Park Bo Gum and Suzy Offered Leads for K-drama People of Incheon Airport

I love these out-of-the-blue and random potential drama pairings, it makes for the most entertaining posts to write and see reactions of. K-ent is reporting that Park Bo Gum and Suzy have been offered the leads in the upcoming fall 2018 K-drama People of Incheon Airport. This drama is penned by the screenwriter of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim who also wrote What Happened to My Family and Gu Family Book among her more recent dramas but her oldies stretch way back to the Hotelier days. The drama was in the news recently for writer Kang Eun Kyung swapping People of Incheon Airport for her other drama Fox Star Bride which was courting Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye. Hyun Bin declined first and once the drama plot switched to People of Incheon Airport then Park Shin Hye bailed. I don’t think it’s a diss on the quality of the drama and more it was a different drama than what was initially pitched.

Right now there are conflicting reports on whether the two are even considering the offers, but let’s assume they accept it would seriously blow my mind how many of K-ents top leading men Suzy gets to work with. It’s legit a male harem if you ask me lololol lucky girl.


Park Bo Gum and Suzy Offered Leads for K-drama People of Incheon Airport — 133 Comments

  1. Can anyone tell me what’s the connection between these two drama titles. It’s confusing me all the news about this drama

    • I think Fox Bride Star is a romance melodrama. But then the writer canceled the drama after Hyun Bin rejected the project. Then she decided to write this airport drama.
      I guess they are not related at all other than having the same writer? And both dramas also sent a offer to Park Shinhye.

    • PSH offered Fox Bride Star —> Hyun Bin offered same project —> Hyun Bin declined —> Yang Sejong said to be offered but denied by agency —> Scriptwriter change project to Incheon Airport People —> Park Shinhye declined —> Park Bogum and Suzy offered

      Yeah, that’s about it LOL.

  2. I hope Lee Dong Wook will give Suzy some acting lessons in the interim. As much as I think having Suzy as the lead is a bad thing, this drama may likely win the rating game because of PBG and Suzy teflon-ess.

    • I think this drama is about the ground staff not the pilots or cabin crew. Could be wrong but that’s the impression I got.

  3. I knew they would cast either Bogum or Yoo Seungho when they changed the plot. Since these two are the most high-profile famous actors in their 20s to star alongside PSH. But then PSH bailed lmao. Can she do both this and Alhambra? I don’t want to see Suzy and her “acting” again. Or pull Kim Jiwon from that Venus writer’s drama.

  4. Interesting….now if the writer can pen something dramatic like the recent airplane engine explosion and Captain Shults directing the plane to safety would be good rather then some healing drama.

  5. LOL… I bet HB and PSH will cry after seeing this drama hit 27% now that it has Bogum on board. Remember, RDTK had 2 times the ratings of W in 2016. Especially HB since he has no hit drama since 2010.

      • No I think any drama with Bogum has a hundred percent chance of being a major hit. I wouldn’t surprised if this became a bigger hit than Mr Sunshine.

      • To be a bigger hit than Mr Sunshine, I think it has to get at least 30% on SBS. With Suzy around? Close to impossible.

    • But RTDK featured a strong lineup of actors especially a respectable movie actor Han Suk Kyu headlining. And to mention Koreans’ obsession with medical theme dramas in 2016. I think the rating will be fairly decent since PBG is extremely popular and Suzy is still a hot commodity in Korea. I think Alhambra will do well since it will be aired on cable tv.

    • @A. Even when I’m nota fan of Hyun Bin or Park Shin Hye, I can tell you this for sure that they won’t cry. Why? Because this drama seems to demand more emotional acting from the fame lead in which Suzy sucks unless she starts taking acting lessons. You know what knetz think of that? No matter how pretty, they won’t be able to watch it. Just look waht happened to Uncontrollably Fond ratings lmao.
      And what does RDTK and W has to do this?

      • Ok idk why my comment didn’t get through. But I was comparing the writers’ previous dramas and their ratings. Its very obvious which drama has the higher rating. W had Han Hyo-joo return to the small screen after 6 years but it only hit 11%. The thing is, Song Jaejung does not have a ratings hit in her resume. Idk why people would think Hyun Bin and Park Shinhye would suddenly have a hit in their hand with THIS writer. Its more likely they will flop, considering HB tends to make bad drama choices.

