Yoon Eun Hye and Park Shi Hoo Movie After Love Sets April 2018 Release Date

The timing is probably as good as it gets to dust an shelved movie off and recoup some investment by releasing it. News today revealed that the romance weepy Korean-Chinese collaboration movie After Love with Yoon Eun Hye and Park Shi Hoo, filmed all the way back in 2014, will be released at the end of the month in April 2018. I don’t expect a lot of publicity to promote the movie but it’s good enough that Park Shi Hoo’s career has done a 180 since he filmed the movie – back then he was still coming back from the rape allegation scandal and now he has the hit weekend drama My Golden Life under his belt and more drama offers on his plate. Conversely Yoon Eun Hye had just finished the crappy Marry Me If You Dare back then and now she’s four years without an acting project on her resume. I doubt this movie will make any waves but at least it’s finally seeing the light of day.

After Love trailer:


Yoon Eun Hye and Park Shi Hoo Movie After Love Sets April 2018 Release Date — 113 Comments

  1. Finally, I waited patiently for this release. I don`t mind if this movie will turn bad, I just wanted to see it already.

    • Third chance , he was a romantic hero in “My golden life” and korean viewers didn’t have a problem with wacthing it ! So why not release the movie for Yoon eun hye fans.

    • Probably because his dad is a hot shot thus he has many connections. Doesn’t matter how much he has pigged out, he’s got connections.

    • He has some serious connections with KBS… They keep offering him dramas. I just pity his female lead lol. Regardless of whether he committed the crime or not, its forever going to stay with him and bring his projects negative attention.

    • Unless you are the person involved or someone who knows what actually happened, then you have the reason to say that. If you only based your info on what you read online, hmmm you’d rather not accuse someone. Bad karma is painful. Sometimes it challenges you to be in a similar situation, like to be wrongfully accused.

      I am not his fan but to conclusively accused & malign someone, indirectly intends to ruin someone’s life without valid proof is a criminal act.

      • Was his case settled in court and he was proven not guilty? Just curious how his case ended.

      • Hard! A few posts back it was the same ranters going off on how PSH was indeed guilty yet it was not proven in a court of law but they held their own kangaroo court and he was tried found guilty and executed all in one hit. Here they are again passing judgment. Geez if you are so angry bitter and twisted about it I’ll post you some leggo blocks so you can all build a bridge together and get the hell over it.

    • This kind of movie will never be a hugh box office hit, production just wants to reap whatever $$ the audience will spare…. if it’s lucky, it will be picked up by the airlines and shown on flights, otherwise, it will be buried like as if it is never released ?

    • What a pair of leads – an accused of sexual assault ( Lee jin wook ) and a diva ( Go Hyun Jung) in a movie. But i suppose that koreans have their biases !

      • YEH is one of my favorite korean actresses. I find it sad that people still harassing her with this ” plagiarism thing” .

      • I totally understand how you feel… YEH is a great actress but she did not leave a good mark after the plagiarism accusation. She needs to reclaim herself with a strong project – drama or movie (not this one) and people will forget her wrongdoings. Just look in PSH, he is taking off again after the success of MGL, I never like him, he looks sleazy!

      • i must say that i’m not fond of him either. And when i ‘m talking about Lee Jin Wook or others is just because i want people to be treat fairly. Some seems to get away with their “wrongdoings” pretty easily when others not. That’s all.

      • #candycane,this movie was supposed to be released at the second half of 2015, despite Park Shi Hoo’s issue. But then plagiarism controversy hit YEH, the released date was postponed to Feb 2016. The movie got several postponement since then.

        The decision to release a movie is usually laid at the hand of production team (director/producer). Actors has a little saying in this part.
        So why now ? It’s maybe because PSH’s acting career rebound ?

