Park Shin Hye Confirmed as Hyun Bin’s Leading Lady in tvN Romance Drama Memories of Alhambra

Well folks, we officially have the most anticipated K-drama of 2018 confirmed. Park Shin Hye will be joining Hyun Bin in the upcoming tvN fantasy romance weekend drama Memories of Alhambra. Filming starts in May with an extended location shoot in Spain, with the PD of Secret Forest and the screenwriter of W: Two Worlds, Nine: 9 Times Time Travel, Queen In Hyun’s Man, and Coffee House. Can I just ask that all viewers get along because both leads are special snowflakes in my eyes and neither is a smidge more or less in any way than the other. I guess I’m asking for fans to lay off and not start fan wars before the drama even gets started, lol. I’m so glad Park Shin Hye signed on because nowadays casting is so wonky if she turned it down I worry who Binnie will get saddled with. Now I can just sit back and relax for this drama to arrival in Fall of 2018.


Park Shin Hye Confirmed as Hyun Bin’s Leading Lady in tvN Romance Drama Memories of Alhambra — 88 Comments

  1. Park Shin Hye showing up in Little House in the Forest gave me the sixth sense that she would accept this. The stars are all literally aligned for us fans. It’s been a long wait we’re allowed to scream and shout. ??

  2. Delighted at the news…
    Extended location shoot in Spain…..that makes me very happy. I thought it might be few episodes only like ‘Heirs’. But, Finance not an issue.
    Cast, PD, writer, plot, setting, all raise hope for an entertaining time ahead….( hope writer keeps her grip on the fantasy/ Augmented reality part)
    Also, I must be missing something because I haven’t come across fan wars anywhere. To me all see happy to see their star back after the long absence…2 and 3 yrs.

  3. I’ll cross my fingers that the script will work out. I have been underwhelmed with every supernatural drama thrown my way.

  4. There is still a long wait. But the wait is almost over now that she officially signed for this.
    I hope her role will have something to do with the plot and isn’t just a pretty decoration like previous shows of this writer.

    Can’t wait

    • Same here. I love Han Hyojoo but her character was getting on my nerves… Hope the female character will be written nicely this time.

  5. As long as the plot is solid thats great! I just hope the character PSH plays will have some sort of variety and a bit different… Dare I hope for the writer to throw in some adventure/action? I’m guessing this would be pre produced since they will be filming in May and airing in November… Can’t wait!

  6. It has been a wild ride with these two, with them taking turns to reject and consider their offers. Glad that they are BOTH coming back in the same drama. I feel like K-drama god has blessed me this year with so many great couplings.

  7. Well Well well..dramagods have been kind this year.There is something for everyone.Romance, action thriller, legal, medical, mystery, slice of life etc.The pairings and ensemble casts are turning out well too.

    Here are some upcoming dramas(only confirmed cast not those “in talks” or incomplete lineup):

    Romance(comedy, fantasy, melo etc)

    *Memories of Alhambra(starring Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin)
    *Secretary Kim(starring Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon)
    *Wok of love(starring Jang Kyuk, Jung Ryeo Won and Junho)
    *Handsome Man(starring Nam Goo Min and Hwang Jung Eum)
    *Wife that I know(starring Ji Sung and Han Ji Min)
    *About time(Lee Sung Kyung and Lee sang Yoon)

    Suits(starring Jang Dong Gun and Park Hyun Sik)
    Lawless Lawyer (Starring Seo Ye Ji and Lee Jun Ki)
    Miss Hammurabi(starring Sung Dong Il, Go Ara and L)

    Life(starring Jo Seung Woo and Lee Dong Wook)

    Secret Mother(starring Song Yoona and Kim So Yeon)

    Sketch(Starring Rain, Lee Sun Bin and Lee Dong Gun)

    Which one is on your watch list and what has drawn you to that drama?which one have I missed? please recommend.Who are you hoping to get booked for a drama?

    • The drama Are You a Human Too seems very interesting. And it’s completely preproduced too.