    • Idk who will come out on top but Park Bogum is the only one that’s going to cry. Irregardless of ratings, he is gonna have to hard carry the drama because of his incompetent female lead.

      • I thought Suzy was decent i WYWS. Maybe she’ll be like Uee who does better with heavy subject matter like Hogu’s Love & Marriage Contract.

      • Lol on the contrary, Suzy exceptionally sucks at heavy subject matter. Her visuals and acting skills is just enough to carry a light rom-com, but for some reason she tends to pick projects that require emotional acting.

    • Nah, things have changed since 2016 though.Even getting double digits is a feat on public channel these days.Cable(jtbc and tvn) is where the quality scripts are. PSH and HB are losing nothing by not signing to SBS. Especially Park Shin Hye needs a break from that station.Based on star power, both have potential of doing well.What matters is the script.The one which will resonate with the audience more will win in ratings.

    • …Park Shin Hye’s last drama cracked 20 percent multiple times despite being a sleeper hit, why should she cry? Her last two dramas before that were major hits too. She’s backed up her popularity with actual ratings several times over, she got nothing to prove in tv.

  6. Exciting news and hope Suzy takes the role…She seems to have a choice though with some film roles currently on offer too. Have to wait and see.

  7. There was a joke back then when she was offered to headline the MBC drama with his male equivalent, Nam Joo Hyuk that they are saving the drama world a torture from having to endure 2 dramas with bad acting and not getting a good actor suffering due to her lousy acting.

    But then, that’s history and here comes the possibility that PBG will have to compensate her shortcoming. The writer is solid but Suzy has the tendency to suck out any good energy from a drama. Expect more screaming in this drama and not even PBG can save this impending horror.

  8. Shot! PBG and Suzy what a great pairing but I do hope the storyline and script benefits them both because set at an airport well umm yeah. Planes fly in and planes fly out. I really do not know where I am going with my post sorry. And yes I like them both but I won’t put it on the drama calendar if they do confirm because it just doesn’t excite me enough like…Lawlesss Lawyer; Wok of Love; ❤️

    • agree with your comment.. i really like this pairing.. but i dont know about the storyline. i hope so the storyline and the script can reach the expectation..

  9. It’s weird to see Park Bogum and Suzy take a drama Hyun Bin and Park Shinhye declined. Esp Park Bogum. He’s the it-boy right now and should be the #1 casting by PDs and writers.

    • He’s still not in kim soo hyun level or wonbin. Just like daesang winner Song Joong Ki who got the offer after jo insung or kimwoobin declined it (dots). But i agree with you too, he must be other writers’ #1 choice.

      I like him in Hyori’s bed and breakfast reality show. And i even like his chemistry with yoona. So, suzy and yoona basically in the same acting level. But well, it’s better to have suzy then joy, no? Lmao

      • You mean PBG’s name is not big enough to have a capable AND popular female actress like PSH, PBY, KJW etc to star alongside him? Normally top actors do not have idols as their co-leads lol.

      • Btw funny how you mention Yoona. I think their fans are fighting right now, since both want Park Bogum as their co-star. Guess Suzy wins (provided Park Bogum accepts).

      • @sally except not really.Top actors can star with idols as co-leads. Ha Ji Won, Ji Sung,Jong Jung Suk, etc are top actors and have had idols as co-stars.In his league are Lee Seung Gi, Lee Jong Suk, Ji Chang Wook, Kim Soo Hyun and many more and have all co-starred with idol actress.Even Gong Yoo or Song Joong Ki would star with idol actress if the script or character was ultra interesting that they cant give it up but I know these two are known to be very picky.But its possible.

      • @RubyRed: I think it depends on what kind of top actors you are talking about. Even among the A-list, there are people like Won Bin, Gong Yoo, Jung Woosung and Hyun Bin versus the likes of Kim Soo-hyun, Ji Chang-wook and Lee Jong-suk etc. Tbh, I want them to cast an idol alongside Won Bin’s comeback project just to see Knetz reactions.

