Jung Hae In and Suzy Win the Votes for the 2018 Baeksang Awards Popularity Prize

It’s official, K-actor Jung Hae In is the current It Boy of K-dramas and Suzy remains the current It Girl still. The voting has ended for the Popularity Award for this year’s Baeksang Arts Awards to be held on May 3, 2018. The winners have been announced as Jung Hae In in the actor category with 37% of all votes, and Suzy in the actress category with a whopping 55% of all votes. The two, of course, have already worked together in the K-drama While You Were Sleeping, with Jung Hae In stealing my heart and the thunder from my usual fave male lead Lee Jong Seok, and Suzy delivering a solid performance in my book though her character didn’t develop as much. Jung Hae In has also followed that up with roles in hit drama Prison Playbook and winning ladies hearts everywhere in currently airing Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food so his win feels like the right momentum whereas I remain impressed with Suzy’s popularity staying power.


Jung Hae In and Suzy Win the Votes for the 2018 Baeksang Awards Popularity Prize — 92 Comments

    • Tbe best part is that he ia an actor and can actually act. So I can genuinely admire his deserved win. Good looks are common in the Korean industry. And he delivered in all the different roles.

      • Most K-drama it boys can act. Kim Soohyun, Song Joongki, Park Bogum all have solid acting chops.

      • I think JHI has risen to ‘It boy’ faster then KSH. From what I remember KSH had already become a lead in Dream High and then TMETS propelled him to ‘It’ status whilst JHI is already winning Baeksang Popularity award during his first lead role. Personally, I feel KSH has better acting chops then JHI but, JHI is lucky to not really have any opponents since most Kdrama boys his age have gone to the military. Good promotion from his company by the way.

      • Jung Haein is lucky that D.O is not nominated, or he wouldn’t have won the popularity award against EXO’s fandom. Kim Soohyun back then was blocked by Yoochun, who had DBSK fandom to vote for him.
        I think KSH’s streak is really hard to surpass. He did well in both dramas and films, won Baeksang awards in both categories. KSH’s only competitor back then is Lee Minho tbh, but I think KSH is more popular domestically while the two were evenly matched overseas. I think JHI’s next few projects is going to be very crucial in determining whether he will hold on to the it-boy status. He has a strong competitor in Park Bogum.

      • @Abc, I thinking it’s the opposite, KSH’s rise to “it” boy status was much quicker and smoother. KSH during and post Dream High was much more popular than Jung Hae In is now with Pretty Noona. Also, KSH won best actor at the Baeksang Awards having only been in the industry less than 5 years. Jung Hae In is only getting his first lead role now being in the industry for 6 years.

  1. Jung Hae In is an all rounder in my books. I can see why he would appeal to both male and female audiences. He comes across as relatable, approachable, likeable, demonstrates solid acting and is visually attractive.

    I believe he resembles Kim Soo Hyun, both appear quite natural looking… Well as natural as can be considering they both hail from South Korea where it is the norm to undergo surgery.

  2. Lol no one has mentioned Suzy so I’ll drop a BIG congratulations to her win in the popularity stakes! Yes she deserves the recognition so that is a strike of acknowledgment of her and her hard work to date . However she still needs to knuckle down and seriously do the hard yards in the acting department to keep all the sceptics at bay. Good day all ❤️

    • @prettyautum et al pseudos -Can you please stop it. Just for argument sake if Koala has an issue with Suzy then I doubt very much she would put numerous article posts dedicated to Suzy in this forum only to respond in the comments afterwards. There is a tonne of K ent news dropping every minute but Koala is selective in her news choice and who really cares if she is pretty autumn? In fairness pretty autumn hasn’t even responded yet and you’re calling her out. So obviously you care enough to comment. Just congratulate JHI and Suzy and please move on to say Ha Ga In’s Vogue fashion shoot. She needs more comments there.

      • Take the lead, go there and comment.

        Prettyautumn who comes from land of prostis & household helper must be slave working, or maybe exiled to Cambodia ???

      • @prettiness I need google translate for Prostis and yep keep writing in English you rock!

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      • @Ann Joel true lol, at least the real prettyautumn could type in clear English and make coherent arguments unlike this troll who’s obsessed with her (wtf is Prostis, is it a pharmaceutical of some kind?).

