those actors enjoying royalty packages don’t need to be in commercials often. CF are only good for a limited period of time but may not be in the long run. Being a product endorser may at time be in conflict of interest to the dramas they will be doing esp dramas are heavily reliant on earnings on product advertisements. I won’t be surprised that an actor hasto pull out from a project because of conflict of interest due to his cf contracts.

      • That is your opinion though that not receiving an award is a killer to their motivation. For new actors maybe but not really for experienced actors. Of course, they would be happy if they receive one but I don’t think it’s their number 1 motivation factor. I think only fans think this way.

        FYI, in Korea awards are more like a promotion than acknolwedging ones capability. Producers aspire for good rating: (1) so they could earn more from advertisments (2) so they could market it overseas at a better price.

      • I agree with @rubyred that ratings, critical acclaim and commercial success of dramas/films results to more choices as success can be directly proportional to more drama/film offers which possibly has quality script in between these offers. Actors may not go after CF or awards, but being offered more drama/film roles is still something. I’ll take the case of Lee Dong Wook, prior to Goblin he was still being offered leading roles but could be hit or miss, but post-Goblin he was offered tons of drama roles and even scripts from known quality writers. Yeo Jin Goo can still afford to based his selection on the character as he is still young, hence he can still afford to prove his ratings pull slowly. Though in the long run it wouldn’t hurt him to based his selection on the character in the context of the whole drama flow.

      • As I have said, actors don’t have crystal ball to pre-determine that the drama they’ve selected will be a hit. And, if you notice only very few dramas become a massive hit and those dramas are not even the best quality ones. Many hit dramas are no longer heard after the broadcast thus do not give royalty income opportunity for the actors, producers, and investors. If you are aware that even after a decade there dramas that are still sold and broadcasted in different places of the world. And those actors who have royalty packages in their contracts continues to earn.

        In the case, YJG, though he’s been in the industry for quite sometime I am not sure if he already has the negotiating power to demand that royalty perk.

    • Most of popular actors now not great with acting (minus park bo gum, yoo seung ho). Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin, Nam Joo Hyuk was model, the rest are up and coming.

      Yeo Jin Goo doesnt need to care about rating because his quality has been proved, in both drama and movie. The rating of a drama wont affect his place in the industry or with public. Also he is male, minus 2 years military, he can act for the rest of his life. While others not so good actors, they can rely on popularity for only few years. They will be replaced by the new, young, hot actors. Rating is everything to their brand.

      • Im sorry but YSH is not popular. He’s still seen as a child actor trying to become an adult actor. Popular is Yang Se Jong, Woo Do Hwan and Lee Jong Suk. Its not true that rating doesn’t affect ones place in the industry. Kan So Ra is a great actress but she doesn’t have a single hit drama which is why her position in the industry is lower than Park Shin Hye, Suzy and Park Bo Young.

      • I agree with Lee Jongsuk as he have many hallyu hits but Yang Sejong and Woo Dohwan? Both of their first dramas as leads flopped. Yoo Seungho at least has Remember and Ruler under his belt, even though the latter was quite a train wreck.
        Kang Sora has Misaeng but I agree she doesn’t have the same star power as the 2Parks. In fact no other actresses their age does. Suzy? Lol. Wait till she stars in a drama with no popular male lead + star writer. She’s all hype but no substance.

  4. Loved YJG in Potato Star and Circle so happy to see him in another drama soon. Just hope his co star chosen is a good match for him. Not overly concerned as to who they choose. Awww he is so cute! First saw him in ‘A frozen flower’ and gosh he’s grown up to be a handsome young man! ❤️

    • OMG…this just triggered something..LOL.
      He was the younger Jo In Sung character right? Had Song Ji Hyo accepted this drama…she would be reunited with the younger Jo In Sung’s character from a “Frozen Flower”…LOL.

      • @mingly Yep! That would have been something to ponder over! Geez I actually was looking forward to Song Ji Hyo being cast. Does anyone know why SJH declined? Oh well I guess I’ll have to keep watching Running Man in the meantime.

    • She has a better project offered to her.She will be playing wife to Man Dong Seok in a movie.The plot of the movie sounds way better than this drama.

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