      • @Sally: hahahaha so funny.I propose Hyeri or Joy starring with Won Bin. Naver would shut down and netizenbuzz would gain alot of traffic.Both Inets and Knets would go wild.The inets would be defending their idol.The knets would be blasting the idol because of the actor.

        About PBG, you have just proven my point.That’s exactly it.Although he has certainly risen in status, he is not yet in the Gong Yoo, Jung Woo Sung, Hyun Bin league.Which is why I mentioned the younger actors.I think going to the army and box office hit or two would elevate him even further.But of course, even at his current stage..he is doing well.But still if this is a romance.Suzy is just not it.

    • PBG is not as established as HB. Despite many people calling HB a flop, he continue to get great offers and be in demand.
      Ditto for PSH and Suzy. PSH is a top actress while Suzy is just a top CF model; her popularity doesn’t bring anything to her dramas other than commercial deals. And I doubt her and her agency cares about taking leftovers. PBG is a massive upgrade from NJH.

    • He is still very much in demand and high on priority list.I mean from the back of my head.I know he was offered Hwayugi and Temperature of love first.They could be more.Too lazy to search.But I do think the more he prolongs his hiatus, he could slowly start dropping in the priority list.The industry is a fast paced place.Time waits for no man.No matter how popular an artist is, he/she is replaceable.There is always new talent waiting to be discovered and rise.I am not saying he should pick any offer that is given to him.He can afford to be picky but am not sure he is at the stage where he can have huge gaps between projects.He is still young.Strike while its hot Bogummy.

    • Idk. If PBG doesn’t come back soon, the new it boy would be Jung Hae-in, who has a huge advantage of completing his enlistment soon. Maybe this is why he is starting to consider projects more seriously.
      And it doesn’t mean that the project is bad if HB and PSH rejected it. As far as I know, HB is into thrillers now and PSH might just want a change of genre.

  10. But didnt their agencies deny this though? JYP and Blossom ent both said “this was one of their many offers”.Anyways, this benefits Suzy more than Park Bo Gum to be honest.I mean Kim Yoo Jung complimented his acting in his previous drama.But if he picks this, he will have to compensate for Suzy’s acting.

    • They always say this. Which leaves me wondering, are there really that many offers to go around for every actor to consider “a few” offers. Lmao.

      • lol..I know right.That kind of PR always has me rolling my eyes.Its cringe.Just announce you are considering the offer mentioned, or confirm or rejected without all that jazz.

      • Actors received scripts but it does not mean they are the only one who receives them. At times they have to compete with others actors. Some agencies prematurely announced the offer even it’s not finalised yet for various reasons e.g. to attract investor, etc . I noticed PBG & SJKs agency love to do this. And if the negotiation fall through, they just release a statement that the offer has been rejected.

        Or sometimes, the producer prematurely announce the casting offer probably to get the actor to commit the project or to attract investors and other varied reasons.

    • Agree on your point. PBG was blessed that his 2 breakout (in terms of popularity) dramas were with capable female lead (Kim Yoo Jung) and capable PD (Reply PD have a way of turning around questionable acting of female leads). He is a good actor, but I haven’t seen him be paired with a weak counterpart, hence hard to say if he can create chemistry and compensate for the other party. I just don’t have the confidence that Suzy despite her prettiness can carry emotional acting, which seems to be the theme of the drama.

      • Lots of people complain about Kim Yoo Jung acting – her character wasnt interesting enough. But without Kim Yoo Jung, Moonlight wouldnt be a big hit as it was, the chemistry was off the chart.

      • @C – yeah, Moonlight was a true surprise hit and it was HUGE. It wouldn’t have been that way without its two leads, and it was big enough that even the female second lead started getting lead role offers after that, you know a drama is really huge when it elevates even its female 2nd leads to start getting lead roles afterwards – not all hit dramas do that of course, but I’ve noticed several hit dramas had girl 2nd leads starting to get lead role offers after – DotS (Kim Ji Won), Doctors (Lee Sung Kyung), Moonlight (Chae Soo Bin).

        But returning to the topic, yeah, Kim Yoo Jung was what made that role despite it being rather uninteresting on paper. Moonlight was definitely not a case of just getting popular because of the male lead, KYJ carried it too and was well-deservedly credited for that.