      • @Ann Joel yeah u need google for help. I shall continue rocking & writing in a English so you’d keep using google ?

      • @prettiness Okay you win you’ve just created a new English word ‘prostis’ Well done keep up the good work!

    • Woop looks like I have fans 🙂
      Don’t be too mad, sjelfbts and your multiple fake accounts. You’re too obvious. Go defend your Lee Min Hoo elsewhere. Go apologise to your mother for raising you badly too. You look down on human trafficking victims is the lowest of low.

  3. Congratulations both of you. You guys really deserved it. Finally, reunion for both of you. Can’t wait to see both of you accepting the awards.

  4. Wonderful news and such an emphatic win for Suzy proving again her overwhelming popularity..congratulations to them both and well deserved.

  5. Jung Hae In deserves all the love and attention he’s been receiving! I’m waiting for the day he can play his famous great great great great great grandfather in a sageuk.

  6. Voting Popularity awards are pretty useless but in JHI’s case says a lot about his rising status. I hope he can improve his acting craft with solid performance and better substance in his projects (Which PNWBF lacks a big time). for suzy… errrmmm …no acting talent but big Idol fanbase that’s all.

    • Ya. JHI is super popular now in SK. I still don’t know how popular he is among i-fans? I am not a fan though. None of the previous IT actors are my fave. They seem to share similar traits – the boy next door image whereas I always prefer the gritter type. JHI has yet to impress me and Noona didn’t do much in showcasing his talent other than being the subject of adulation and prince charming.

      Talking about “Pretty Noona”, I find this drama is wayyyy overhyped with lack of substance despite tackling some social issues like harrassment of female employees. In contrast, “My Ajusshi” is downright brilliant but eclipsed by this fluffy cotton candy show. What a waste.

      • Yep I haven’t started ‘Pretty Noona’ on Netflix NZ because I’m not in the mood for romantic fluff even though I adore Seo Ye Jin. I have only seen JHI in Prison Playbook so have no opinion over his acting etc…Also I’m not happy that Netflix choose PN over My Ahjussi for whatever reason. I wish there was a voting system whereby we could vote for upcoming K dramas rather then having them sprung on us.

      • My Ajhussi is not eclipsed by Pretty Noona, they even have similar ratings at this point, hell I think MA has higher ratings. PN appeals to a particular fan base (women of a certain age ) and is very popular among them so it makes it seem like it’s bigger than it is. My Ahjussi is well appreciated by many different groups and netizens praise it all the time. Just because you aren’t into a drama doesn’t mean you have to bash it to uplift the drama you prefer.

      • @Deb – Who’s bashing PN? Go on elaborate please. I merely stated an opinion or a preference for a particular drama. Don’t insinuate that I ‘bashed’ PN because my definition of ‘bash’ is that I could write creeds of negative comments and I that would surely constitute the use of the term ‘bash’ as you have kindly noted.

      • My Ajusshi is doing really well in Korea though? It gets universally positive comments too, Pretty Noona doing well doesn’t take away anything from it. And they are both very well loved by international fans too.

        Speaking of dramas, koala, will you post a followup about jdrama Hana Nochi Hare? (sequel to Hana Yori Dango). You reported on it a few weeks ago before its premiere but I’m curious about it and want to know how it was received, especially its ratings/comments on lead performances. Especially Sugisaki Hana and Hirano Sho, I find her really charming but he…..he’s no Matsujun.

      • @AnnJoel I think @Deb referring to me. I dont see my commemt is bashing and I stand with my opinion that Pretty Noona is overhyped. I don’t say the drama is not good just because I couldn’t relate to it. Rating wise, Noona netted higher than Ajusshi and let’s not mention about the amount of coverage its getting compared to a better ongoing drama like Ajusshi, which is a lot. My point is that, it is quite disheartening that such gem of a drama not getting that much attention as it should, esp comparing to less than spectacular show like Noona.

        Just because u dont like my commemt, it isnt fair to categorize it as bashing when I was just stating my opinion.

      • This might have been posted already, I was having some issues replying!

        @Alexa. I apologize for saying you were bashing PN, it was wrong of me.