      I’m waiting for Memories of Alhambra, Scretary Kim, Suits, Lawless Lawyer and Life for now.

      • Oh I totaly forgot Mr Sunshine !

        I’m curious about Life on Mars too. The casting is so great !

        Kingdom too but it will be on Netflix…

        Investigation Couple could be nice.

    • Wok of love, medical life , secret mother
      Don’t care the rest , secret kim ( will watch it because of Park min young ,)

    • actors and actresses I wish to see in a new drama:

      Gong Hyo Jin
      Song Hye Kyo(if she is not preggo yet?)
      Moon Chae Won
      Han Hyo Joo
      Shin Min Ah

      Jo Jung Suk
      Kim Rae Won
      Jo In Sung
      Gong Yoo

      • Ruby Red – I agree with your list of actresses with the addition of Kim So Hyun. For actors I’m also waiting for Cha Seung Won in another drama.

    • Yes, there are a lot of competition for the best drama and actors/actresses this year end which is a great treat for us audiences!

    • MoA doesn’t belong to comedy, fantasy, melo though… Sure it has romance but it was said to be sci-fi action thriller.
      YEH is also coming back.
      I’m excited for the upcoming dramas

      • There are conflicting reports about the genre.
        K-media is saying it is a fantasy melodrama with elements of action, mystery and romance (basically everything lmao).
        While C and J-media are saying that there are zombies and VR game involved, kinda like Chinese drama Love O2O where the leads are shown in the game fighting monsters.
        We don’t know who’s correct, but I would trust Korean reporters more.

      • @Catleo I think it’s everything but comedy? I hope it won’t be turning to a mess

      • Love O2O was super cute and I love the scenes where they were in the game. It would be cool to see a similar setting. I am guessing the unforseen circumstance is they get drawn into one of the games that Hyun Bin’s character invented.

  8. Woooow I love koala I’m totally like koala now feel so blessed to get to see those two together in one drama ahhhh so excited both have been in hiatus for so long and I believe that their chemistry will be burning ❤❤❤

    • He is an A-list star so he can’t just have flops.
      Sega and MLSC were huge and his recent movies did well too.
      If the script is good, these 2 will have no problem creating one of the biggest hits this year.

  9. I miss Park Shin Hye and I’m glad to see her back.
    Let’s pray SJJ’s writing will improve this time especially on ending and female lead.

    They will be one heck of a visual couple!

  10. Yes! HB is a dreamboat and glad PSH confirmed-finally. The cast leads are visually sizzling so please make the storyline and script tight and we’re on our way. This will give Mr Sunshine a run for its money. It’s down on my drama desk calendar because I’m drawn to the whole fantasy sci fi action thriller genre and the filming in Spain. ❤️

  11. overhype drama that will be boring cause none of them can lad a deama without an actual lead,
    let make this trainwreck obvious

    • Well.. why not? If both of them can’t lead a drama like u said, just hoping u won’t make any comment on this drama thread in November

      • if there id a drama thread, that just make my prediction right, overhype drama without substance, this will always garnered hype, my point is that this will not be a good drama, let see how much losses I will have than you?

        the drama bad –> your fave is certified bad and I am right
        the drama good –> it’s a good production for all involved. I don’t mind to be wrong for a good drama but your gamble is higher

    • How is it overhyped when promotion barely started for the drama? But well if you hate HB and PSH, be prepared to avoid all K-drama sites for the next few months because there is surely going to be lots of news about this project. It’s one of the two projects that tvN is banking on for this year, so be prepared for lots of media coverage.

      • why would I am avoid drama newswhen it confirmed my overhype statement?

        to avoid hurting your feelings.
        Both of then can’t carry 20 ep drama,
        they have limitd expression tjat can only lool good for 5 ep, more than that, thet recycle their expression.

        That also why they can’t elevate any script, they top of their skill is just as good as the script or mostly lower but insufferrable with bad script.