      • @C but see the difference.The issue was the way her character was written and directing too and not her acting.Beside, KYJ is sageuk veteran.I heard she even help PBG in some ways to better act his character behind the scenes since he was a newbie in that genre.It was not the first time KYJ has done a sageuk youth romance.She did it in Moon Embracing the Sun and nailed her role.If her character was written better and they werent trying to preserve her “child actor image” in LITM, she would have shone too.But she worked with what she was given and did ok and not pull down her co-stars performance.

      • Personally, Moonlight’s charm lies on the BG and YJ’s chemistry and the overall camaraderie of the young casts. And seeing the Moonlight dvd, it further highlighted that credit for Moonlight’s success should also be shared with KYJ. She has the least outtakes/NG, PD is very much open to her suggestions on some scenes and she seems to have good rapport with the other young casts as she seems to be on hand for guidance on blocking and line delivery. Even Bogum in his interview mentioned that acting opposite KYJ, it was easier for him to focus on his acting and develop chemistry.

      • KYJ didn’t compliment his acting because she had nothing to do in that drama. Truth is he hard carried Moonlight to the finish line. Without him the drama would have crashed and burned.

      • @Bibi – what are you? a Troll?? KYJ had nothing to do in that drama??? What???? Did you watch that drama at all????? You are crazy!!! I am not a fan of both, but what you are saying here is ridiculous, a complete idiotic statement!! You cannot discount the female lead while saying PBG hard carried the drama to the finish line. Without the female lead, HE IS NOTHING in that drama!! Duh… LOL…

      • Moonlight popularity was just superficial due to the PBG reply drama success. SBS also made a big marketing blunder at the expense of Moonlovers when they allowed Dominos as it’s major sponsor. PBG as the ambassador for the Pizza brand was seen in two stations at that time.

        Yes Moonlight drama was popular at that time but it was not sustainable and didn’t take off like DOTS as Moonlovers was dominating beyond Korea. If you compare with supporting casts popularity, more supporting casts of Moonlovers have become popular after while PBG himself is yet to get his follow up project.

      • @Kdramaaddict: Bogum not having a comeback project doesn’t mean that Moonlight wasn’t a huge hit though? It’s just that he’s picky, and the offers he received doesn’t seem that great. Temperature of Love and Entertainer suffered from bad writing; and idk about Hwayugi but many said that it wasn’t that great of a drama as previous Hong sisters’ hits. So far, this is the best offer he received – the writer and PD both wrote and directed many good works.

  11. I feel sorry for Suzy because she’s given offers for dramas and films and it must be difficult trying to choose with her agency on one side her fans on the other and her inner voice saying ‘What should I do because Im still learning (improving) as an actor do I take this drama or not?’ Seriously I do not envy her at all having to make these decisions. I’m advocating a swap bring Won Jin Ah from Life to pair with PBG and let Suzy go be Lee Dong Wook in return. There problem solved. ?

    • If anything she should be envied, despite her questionable (to put it kindly) acting skills and repeated underwhelming box office/ratings performances of her acting projects, there are still top screenwriters and PDs willing to bend over backwards to accommodate her lack of skill and networks pairing her with one far more skilled and buzzy young costar after another to try and cover for her still-lacking acting.

      And she doesn’t even have to be good in the roles, since people will just blame everyone else around her (writer, PD, and if you’re shameless, even her costars) for her poor performance. It seems like a pretty sweet career path to me, only the viewers get the raw end of the deal with her ‘acting’.

      • Totally agree with you. She hasn’t been able to yield good results and she sure as hell can’t do it on her own. Lets see if she can get even half as much ratings as UF or WYWS got with an actor like Nam Joo Hyuk (although, undoubtedly, i-fans will LOVE it)

      • Pardon me asking, but how was Suzy in Gu Family Book? That drama has rather high ratings.

      • She was terrible in Gu Family Book – it had all the hallmarks of her worst acting, but I guess a fan can tolerate those.

        The drama had a mostly decent storyline and good performances apart from hers, it was basically carried by Lee Seung Gi. The first two episodes, which introduced the parents’ part, were the best part. But I was disgusted by the way sexual violence was used for drama there, against supporting characters, so be warned if that is something you find uncomfortable.