        As YEH’s fan I don’t care about the timing as long as her very anticipated movie (by her fans) is finally released. And we can see her on screen again (We don’t care if it will be a box office hit or not)

        @jessarie, not like PSH, YEH’s case never got into the court. So call her as an “accused plagiarist” is too much. Moreover she and her team have said it again and again that she didn’t plagiarized and making explanation at how she came to the idea of the design on her explanation. Just spare your time by googling it instead of making accusation…

      • @cahill -Excuse me diva? Your source of information is reading second hand posts? Maybe have a sense of being open minded when reading ‘he said she said’ articles and learn to understand not everything you read is true. Or is that too hard to comprehend?

      • @ Annjoel, je voulais seulement souligner le fait que certains acteurs pouvaient se permettre de faire certaines choses là où d’autres sont condamnés , harcelés et bannis. GHJ avait très certainement ses raisons pour quitter le tournage mais si cela avait été une autre actrice (YEH par exemmple) elle aurait été vilipendée en place publique ! Alors foutez lui la paix et laissez ses fans la retrouver ! Sorry for my bad English !

      • @Lal c’est toujours un plaisir de lire tes commentaires qui m’apprennent toujours beaucoup sur YEH, habitant en France, je n’ai pas le plaisir d’avoir autant d’informations sur YEH. J’ espère que nous aurons l’occasion de nous réjouir bientôt d’autres nouvelles.

      • @cahill sorry I don’t understand French but it’s okay. You win cos I don’t have a clue as to what you wrote. Hope you feel better now?

      • Lee Jin Wook was accused of sexual assault, but the woman lied. She was sentenced to two years in jail after being found guilty of filing false charges, and damaging the image of the actor. I’m not a fan of this actor, but the situations are very different. As for Go Hyun Jung being a diva, who cares? I only care about her dramas or movies. If she is a diva, or goes around the world like Mother Therese, is her problem, not mine. She’s not RAPING an drunk girl.

      • @Annjoel, it’s not about who wins or not. I was just saying that GHJ left the set of the drama because she has her own reasons and … no one can say what really happened . As for YEH she was accused of plagiarism by a stylist in sns …and she was bullied by netizens even if they didn’t know what really happened too ! My comment was ironic but as my English is pretty bad you didn’t get my meaning. And i like GHJ as an actress since i saw ” Foxy lady” more than a decade ago. That’s what i wrote in french !

      • @cahill Sorry for my ignorance and I think your English is perfect. I went work thinking I needed to apologise to you for over reacting and you were gracious in your response by writing in English so my Apologies again.

      • @annjoel, thank you but it’s my fault because i love so much korean dramas that i try to learn English to read all the comments here. We love South Korea dramas that’s all matters .I didn’t want you to think that i didn’t like GHJ as she is one of the actresses that i noticed when i began to Watch dramas in 2006. And i still have a special fondness for her, Kim Sun Ah, Yoon Eun Hye, Moon Geun Young,Chae Rim,… Have a good day or night ? And i apologize too .

      • @ Cahill I hope kiss asian sub ‘After Love’ after it’s released I would really like to see that movie. ‘Cheese in the trap’ (movie) is out on that site and ‘The Table’ is as well if you want to check it out. Wow 2006 that’s over 12 years of K drama watching. Impressive. I’m just a baby with my 2 years of starting K dramas since 2016 so I got a lot of dramas I’m currently watching right now. Cheers!

    • Wait till you are wrongfully called as one, then you will realise that to accuse someone without valid is bad. Maybe being called rapist is very remote in your case, how about if you are wrongfully accused being a thief when you actually didn’t do anything.

      • Wrongfully accused. Please! I for one have never had and would never have sex with someone who cant even stand on his/her legs and has to be carried to my home in an almost unconscious state. So dont you dare compare me to that trash oppa of yours. Have your fangirl blinders on all you wish, but dont accuse others of having as low and questionable morals as your pure and innocent oppa.

      • She could be unconscious or not. Whether she was pretending to be drunk or unconscious or not. You never know unless you were there yourself. You can never draw conclusion out of a picture or even a video.

        And See! You are already furious just to be compared much less if you are actually wrongfully accused.