      • @bamsaka If you are bother about them being overhyped why are you here contribute for their hype? It seems like you care more than you should huh

      • @L: He/she is contributing to the hype… Bet she/he will contribute to the ratings and views as well when the drama premieres. Lol.

      • This “bamsaka” wrote nonsense comments under the name “kimi” (same icon) in previous HB and PSH articles before. Totally a Troll with a delusional mind. No one will know if the drama is bad until it is aired. This overhype statement is complete nonsense from someone who just wants to hype things up… lol…

      • Well, if she has proven nothing there would be NO HYPE for her projects, isn’t it?
        People will always be jealous and discredit her. Because that’s how jealous people live their sad lives.

      • nah, I am not jealous, I am not in a threatening career choice with her,

        it’s a prediction since she was averagely awful in doctors, funnily, the guy too.

        Hyun Bin also always disappointing in drama but audiences always said they are the actual dramagod and people are just hater.

        Let just this be obvious for anyone involves so they can snapped back to reality, people love them because of their face and shin ye old career, don’t delude themselves with “acting”, there is nothing wrong to acknowledge how awful they are and you stay because of visual, this fan hypocrisy is the most embarrassing.

      • If you aren’t jealous you wouldn’t have left this kind of comments.
        You are helping the hype, don’t you realize that?

        She was awful in Doctors but the drama is a hit regardless. If this is how you call awful then I wish she keep being awful.

        HB has been hit and miss for me but it’s more of drama choice than his ability.

        Again don’t judge the drama when you see nothing of it. PSH and her team expect Doctor was a flop. It wasn’t high budgeted nor hyped like other dramas. But it did well for what they were given.

      • Ah the double standard here. Ok so @bamsaka you dislike their acting what is actually ok since acting in the end of day is a subjective matter but why do you think people need to share the same point of view with you? The only one that is putting “beauty” as a acting matter is you. I do think they have acting chops and can delivery good performances, and i don’t say the same for all visual actors out there and the same goes for many people here. That’s why people are guessing you are a hater instead of just a person with a different opinion. The way you stated your opinion is like you were in denial that people can think different and trying to find excuses as their “beauty” to justify how your point of view is the only one correct is actually funny. There is nothing wrong to admit how silly you sound @bamsaka

    • @kimi = bamsaka – what’s your point of all these nonsense? Boring or not is none of your business coz it sounds like you won’t be watching…. And no one knows if the drama will be good or bad until it is aired! Stop being a troll, idiot ?

      • not sure who is kimi, but if you resort to ad.hominem than an actual argument,

        we know who loses

  12. This is the news I’ve been waiting for and words can’t express how happy and excited I am now. I really can’t wait to see this two powerful and most talented actor and actress on screen.

  13. Not to be an ass here but I’m not too sure about this. it all boils down to the writing of this drama. What kind of drama will it be? I really hope her character will be a mature one. Enough of semi-innocent high schoolers. She really needs to act more nuanced characters. I hope Hyun Bin is lucky this time.. Hyde, Jekyll and Me was so bad and the worst thing is that Kill Me Heal Me beat it although it was the same genre and, if I remember correctly, KMHM was offered to him first but he declined it and took H,J&M.

    • The difference between H,J&M and KMHM was the acting and chemistry of the cast.KMHM script was not in the wow category either but the acting and chemistry for all the lead cast was on point and entertaining.Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min are very pretty people and made a pretty couple but their acting and chemistry in H,J&M was bland.On the other hand, Ji Sung ,Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum brought their A game and they had good and entertaining chemistry.This explain why KMHM did better than H,J&M.

      I think aside from the directing and script.What Hyun Bin should do is try to add more depth and nuances to his role.He shouldnt get too comfortable just because he is working with a star actress.

      • I also remember Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho were supposed/expected to deliver this cracking chemistry and a hit equivalent to DOTS due ro their starpower but the results were less than stellar.