        At the same time, I really don’t think you or any other MA fan should disheartened at the attention it’s getting so far. It’s getting great buzz and reception from many different viewing groups since it’s gritty and realistic which is commendable. The recent drama articles all have positive netizen comments praising everything about the drama and you’re seeing 3,000+ upvotes. It is well appreciated. Like I said, Noona has a more niche/barrow but fervent fan base (for the drama and JHI) so it is getting quite a lot of buzz which is to be expected. Even then, I wouldn’t consider it a mega hit (even for a cable drama) and yeah it’s getting attention but I just don’t see how it’s actually “eclipsing” MA. It might seem that way but it’s really not.

        Regarding the ratings, since you mentioned it, you can check for yourself, PN has only had somewhat higher ratings (between high 4% to mostly high 5%) ratings overall compared to MA (in recent weeks high 4%-high 5% with its most recent episode rated higher than PN’s). Like I said, I don’t see the reason to be worried or distressed about the reception to the show, it’s well loved and thankfully appreciated by korean and I-fans and I’m sure the writer, cast and crew are well aware and encouraged.

        PN is not well liked on here but I’m enjoying it immensely and I am also engrossed by My Ahjussi. I’m just personally glad to have different dramas from different genres that are enjoyable in different ways but that’s just me.

  7. What’s Up Fox was far better than Pretty Noona. But I think both lead actor of the Noona drama are doing a great job.

    I’ve never really notice JHI in the While you were Sleeping but watching him at Pretty Noona he has the vibe of combo of Kim Soo Hyun and Song Joong Ki. Looking at that, being at IT actor is just so temporary and can easily be replaced. KSH has to work his hard off to prove he in it for long stride when he gets back from military. The same goes with Song Joong Ki who lost his mojo after getting married. But both are good actors and hope they will be back fine in no time.

    Going back to JHI, I would love to see more of him. Pretty Noona doesn’t really showcase of what he can do as an actor.

    • I agree with you. What’s Up Fox actually tackle the main issue of the noona-dongseng relationship without going overboard with the romance. Pretty Noona is like some candy feast, sugar overloaded.

      Jung Hae In is fortunate because rom-com is not a genre that doing so well these days. He has done MS, so has no worry about being absence to maintain his current fame. One thing I also noticed about the IT actors are they have that relatable qualities and as always, fresh off from playing prince charming role.

      KSH is in the army (and left with a tanked movie) whereas SJK is like going on a long honeymoon and I think his prince charming aura is gone in the eyes of viewers afrer the marriage. PBG on hiatus to complete his study and unless he comes back with a good and popular drama, I think he is the only one who could compete JHI at this stage. Acting chop wise, I prefer PBG compared to the rest. I find him the most versatile among the names mentioned above.

    • That’s why a lot of the newer breakout actors of the last 2-3 years actually look like they have potential because they already completed their military service (Park Seo Joon, Yoon Kyun Sang, Ryu Jun Yeol, Jung Hae In, even Woo Do Hwan – that horrible TGS drama hopefully doesn’t put too much of a dent in his rise).

      • Speaking of Woo Do Hwan. He dissapoints me because as much I know that TGS is a crap esp with lousy lead actress Joy, I was not expecting WDH to be that equally bad. I happened to catch one of the episodes at the hospital and was stunned that he complimented Joy with an equally horrendous acting. Good actor should be someone who could still perform well despite the bad writing and directing.

      • WDH has clearly shown that he is not yet ready for leading role. It’s better to cast him as a villain or an edgy supporting role for the next little while. Yoo Seung Ho has completed MS, his acting skill is guaranteed despite bad script like the Ruler, and I think he is actually a more versatile actor than PBG…. PBG will lose two years at MS eventually and he is not very active in selecting next project.

      • I don’t understand why PBG is being compared to YSH. They are in a different league. YSH is already an actor way long before.

        Whilst PBG is likeable, he is yet to prove his worth as an actor.

      • Woo Do Hwan is pretty awful in The Great Seducer. I won’t put him in same level as Joy, dear lord the girl cannot act but TGS proved that he isn’t versatile enough to rise over pathetic writing. Kim Min Jae and Moon Ga Young on the other hand are making fire out of that useless script somehow so these two are clearly much more talented in my opinion. And I hope Joy doesn’t take any more lead roles. She can always study acting, hone her skill and pick projects after that considering how young she is. As for these popularity poles, Suzy is purely winning for her beauty but the other one is well deserved.