      • Also may I add, its so sick to attack members personally and wish them bad just to defend a celeb who has had questionable record. Like you wished me to be wrongfully accused of raping someone or being labelled a thief to prove your point. How would you feel if someone said to you something like I wish you were raped, and no one would believe your words and you see the rapist escape without any consequences and continues to enjoy and prosper in his life and career. Then you would understand the plight of that women. You would feel sick and horrible, if anyone made such comment, right? I would never ever wish you or any member to even remotely experience any of these horrible things just to prove my point. So honey dont get personal with members you dont know and wish them of bad karma and getting wrongfully accused and have horrible experiences in life just coz you want to defend a public celeb.

      • “You never know unless you were there yourself. You can never draw conclusion out of a picture or even a video.”
        Your words, not mine. And exactly just like I can not be 100% sure, you cant be 100% sure either. So some people would take the side of their “oppa”, while some would continue to believe that women, and you cant do anything about it.

      • @TBH Not all women are weaklings as you think and victims in every situation. Women these days can throw punches as strong as men too.

        Whilts I symphatize those real victims because of their circumstance but you have to understand in these information age, it’s easy to fabricate stuff. So accusing someone basing on 1 or 2 lines you read online is not right. Life is short so why unnecessarily cultivating your hate and anger.

      • Yes, an unconscious women throwing punches sounds totally credible.
        And I sound like a gold digging bit** coz I don’t blindly support an actor accused of rape? That’s one of the most messed up comments I have seen.
        Anyways good for you that @ockoala doesn’t have a report button or I would have reported your comments for repeatedly getting personal.

      • Lol I am not the one accusing, he has already been accused long back, I am just expressing my views on that. Also do you understand the difference between commenting on a celeb on an entertainment blog, and attacking and accusing the members? Doesn’t seem so, judging by the level of your comments.
        Also who do you think you and Miss Ann Joel are that I am required to share name of my country, or any other personal info with you?! Lol the preposterousness.

      • Lol I am not the one accusing, he has already been accused long back, I am just expressing my views based on that. Also do you understand the difference between commenting on a celeb in an entertainment blog and attacking and accusing members? Doesnt seem so, judging on the basis of your comments.
        Also who do you think you or Miss Ann Joel are that I am required to share name of my country or any other personal info with you? The absurdity!

      • It seems that my reply is posted in wrong sequence and that too twice…Search for it if you are bothered that much, coz I am not typing again.

    • @Tbh reading your post is sickening and making slanderous remarks about someone being a rapist is far worse! Read that PSH was NEVER convicted in court. Seriously what country are you from? Because then I would decide if it was worth my time debating this. Gosh I guess where you’re from you must be allowed to freely character assassinate anyone on a whim!

      • I m character assainating PSH on a whim? You are acting like the rape allegations against him never existed. Whether or not he was convicted, it was established that the women had to be carried on someone’s back in heavily intoxicated state into his home and then he had physical relationship with her. Now you might see no problem with that, but I find it a case of highly questionnable consent (if the women consented at all, that is).

      • @TBH You are the one accusing someone with proof yet you have the guts to report me? Geez its ok if you are the accused but you go gaga even if you are just name-called. Double standard much.

        And yah @annjoel nice suggestion. @TBH Which country are you from?

      • @tbh ok you wrote it ‘rape allegations’ which is different to being an ‘convicted rapist’. Why do you continue to slander someone who was NEVER convicted in court. That’s why I asked what country are you from? So that I could understand your sense of logic. We can increase the number of comments on this post but I’m not backing down on the fact that PSH is not a rapist. If it’s not proven in a court of law then he is not guilty-haven’t you heard of ‘innocent until proven guilty’. And if him or his agency reps are reading this via translators rest assured that he knows that there are people in the world with common decency and sense who can see through all the bs the media has to offer.