      • @RybyRed, completely agree with you. Hyun Bin has been playing one type of role for God knows how long and I think so too that he needs to step up. even if a script isn’t that great, stellar acting and chemistry can bring the whole drama new depth. Hyun bin must have been insisting on to act with Park Shin Hye, but chemistry, too, isn’t born out of no where. It is true that Doctors couple was making waves in Korea in 2016 but same cannot and should not be automatically expected from this pair. They need to first and foremost have a great synergy and understanding of their characters in order to not appear superficial and without nuances.
        I find it rather funny how SBS had an astronomical budget for LOTBS and how they promoted it for so long and had actors who were both making comebacks after a long hiatus in dramaland and super hits but failed to reach the expectations. I do hope MoA won’t be the same, but tvn rarely disappoints. I think even the actors I think are overhyped like Lee Min Hoo and Lee Jong Suk (LJS’s definitely better than LMH) would challenge themselves with a tvn drama. I don’t recall Hyun Bin ever acting in a tvn drama so who knows if he’ll be able to step up. PSH had one tvn drama (FBND) and imo it was one of her better performances, more natural as opposed to the cringy teen dramas like YAB and Heartstrings…

      • At least LOBTS had ratings to justify its hype, even though it was not that stellar.
        The real tragedy is Saimdang. I’m still bitter that drama is Lee Youngae’s comeback drama after a whole decade. I hope her upcoming drama will make up for it.

      • @prettyautumn How is YB and HS cringy? They are teen dramas and of course different to let’s say Pinocchio or Doctors?
        She did what each scripts and roles required her to do.
        It’s fine if it’s not your cup of tea but at least have a better understanding

      • @Faye, LOTBS had high ratings, but that year (2016) it was on the lower side compared to other unexpected hits like Romantic doctor Teacher Kim, Doctors and Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Even when Scarlet Heart: Ryeo wasn’t a hit in Korea, it was super popular in China, Taiwan, SG etc. More so than LOTBS, which had leads from MLFAS and Heirs, two super popular dramas in Korea, China and in ASEAN countries. SBS expected the same kind of ratings and popularity as DOTS but LOTBS got less ratings than those unexpected, non-promoted hits.

        @HLD YAB and HS were cringy because the acting was so bad it was painful to watch. I understand the cast acted according to script and direction, and dramas like that were a trend at that time, but it’s not an excuse. Over-exxaggerated reactions, annoying characters, childish tonality, very superficial dramas. They brought PSH popularity and fame, but no merits as an actress. Her better performances are underrated and often forgotten.

      • @Prettyautumn YB needs that kind of of acting, for the plot and characters, don’t you think? It created a huge fever back then around Asia. If it was so bad why would it brought her and the cast the fame they got? Of if they had calm subtle realistic acting, the affect might not be the same.
        HS is a mess behind the scene. Shinhye even partly wrote this drama and had to act when she was in pain after a car accident. She did the best she could with whatever she had at that time. It’s not award winning performance but there was nothing for her to be ashamed of with writer and pd ran away from the show and MBC couldn’t care less about them.

        You don’t have to like them like I said as they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But YB is a very special place in her fan’s heart, one of her big fan even named her child after her character. To me it’s still a living proof PSH can do well comedy after living under princess of tears for a quite long time after her debut.

      • @HLD: Oh wow I didn’t know PSH partly wrote Heartstrings? How can MBC be so irresponsible? That’s something new I learnt. I’m glad she no longer works with them. Anyway it was a drama that many was disappointed in, but I sorta enjoyed it.

    • @ Nessa: She didn’t write everything but parts of it at the end since the PD and writer all ran away… and it was all up to them.
      This was based on what YH said after the drama by the way.
      It was really an unfortunate situation in all aspects. The camera man said he felt like holding a gun pointing at her while filming because she was in too much pain. But she can’t be irresponsible and let others wait so she did her best and continued to film until the end.

  14. Interesting news! Hope they get the most out of filming in Spain. Spanish is easier to learn for most Asians, they can even squeeze in a few Spanish dialogues every now and then. Hope HB and PSH will have a great chemistry on screen. Fingers crossed that the script and direction will be a hit as well.

