Park Seo Joon Looks Every Inch the Part of Chaebol President in First Stills of Why Secretary Kim

K-actor Park Seo Joon looks so impeccably cast as the cheabol company president in upcoming drama Why Secretary Kim I actually needed to check that he hasn’t played this role before. Not only that, he typically plays the underdog or normal guy type of role rather than the rich and powerful so it’s good that he’s been playing against type this whole time lol. All joking aside he really does look dapper and properly equipped with the chaebol expressions of dismissive arrogance and frustrated impatience. A side-by-side comparison of him with the webtoon male lead looks spot on, nicely done casting department!


Park Seo Joon Looks Every Inch the Part of Chaebol President in First Stills of Why Secretary Kim — 14 Comments

  1. I’m excited for this drama and am very happy with the casting. I’ve always liked PMY and PSJ is an added bonus. Both are very pretty to look at so I hope they have good chemistry. The storyline sounds fun & fresh. Can’t wait watch this!

  2. Can someone please tell me the name of the webtoon or send me a link . I’ve tried to find it with this name but just can’t seem to find it ? . PSJ was awesome in his last drama…so looking forward to this pairing

    • I believe it’s the same name as the drama “Why secretary Kim” you can read it in korean on kakao, there is a link in the asianwiki page of the drama (in the notes category) but haven’t found any english scan of the webtoon yet.

  3. Yep, he looks good here. So many weren’t fans of his historical look but this looks great. I like it and plan to check out.

  4. He looks great here! He’s has back-to-back success with his last drama and movie so hopefully this is a hit too. Also I think he looks cute with Park Min Young

  5. he doesnt often play the rich chaebol type, the closest was she was pretty but even then, i dont think he was a chaebol and his dressing was more semi formal chic. he looks great here, his expression from what i have seen from the webtoon of the male character looks spot on. his got a whole different vibe here. looking forward to it, i hope it will be good and the chemistry between PYM will be great

  6. PMY is a really good actress. She helped make Healer a hit, Wook didn’t do it all by his lonesome. Why do some of S. Koreas great actresses get treated on the second level?

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