      • @tbh I’m honest about my country origin (which is New Zealand) so that commenters understand my reasoning behind posts as Im pretty new to KDrama and am naive at times when I haven’t seen a lot of dramas and films but I’ll call it when I read ‘slanderous’ remarks and I don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that. You’re like a bully in a playground trapezing over the tightrope of what is right and wrong and I’m that kid standing up to you saying you’re wrong! Call it what you want but in NZ you can’t go around slandering a person’s character you will get prosecuted in a court of law -punishable with a jail sentence that’s how we deal with slanderers here down under! Go on share what country you from- we can only learn and appreciate the cultural difference.

      • Ok now I am going to reply and it would be in short parts, coz I have already typed my response twice and it didnt get posted both times. This is the third time I am putting so much effort.
        First of all get over yourself. You are no righteous child standing up to a bully. Secondly, whichever country you are from, have you never ever heard of rich and powerful getting away unpunished from law due to their money and connections? Anyways it happens and it happens quite often. Yes Park Shi Hoo got away unpunished, just like Kim Hyun Joong and Park Yoochun did and are roaming scot-free. Doesnt mean that their reputation hasn’t turned to trash and Knetz and Inetz dont call out their actions all the time.

      • Oh wait, one of my replies did get posted!! I dont have to type this essay again. You can find my reply down the comments and its addressed to you. Thats all I had to say on the matter, and I dont care if you keep spamming my comments with how pure and innocent PSH is. I am not going to change my POV and nor I am going to invest more time and energy on a fruitless argument.

  2. It is more sickening to read comments as if they are high and mighty & slander someone without valid proof. Oh geez you are taking a dangerous path.

  3. this movie her dress scandal is the reason knet still witch hunt her. they hate her for casting with rapist they hate her for that littl lie about dress. the rapist should have been ban from appear in korean tv not YEH.

    • Geez get over yourself.

      The reason why I don’t believe without valid proof about women accusing men about sexual assault and vice versa because I encounter so many chauvinist filthy men and equally filthy gold digging women or vice versa controlling bitches and gold digging men.

  4. If you inspect closely d pattern of d frills on d sleeve, dey’r so completely different, as day and night. Just d positioning of d frills on d sleeve is d same. It’s 100% not plagiarism. I called it more like cyber-bullying or an attempt 2 bring her down since she was so successful in d fashion reality show. Only God knows!

    • Pliagiarism case about a fashion design was a bit funny as if the accuser got the idea of her design on her own & without taking inspiration from another designer. Bet not. She must also have taken inspiration from somewhere or someone like most of these designers who even take reference from designs in medieval ages and from other era. When there is $s, things get complicated.

  5. I wish nothing but great success for this movie when it is released. Looking forward to seeing it when it does drop. Hopefully the actors PSH and YEH will put the accusations behind them and be able to move forward knowing there are a lot of fans who still love and are supporting them. Likewise with LJW and GHJ in their movie ‘A Tiger in Winter’ ❤️

  6. If it weren’t so sad it would be funny to see all these people feeling like they are standing up for justice by siding with the rich rapist with the powerful daddy.

    • @julia – standing up for justice? Don’t contradict yourself. PSH never got convicted in court. Keep running your bandwagon of slander calling someone a rapist. Geez are you and tbh related? Must be nice sitting around firing off cheap shots in the relative security of your home under a veil of anonymity.

      • He was not convicted because the justice system is flawed, not because he was found innocent. Rapists get away with their crimes all the time – in every part of the world it seems. You might want to read the statistics sometime.

        Calling a rapist a rapist has nothing to do with anonymity and all to do with truth and humanity. You acting like I am a troll or an anti is just proving the point I was making in my original comment.

      • Oh Geez! There are those who are real victims of rape who I feel sorry about but there are also those gold digging b*tches.