  15. I sure hope this becomes a success for both of them, especially Hyun Bin. It’s pretty sad to see people still bringing up him rejecting Kill Me Heal Me for Hyde. If this flops, I can imagine people will never shut up about him rejecting Kang Eunkyung’s drama.
    On the bright side, PSH has a good eye for dramas. Although some of them may not be critically well-received, they are almost always commercially successful. I am going to be carefully optimistic about this project.

  16. I hope they does a couple photoshoot like Lee Junki and Seo Yeji did! Can’t wait to see the script read next week or the week after.

    • Not going to happen, she didn’t do a photoshoot with Kim Rae Won. I don’t recall she made a photoshoot with Lee Min Hoo either (I’m not counting the very old etude house cf, where LMH had a Goo Jun Pyo perm).
      She did with Lee Jong Suk couple of CFs but then came their relationship rumor when Dispatch busted their ass her running into his car in the middle of the night (you can think whatever you want of that…) and the Darling couple image was starting to be a huge burden so they quit. She did a photoshoot with Yoon Shi yoon. I don’t think Hyun bin will do a photoshoot either, it’s not his style? Except for movies, he might do a cover for cine21 but that’s it. Nylon spreads are not his style.

      • She did a photo shoot with YSY when they worked for TVN.
        It’s up to the station to promote it.
        They invest a lot in this drama so it’s likely happen than it’s not, especially they don’t have to live-shoot.
        And more than anyone, HB want this drama to success so why would he say no?

      • And usually cables are the ones that promote their dramas in photo shoots if I remember correctly.

      • @pretty autumn I agree that there will be no photo shoot between HB and PSH but if there is good on them. It will a visual bonanza coup for us. Then again it’s tvN so you never know if they factor in the shoot as part of their PR ploy. However something with them posing together will send both fandoms into a frenzy and I guess they would most want to avoid that kind of ruckus and just keep the element of surprise and mystery to the screen. Furthermore PSH has a partner and that will probably put more added pressure on her relationship with CTJ when the whole thread of her and HB gets posted as the IT ‘couple’ on the Soompi forum. Gosh she’ll never get any rest! Hope that everything is in synch to start filming in May though and that the scriptwriter has done everything to ensure that script is a winner!

      • How does her photo shoot with HB affect her relationship? LOL
        It’s her job to promote her projects…
        People need to let her live and stop thinking too much about everything.
        And we will know if they will have a photo shoot together in 6 months.
        The possibility is there. It’s all up to them and TVN to take it.

      • I don’t understand this huge fuss about a photoshoot comment…especially when there is no confirmation they are going to do it. And fyi if you follow HB, he actually does quite a number of photoshoots, just not as much as PSH who probably does one every month.

        And I don’t understand how does a photoshoot affects her relationship. They are probably going to do more than pose together in the drama. At the end of the day , its for work. Frenzy shippers will always exist, especially if a drama becomes a hit. I doubt PSH visits Soompi anyway.

    • They definitely should. Since they are on an extended shoot anyway, might as well make full use of Spain’s scenery while they are at it.

      • Oh couple photo would be lovely and romantic. Great idea! We need to send this suggestion to TVN 🙂

  17. I’m impatiently waiting for new info to come out everyday… Ah Nov, when will you arrive? 🙁
    Thankfully there are so many great dramas to tide me over this period.

  18. Our Shin Hye is back! Even though , I was hoping she would stay on movie land only, for a while , I am excited and looking forward to see her new upcoming project. I am all positive with the pairing with this handsome talent manly actor HB . I am sure the chemistry will be to the point. Both are very professional. Shin Hye is a wise woman , and knows how to promote her projects and professional life, separate from her personal life! Praying that everything goes well and much success in her new endeavor! Fighting ! TVn Thank you! Granada, In our way! Looking forward to those exotic scenary!

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