    • @Ann Joel ?lol nah.I would love these two in pictorials so they can bless us with their visuals.But acting, Look at her boyfriend’s filmography.He too cant hard carry a weak actress or weak script.He shines when he is paired with co stars who are also good.An example, look at him working with Lee Da Hae and Yoo In Ah and then him working with Shin Se Kyung and Song Ji Hyo.And can Suzy handle a non romance thriller?

      • @Ruby Red Yep I love match making actors lol And yep producers/writers and agencies must be having a field day trying to cast their talent with character descriptions and then having us dissect their choices. Like a previous commenter said if this drama goes through it better be the ‘drama of the century’.

  12. Are koreans is too shallow???Suzy is pretty but her acting is soooooo frustrating and yet she always had drama offers

    • Lol netizens always trash Suzy on her acting.. So I blame more towards the directors or whoever is casting her in dramas. Suzy is popular so they think by casting her then even if it flops it’ll still be popular overseas.

      • NO, Suzy is not popular overseas, she is only popular within SK. Suzy can bring in CF money into the drama production in SK. It’s her male costars who are popular overseas! Suzy (or JYP) is always trying to pair up with popular oppas to bring her outside of SK but she is soooo bad in acting that no other country wants her…

      • There is a very slim chance the product Suzy is endorsing will spent some more for her dramas. The per second tv advert costs is very expensive. That is a redundant costs for the company. Unless if the company has so much budget on promotions that they don’t know where to spend the money.

      • I don’t know what they cast her for, if it isn’t PPL money. It certainly isn’t talent and going by the ratings of her last couple of dramas, she’s no ratings draw either, despite all the noise about her popularity.

        Frankly, roles by good writers are just wasted on her – all that effort to adjust roles to what she can do, in that time they could just hire a better actress and write a better script that doesn’t need them to constantly write it down to a non-actress’ level.

  13. There’s so much mediaplay around this drama’s casting… It better be “drama of the century” to warrant this kind of attention.

  14. actually i’m bogum fan so in my view, he’s not gonna accept this role. he himself talked about his new project for a while that it must be this year which before these casting news about fox bride>> incheon people changing script happened. which is why i felt bogum actually accept another script that can not be announced right now and his company always say the same thing when they reject the offers. but that could just be my opinion and i might be wrong.

    For suzy, i myself can’t finish while you were sleeping but i didn’t blame her for 100% i think the story is lacking and boring. if they really need to work together i hope she can be improved, also bogum too can improve himself because he’s still young and need to learn more various kind of roles. i just hope his role will be more versatile and not those fluffy romantic boy.

    • Maybe its a project that has not been unveiled like the historical drama for Song Joongki. I sure hope that’s the case!

  15. They were offered the roles but haven’t confirmed yet. That means it’s still up in the air right now. If it was a no, they’d probably deny it right away just like the case with Nam Joo Hyuk. They were announced as the new hosts of the Baeksang Awards only a few days ago and now this. Their agencies released similar statements at the same time too, so I wonder if they’re already confirmed and all of this is just a marketing strategy. Even if they decline this, it’s only a matter of time before Park Bo Gum and Suzy act in a drama together. They consistently top polls together, are close in age, have similar public images, and are currently the hottest young celebrities (early to mid-twenties bracket).

    • True. Not many young actresses have the same star power as Bogum nowadays. Off the top of my head, I can only think of Park Shinhye, Suzy, Kim Sohyun, Kim Yoojung, Park Boyoung… If not now, he’s gonna pair with Suzy in the near future. He’s already (almost) paired with Park Shinhye twice.

  16. I don’t understand the hate for Suzy. Reading through the comments, 99% do not make sense. If you don’t like her acting, don’t drama.

    As for PBG, there so many casting offers for him which has fallen through. He needs to get back to acting. He has wasted almost two years.

    Sounds like this drama has not found an investor despite the hype they put into this.