        If you are really doubtful of PSH credibility don’t watch his projects, simple as that. But you are not in a position to slander him or anyone. Going around slandering someone is not normal, seriously. I am now very curious where are you guys from? Are you religious? Well I think 100% you are not. hmmm

      • @Julia – Pleasssssssee an anti and/or a troll? You get defensive and throw in the old anti and troll line? Read my comments please- I’m not trolling and I’m not an anti so continue on another tangent. I’m stating an opinion and you replied. No harm in that but we have a difference in our views which is fine again but saying the justice system is flawed? Really? And knowing that you called PSH a rapist goes to show your lack of insight and plain common sense. Keep calling him a Rapist but I’ll just keep writing he was never proven as one and thus never convicted. So there I rest my case. Please get some better work stories to compliment your ideology cos it’s getting rather passé. Good bye I’m done now moving on to new stories and posts.

      • @MistyEyed dead drunk, passed out person cannot consent. Any sexual contact with a practically comatose person is guilty of sexual abuse. Park Shi Hoo has the money and connections to mute the victim and make the media turn in favor of him. I wasn’t going to say anything but it’s sickening to see people defending this piece of shit and calling sexual assault victims gold digging [misogynistic name calling]. this tells a lot about you as a person to be honest.

  7. @cahill, merci, mon tour ou mourir ami de Yoon Eun Hye, let’s ignore any haters and truly hope to see this movie soon!!! Us fans have been waiting for anything new from her for years.

      • bonjour, mon ami en ligne. am still hoping she would do a drama this year, but it was a no for the robot one…keeping fingers and toes crossed.
        Garde bien!

  8. why would any real YEH fan. look forward to this movie. this movie is the downfall of her drama career. cuz of this knet make such a big deal out of that dress. why didnt she listen to her korean fan when they told her to drop the movie that has rapist as lead.

    • Because yoon eun hye is a kindhearted lady,she is also a passionate girl towards a project (movie and the story itself). I agree with her choosing a project in such professional way and not thinking too much about the co star scandals or private matters, or fans disagreements. But I’m glad after so many issues which bring her down, she is becoming more religious, teaching childrens, managing her cafes and company, totally enjoying her lifes. I want her do drama, but I prefer her happiness, including want to see her get married if possible. She has had many antis since baby vox, simple and humble lives suit her more.

      • Yes. Listening to her being stressed and sleepless when starting filming a drama, I feel so pity for her. People suppose her to carry the drama and make it become a hit. That’s why she is always under pressured to become more successful. The low rating of Marry Him if you dare might cause her much trauma that she was reluctant to accept new offer and now the scandal. I really want to see her acting but if she has no peace in it, I prefer her to retire early for her own sake because she’s the nicest person that I know <3.

    • @Sherin YEH becoming more religious long before starring in this movie (Love After Love). She has a close relationship (in a positive way) with the pastor. Some fans suspected that the pastor has influenced YEH of her decision to take the movie (LAL) despite fans’s objection. That’s why they criticized her (via fan cafe) for that reason. YEH has had to shut down the fan cafe because of that. After that the relationship between her and some fans got worse. Some fans left her and becoming her antis, but many still loyal to her. I suspected that the ex-fans (antis) are the ones who’s very vocal in putting her down when plagiarism scandal hit her. Actually, Korean netizens didn’t really mind of the controversy itself, they criticized her more for using “don’t use Yoon Eun Hye name” words. People attacked her for that and “branded” her as arrogant. Despite in the end it’s found out that the statement/explanation (of plagiarism) was wrote by her staffs without consulting her first (the words didn’t come out from her mouth). But the damage is done.
      Not just for this issue alone, Korean nets also didn’t like it when she’s more active in China rather than in Korea. They bashed her for that.
      So you see, it’s tough for her to making comeback when Knets still have a wrong perception of her.
      This explanation is also directed to @toma

      • Despite all of the controversies she still get acting offers. The latest one is an MBC drama titled “Life of Death Romance”. A romantic medical drama with Ji Hyun Woo as the male lead. But it seems she turned it down again ?

      • Thanks for your explanation. Sounds like a very bad case of poor management and the artist’s mistreatment of fans. Being stressed and tired about work is not healthy so it seems like her choice is quite clear… There was more money in China at that time, couldn’t blame knets.. wrong perceptions are induced by poor choices of the artist!