    • to be fair, most dramafans watching Suzy’s dramas not because of her but her co-stars. I watched Gu Family Book because of LSG but Suzy totally sucks. I could not finish while you are sleeping coz I don’t really like LJS that much to endure the whole drama… JYP is smart to pair her up with actors that will bring in audience and we all have to tolerate her screaming and cringy acting if we like her co-stars… I don’t hate Suzy, she is pretty in CF (photoshopped), but her acting is really… yucky… 🙂

      • I understand about her acting ability but it’s too much if she’s constantly criticism abot the same thing again and again.

        Btw, didn’t she win top excellence or excellence award for Gu Family? Quite funny though.

        Anyhow, I think PBG and Suzy will be a good pair. Amongs other reasons, maybe they made an announcement about casting to test and determine how people react with the pairing.

      • @MistyEyed – ‘it’s too much if she’s constantly criticised about the same thing again and again’

        I don’t know, are people supposed to shut up about acting that remains poor even over seven years and several projects? She doesn’t act for free, she gets paid, it’s normal for anyone who’s incompetent at their jobs to be criticised, why should some kpop idol be any different when it comes to bad acting?

        And yeah, her winning top excellence for Gu Family Book was widely considered a joke and not given for any merit in her actual performance, only for the drama’s ratings.

      • wow!!did you miss how panned that award ceremony was in 2013?It was said to be one of MBC’s worst award ceremony ever.If you asked Suzy sure she would tell you she regrets that Gu Family Book award.Just lookup what when down during that ceremony as well as what happen to her during that time.If her fans want to talk about her acting trophy’s then they would prefer to brag about the one from last year.

        The reason people are harsh on her is because she is not a rookie..she has been doing this for years now.She works with the best productions and co-stars but she continues to remain bland and mediocre.Even the TaeHyeJi all got criticised when they were in their 20s.Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun improved while Kim Tae Hee remained subpar.So until Suzy actually does a real break out role.The criticisms wont stop.

      • SHK, JJH and KTH are doing the same thing again and again in the drama. Maybe they are offered the similar type of roles, thus the reason they don’t do it often. At least JJH get to do more diverse roles in movies.

        I think the same goes for Suzy. I watch her in last two drama. She wasn’t that bad. But yah definitely not an award winning performance. And the two characters in her last two dramas were quite similar. She portrayed plainly the same way. Not much difference with SHK, KTH. At least JJH tries to do an awkward comedic act, which is definitely better than the others.

      • JJH was 18 or 19 when she did My Sassy Girl, Song Hye Kyo at that same age was a pretty decent melo actress, and they were both younger than Suzy is now. They don’t deserve to be used as excuses to handwave her poor acting.

    • hahaha… JYP won’t let Suzy work with NJH, she has declined once and she will decline again. Her agency only wants Suzy to pair up with popular oppas who can act coz she cannot… 🙂

      • @candycane – accurate. Her current career strategy needs a bigger-name costar who can has some acting ability (like most of these younger actors who broke out to stardom). That way, she gets the buzz and also gets to piggyback off them while they carry the drama acting-wise (see: Lee Seung Gi, Kim Woo Bin, LJS).

        A relatively lesser-known and kinda crappy actor like Nam Joo Hyuk wouldn’t provide that.

  17. can’t PBG act opposite KGE again? i mean this was bound to happen anytime soon. after PBG, YSH will surely be next.

      • @prettyautumn Her movie costars have often been on the younger side though – Park Bo Gum, Ryu Jun Yeol, Lee Min Ki before his enlistment (ok she was trying to kill him in that movie lol) and now Park Jung Min. It could work in a drama too.

        I really like Kim Go Eun, she’s versatile and has a natural style of acting. She deserves to be known for more than Goblin.

      • @Royal We, true Goblin did her no good. Unpopular opinion but CITT was made for her, she owned that drama and fit perfectly there. Showed her range too. I’d like to see her with more same aged actors but it seems she’s getting paired with older actors. I don’t recall any romance lines with younger actors though (except that one in Chinatown, but it wasn’t a romance really)

  18. I might be the only one who hasn’t watched Suzy in any drama, so I wasn’t able to experience how terrible she was. And I only watched Bogum in Moonlight, and both him and Yoojung were cute in that. But I guess this is going to be the first time I am gonna watch her because I’ve been following this drama since I thought Park Shinhye would take it; and the airport setting kind of intrigues me. Hope Suzy isn’t as bad as it sounds from the comments lol.