      • @Lal Wow Knets are weird. They think they have the right to dictate their idol. SK must be a tough environment. Sounds like Psychologist/Psychiatrist and other mental health practitioners have good careers over there. Those obsessive behaviours are not normal. They pretty much lost their sense of rationality.

      • @candycane
        “Artist’s mistreatment of fans”

        Just FYI, the so called “fans” (Korean fans) has taking further step by attacking (literally) her pastor and people who close to YEH. That’s why YEH was so upset back then & shut down the fan cafe.

        As for taking project in China, IMHO, Knets are having a double standard here. I’ve seen so many Korean actors/actresses took the same step before by taking projects in China but they rarely been bashed. Actresses likes Yoona, Park Min Young, Lee Da Hae and actors like Rain, Lee Jong Suk were being praised instead.

      • ifans will never understand the Korean culture… why are some artists got praised working in China but YEH got bashed by her own Korean fans? She is Korean, I am not, she should know better how to deal with her own people. For everything that has happened, there must be a reason. Sounds like her strategy of dealing with disappointment is to shut things down/off…

    • @candycane, I sense your dislike of YEH and I aware of it from your comments of her before, so giving further explanation is wasting my time. I will ended it now. Don’t bother to answer. Bye…

      • your strategy of dealing with disappointment is also to shut things off, do you realize? I don’t listen to advice very well, so please don’t tell me what to do!! You post publicly in a blog and anyone is free to comment FYI. I hope you really mean you will end it, cause if you ever reply to my comment now, you break your own promise… hahaha… lol… Bye…

  9. Is this news legit? If it is, I think they should have just shelved this movie to be honest.I mean the teaser looks pretty.But why resurrect the past?The last thing Yoon Eun Hye needs is more negative publicity.I am truly amazed at her PR team.Do they enjoy seeing YEH getting dragged in the media and her career sinking lower and lower?Or if its YEH herself wanting this project to go through? am questioning her inner circle.I can understand her wanting to reap the results for something she worked hard for.But why is no one around her advising her to exercise caution?

    I mean she will have to promote this movie one way or another.Is she ready to face the media?orwill this be like an indie movie with zero promotion, zero press conference, no news coverage whatsoever?I feel like it would be better if she just works on a new project.Whatever it is, movie, drama, variety, editorials etc..If her fans are truly loyal..they can wait for as long as it takes and cheer her on.

    • She is not in the position of making decision. It’s the producer. They have every right to ask her to promote the movie. Also what a waste to not show the movie. Just show it and observe the reaction from viewers. If God wants her to continue, there’ll be positive feedbacks. If not, it’s possible that she wants to retire and then I could stop waiting for her comeback because it’s so tiredsome (((

    • If this movie is the last eun hye’s act in entertainment industry, I want to watch, even try to buy the CD/DVD if available somewhere. No need to shelve it, even if this becomes flopped, I think eun hye won’t really mind it. But from the teaser since years ago, definitely this is a heartwarming and nice movie, pretty interesting to watch eun hye’s superb acting.

  10. Why is her fans not fighting for her over that clothing design controversy? Is that even a legit claim? Was the design patented that accuser was allowed to sabotage her? or Maybe YEH doesn’t have that many fans anymore?

      • @Lina Is that directed at me? What do you mean you already moved forward? You didn’t say moved away so I assumed you are still with YEH fandom.

        Btw, did you read messages above particularly about shelving the movie? If you the controversy was left in 2016, why some people are talking about shelving the movie? I was even surprised that was even suggested. Does a movie only costs $50 to make that producers can easily shelve a project for some nonsense controversy with no basis and much less already in the past?

    • I think what @lina said is that your question is so “dated”. You mightbe not follow the case from the beginning so you don’t know the progress and how YEH’s fans defended her. Since it’s a long story I think it’s better if you search it on internet by your self.

      And yes YEH still has fans especially Ifans. Despite her being in hiatus mode we (fans) still chatting about her and still hoping that she will taking acting project someday.

      • I know you defended her BEFORE but read up. Someone just said her movie have to he shelved because of some dated controversy. That post above is as good as saying she does not have a career anymore. Instead of defending her why are you confronting me?

      • @MistyEyed I think you’re misunderstanding. I’m not confronting you, I just gave the explanation of what @lina means according to my understanding. Don’t get offended so easily…
        But really giving explanation of an old case is tiresome…

        As for suggestion to shelved the movie is nothing new for us. YEH old drama “Love Song” is also been shelved. And I don’t think it will be the end of her career except IF she retired early…

      • A french fan ME ! A french fan is a very precious thing , don’t you think ? LOL i’m joking ! But she is known and loved by a french lady who stills wanting to see her in a drama, a movie, …

  11. @Ann Joel : First of all, get over yourself. You aren’t any righteous child standing up against a bully. Secondly, whichever country you are from, have you never ever heard of rich and powerful escaping from law with money and connections? Yes PSH is unpunished just as the likes of Kim Hyun Joong and Park Yoochun are roaming scot-free. Doesn’t mean that their reputation hasn’t turned to trash, and Knetz and Inetz don’t call them out regularly for their actions. Don’t believe me? Here is just an example of top comment calling PSH a rapist and has 450+ upvotes.


    All the best getting them tried in New Zealand’s court of law.
    Also enough with this to and fro arguments. You believe that PSH is completely innocent and blameless, then that’s your POV and I am not forcing you to change it. But I don’t find his actions and behavior faultless and unquestionable and you spamming my comments with 1000 repeated replies won’t convince me otherwise.
    Also this is my third type typing this reply,my previous two replies didn’t get posted and this too I had to post separately. It’s such a tedious task esp when this blog doesn’t even let you copy paste. So I am not investing my time and energy anymore on this useless argument where neither of us are going to change their POV. You are free to keep spamming my comment with how PSH is so pure and innocent if you have that much free time. I am however not going to change my stand or waste more time on this.

    • @tbh Honest to who? Life is beautiful so let’s move on to Koala’s other posts further ahead; don’t let this particular post consume you with annoyance because it’s seriously not worth all the aggression however I do thank you because I have learnt a few things from your comments and others and it has been an interesting read. So that is a positive. We all good so see you on another article- Ann Joel signing out team ❤️PS; If you are ever in Auckland New Zealand drop a line happy to catch up for coffee too. My shout and invitation to @cahill and @julia and @ mistyeyed too.

  12. People has so much to say apparently. Just watch if you like and don’t if you hate it so much. If they are guilty so what? And if they aren’t guilty so what? Can’t u sleep at night? Will your life be miserable? If no,just swallow ur evil thoughts and shut up.

  13. at least this will make the staff get paid,

    for PSH scandal, both party was drunk and there is text that suggest the girl having a regret sex and she can gets a money from that,
    funny that people alwayas trust the girl like there is no way the girl will regret the sex and slander the guy,
    they settles, he isn’t find guilty so why prey to people like he is a predator that regulary and definitely pick up chicks that don’t want him

  14. Can’t believe so many people are defending this rapist. He was never convicted in the court because he shut the victim’s mouth with money. He’s got connections. There’s no way people of his level get convicted of dragging and raping an unconscious girl after night out. People saying how this woman is a gold digger are trash and I wish they’ll never have children, especially daughters.

    • @prettyautum I think you leave in a country that people do not have freedom. If someone get accused of something, he/she gets shot right away without due process.

      About this PSH case, you know nothing about it. He may be guilty or maybe not. Who knows? or The girl could be the guilty one. Who knows!

      Besides its South Korea, we are talking about. You may think it’s a conservative place but in reality it’s not. It’s a country where co-habitation is common and many women are even open to even propose themselves this kind arrangement to men.