  19. Wonder there will be time i see Suzy having cracking chemistry with a actor. I am not hopeful. She is beautiful to look at just, that is just about it.

    • @Dramafan Hi there are you the Original DF or the pseudo one? Because there were 2 DF on a previous post commenting and the original one told the pseudo to find another name! ?

  20. She has a kind of sensual beauty who attracts people… but the problem is that her acting is the same . You can put her in a romance, in a comedy, … she acts the same way and doesn’t sell her character. That’s all. But she’s not the only one !

    • Yesterday, i watched the last ep of “Laugther in Waikiki” and a character said something like this.” To be a popular actor is not just about working hard ( if not anyone could be a one) is about luck and opportunities too. She has both so she’d be an idiot to not take what is given to her and gain money as much as she can. That’s life !

  21. she should stay away from the drama for a while and learn acting, otherwise she will ruin the drama just like uncontrollably fond.

  22. This drama is catered for the K-audiences. It is being touted as bringing nation’s boyfriend and nation’s first love in one drama. We (international audiences here in this blog) might complain about Suzy’s non-existent but how many successful and popular Kdramas rely on the female lead? It’s the male lead that has superior popularity. PBG alone can bring in the high ratings.

    • These days plenty female lead dramas are doing well.In fact the ones doing well now are the ones starring veteran actress as lead or ensemble cast.I mean just look at the latest Baeksang Award nominations.Unless you are talking about the ones that go hallyu.Thats a different story.

      But yeah, if the script is good and PBG signs on.No point in international fans ranting.The Koreans are gonna tune in even if Suzy signs on.He has alot of public recognition in his home country.

  23. Idk… I’ve always found Bogum creepy. So I don’t get why he is so revered and people act like its a honor for Suzy to pair with him. Suzy herself is an airhead anyway so they kind of match.
    Please stop bringing up Hyunbin and Shinhye… they have nothing to do with this and probably won’t cry about missing out on the drama.

      • Fake-looking because they look perfect? Thing is they’really real and your cult comment is more cultish…it would help to know facts and not make baseless judgments obtained from trashy news.

    • It’s because you have not gotten to know him well and hastily judged him based on trash news. Judge him when you have gotten to know him well. Spread love,not hate.

      • So you even admit that the twitter post he posted inviting people to join an event his cult was hosting is trash news. I don’t know him and neither do you. He is part of a cult and that is a fact.

      • i’m tired of ignorant people but let them be who just enjoy comment bad thing about least he’s the most peaceful and kind actor i’ve known even i was a fan of another popular actor before. His teeth & smile are his signature btw LOL thank you dentist XD

    • Yeah I think he’s fake as well. There isn’t much of a personality to him plus his acting is not award worthy. He’s just lucky every young actor in the industry is just worse than him.

      • Yoo Seungho isn’t worse than him but he’s pretty bad at picking projects. Same for Yang Sejong, TOL pretty much ruined his momentum.

    • Of course its an honor because Park Bogum can bring in the ratings, something Suzy needs to continue mediaplay her position as a top actress alongside actual top actresses. Her last two dramas failed to pass 10% despite having the combo of star writer, pre-production system and popular male lead.

      She and her agency better thank Hyun Bin and Park Shinhye for the charity.

  24. It’s not like I don’t like Suzy…but I don;t like her dramas so far..she surely pretty and sweet girl but her acting needs a lot improvement..
    Would love to see Park Bo Gum and Shun Hye combo instead…it will be great..

    • Same here… They were rumored to pair together for Hwayugi, and now this. Maybe the third time is the charm? Haha.
      But tbh if I were PSH I will choose the other drama as well.

  25. get shin hye sun instead, put her and park bo gum and let’s see how it turned out, they both are super popular and especially well loved by ahjumma

    suzy has enough drama to taken time to LEARN again

  26. Suzy’s last role in WYWS was passable but I think that has more to do with the writing rather than her as an actress. Plus her character in WYWS wasn’t particularly demanding. She was likeable enough in there but her acting was kinda shallow. It’s like she has memorized how to emote a particular emotion but there was no genuine emotional depth.