      • You must live in a country that thinks that person deserves to get raped in certain situations. ’’It’s a country where co-habitation is common and many women are even open to even propose themselves this kind of arrangement to men’’.. what the heck does this even mean? Completely irrelevant to this discussion. And yes, this is south Korea where All the high school gang rapists of the Milyang gang rape case got free because the parents’ of the boys’ complained that the girl was enticing. A country where a serial rapist got only 12 years in prison after brutally raping a 8-year-old girl on her way to school in a public toilet. A country that is confucian and is backwards when it comes to women’s rights.
        You know nothing about this case either but you are so adamant about him being a victim of a supposed gold digger.

        @posh Think about it this way, you would take the money too if you were threatened. There is no guarantee if justice will even be served because it’s a word agains word case. Not even cctv of PSH dragging the woman to his suite will prove anything, she can’t prove whether she consented or not and PSH’s expensive lawyers will get him out just like Park Yuchun got acquitted of charges despite multiple accusers and even DNA proof. You call it semantics, I call it loopholes. Victims are NEVER guilty when they get violated. You can’t say things like ’’she was asking for it’’, ’’why did she wear that?’’, ’’why did she go there then?’’.

      • Oh Geez! No point arguing with you. You totally don’t make sense.

        Continue whatever you are doing. Hehhe…

    • and the victim accepted it, what else can we say,
      should we say that she had no dignity that she accepts the money?

      this is why sexual case is tricky because the girls always want to be paid, they sold their dignity and they maybe not even traumatised, stop acting like all the supposedly victim is a hopeless women without responsibiity

      • It seems there’s a disagreement between the distributors and the production co. about the release date. The prod.co. wants it to be released in China at the same time. They’re still in negotiating phase.

  15. @candycane It seems there’s a disagreement between the distributors and the production co. about the release date. The prod.co. wants it to be released in China at the same time. They’re still in negotiating phase.

    • Thanks tho, I read this info in soompi thread first and coming here to check if someone already informs the right news. Such a dissappointed news, but I still have much patients and loves to wait, if it is for our eun hye. I also honestly think she could retire already, but after did one farewell drama or movie. I hope for her getting marry and having childrens. Lives happily without much spotlights, without needs to worrying antis.

      • I really like her in rom-com. It is sad though if she retires early. I think she is the Korean Gwenyth Paltrow who enjoyed more in their business than with acting.

  16. hell no YEH dont need another scandal with rapist. her movie with rapist still piss her kfan off. they will all leave if she take the drama. she need to stay as far as she can from rapist.

  17. Really excited that we will finally be able to see a film with two of my favorite stars! I hope an online streaming company picks it up so we can see it in the USA or I can by the DVD when it’s theatrical run is over.

    Having been in the fashion business a long time ago, I can understand how one designer can seemingly appropriate another’s work, either by accident or intentionally. It’s too bad such a good actress, YEH, got caught up with this problem.

    I am a giant Park Shi Hoo fan and have chosen to believe his version of the facts. Just think about this similar experience of my family. While PSH was facing his allegations, my nephew was having the same problem; at night, it’s consensual sex and the next day, it’s rape. Similar argument, the woman claimed to have been “high” on drugs and alcohol, so she didn’t agree. (My nephew said both of them were taking them and she invited him to her bed!) Like PSH, the police did not find evidence enough to pursue the rape case. Unlike PSH, the police in the woman’s town in the US were determined to charge my 22 y.o. nephew with something, we believe because he wasn’t from that part of the state. (The police wanted to send a particularly American message that Black men from the city were not wanted in their white suburb). He ended up having to plead guilty for another set of crimes which he said he did not commit, none of which were related to their sexual encounter and serve 2 years in prison! (If he lost at trial, he was facing 10-12 years!)

    We just need to be careful about calling someone a rapist who is not convicted in court. You could say PSH has sex in questionable circumstances. I hope the young woman involved spent some of the money she got in their negotiated settlement to get the help she needed to move her life forward.

    I appreciate YEH reaching out to PSH at that time and agreeing to make this movie with him. I just hope we can see it soon.

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