    Park Bogum has a knack of choosing good projects and his acting is certainly above average. He should have used these past 2 years to refine his skills by acting in diverse, challenging roles alongside powerhouse veterans. Instead he chose to go on hiatus. Had he gone to the army, he would almost be done with his service by now. It’s such a shame because he’s not at the level where he can afford to take long hiatus in-between projects. He has a long way to go.

    Suzy is extraordinarily beautiful, her acting isn’t as bad as people say and PBG x Suzy pairing will be a visual explosion on-screen BUT I don’t think this should be Park Bogum comeback drama. He needs a solid female lead. I wish it could be someone like Kim Jiwon, after all she was supposed to be his co-star in Moonlight before she rejected the offer.

    • More like the PDs were trying to cast KYJ and when they managed to do so, they cast both her and KGE aside.
      I hope a casting war doesn’t happen for this drama.

      • Yeah. I remember the PD said in an interview that they wanted someone who looked obviously younger than Bogum and it was hard to find someone convincing enough because he looked so young himself.

    • Suzy is ‘extraordinarily beautiful’? Well I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, because she’s just average to me. But then my idea of beauty is far from the norm, I tend to gravitate to more interesting looking faces with lots of personality rather than the bland, ‘pretty’ look.

      • She kinds of look like downgraded Han Hyojoo to me. I kinda notice the similarity when I watched W…

  27. I found Suzy likable in WYWS, not because her acting improved but because the writing supported her. It was Park Hyeryun’s weakest, flattest work to date, and it’s clear that she bent over backwards so as not to challenge Suzy’s acting skills. The writer of Romantic Doctor will likely make similar allowances.

    I hope Bogum turns this down as there’s no way Suzy would reject the chance to work with him. I hope to see him paired up with capable actresses in his age group like Kim Jiwon (who may be unavailable because of that Netflix offer), Park Eunbin, or Lee Seyoung. Having Suzy as his comeback partner would be disappointing if it pans out.

  28. Judging from the comments here the pairing of these two is not looking positive. It’s like one comment that I’ve seen on another site ‘Lets wait and see what ammonia and bleach look look like together’ Ouch! I’ve said this before; Suzy needs to break out of the ‘whole cute damsel in distress’ outfit and do a 360 turn into a femme fatale and or antagonist role to break the mould of what we’ve accustomed to seeing. I for one would wholeheartedly support the transition for her becoming a better actress. She just needs a ‘break’ to do so and this airport drama with PBG is not it. IU has successfully achieved this in ‘My Ahjussi’ and no one is batting an eyelid because she is exceptional beyond belief. The girl has chops and only good things have been written from what Ive seen. I can’t see why a scriptwriter and PD can’t do the same for our Suzy. A major break out is what I would like to see! It’s bound to happen…please. I am in full support of ‘Idols as Actors’ so am willing to give them the benefit of a doubt that they just need that ‘right’ role to click and find favour with all their critics and Bob’s your Uncle! ❤️

    • Have you watched Dream High? Both IU and Suzy are in it & they were relatively unknowns at that time. I could already sense who has more talents from watching these two rookies just starting out… I don’t think Suzy can put on a Sushi outfit and make a fool of herself… Suzy is too self-conscious, she just wants to act cutesy pretty… she is miles apart from IU in my opinion ?

      • That’s why Suzy needs to change tack and maybe dressing up as a sushi role and taking the piss might just be the way to go! I have high hopes for her as an actor like all the other idols that are below par in the acting realm it’s just that she needs that one script with the right character to prove it. Yes IU can’t be categorised as ‘another idol wannabe actor’ because she’s proven her phenomenal worth in ‘My Ahjussi’. She is well on her way and no I haven’t seen Dream High but I will check it out for the sushi role scene. ?

  29. Park Bo Gum is so overrated who cannot get a job. How many projects has he been passed up? Hwayugi, Ansi Fortress and few more. If he can’t get this job, then it will be added to the list.

  30. suzy need good actor to cover her bad acting. PBG will have to carry the show. suzy only there to look pretty for her uncle fan to watch.

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