  8. JHI really stands out in While You Were Sleeping, with just the right combination of creepiness (at the beginning), boyish charms and bromance.
    In Prison Playbook, I do feel his performance is just average, perhaps, overshadowed by the strong ensemble cast.
    Pretty Noona is pure candy, but he did well, and certainly carries the weight of the drama.

    • Are u referring to Son Ye Jin? She is a big name in movie but has not being doing well in dramas. I read that she decided to do Pretty Noona because of the acclaimed PD Ahn and she likes the subject matter which she finds relatable and proven she is right, so many fans in love with that show though I can’t stand it, with the OTT skinship, kissing in every single episode and clingy-ness of the OTP.

      Not only JHI but SYJ also enjoying a resurgence in popularity (though she is always popular in SK) and I think they casted her cos she is known for her natural beauty. Long before Suzy, she was the nation’s first love through the movie “The Classic” and unlike Suzy, she has the acting chop to boot.

      • @Alexa so true Pretty Noona is just too syrupy sweet smoochie smoochie and for some reason the romantic relationship just started way too soon for my liking. So yep I just gave up. However Son Ye Jin is an absolute legend from ‘The Classic’ and I have just great fondness and admiration for her but just not in this drama. I’m still waiting for her and So Ji Sub’s feature film with English subs to drop anytime soon like in the next hour, day or month! Pleasssseeeeee ❤️

      • @AnnJoel

        I always have a special spot for “The Classic” and tbh, I prefer SYJ in grittier roles like The Last Princess and The Truth Beneath. And I prefer her in movies too. Though she is a very good actress, I dont find drama suitable for her. She does not have that presence that can sustain my interest to watch her more than 2 hours. Truthfully, I never get to finish any of her dramas.

        Rgdg Noona, I have said so much already. Same with you, the physical things in the drama are moving too fast. And I am probably the kind that love long and strong emotional built up before skinship. If I want to watch kisses and making out I would rather watch American shows. They did it better. LOL

  9. For a while I thought that it was an acting award ? Thank God that it’s not! Congratulations to Korea’s fangirls current apple of the eye Jung Hae In! In all fairness, the guy can act. He’s quite charming and has a promising future. On the other hand, Suzy is a mediocre actress. An okay singer and dancer. Way too overhyped and overrated.

  10. to be honest I did not see the pretty noona from the side of love line only, a lot of problems that are discussed in this drama. and jung hae in his acting is not challenging, because he plays as a very ordinary guy who falls in love with an older woman with so many problems which had to be face with them, but yeah he gets and understands the mood of his character. so he can play with naturally good.
    and i don’t know why my ahjussi remain me with Japanese drama after rain. with different problem and point view

  11. Lol please only reason Suzy won is cause the likes of Yoona, IU and Park Shin Hye werent nominated in the same category. Otherwise she would be left in the dust as always.

    • Park Shin Hye is nominated and wasn’t even on the top 5. You honestly think she would beat Suzy in a popularity award in Korea? lmao

      • She was nominated in film category, alas a different category. Besides, she’s won popularity award 5 times in a row for years. I feel like even she doesn’t want a popularity award anymore. Any self respecting actor would want ACTING awards, not just popularity ones. Had she wanted a popularity award, she’d had appeared in dramas in these past 2 yrs @fadedaydreams. So yes, she’s beaten Suzy for your information. Don’t be too deluded about your bias Suzu’s popularity LOL

      • @prettyautumn: Film and TV category are combined this year. And yeah I think she has had enough popularity awards.

    • @fadedaydreams is correct. PSH was nominated. Yoona and IU were not (probably because they did not have any drama/movie in 2017/18).
      @Kiki – why did you not check the nomination list before you commented? Lol… Suzy is popular in Korea even though I don’t quite understand why (probably because I am not Korean?… lol…)

    • Yoona had a drama last year though. But it probably didn’t enough have buzz so she wasn’t nominated.
      PSH’s fandom has weakened alot after she started taking long hiatuses.
      IU’s fandom has never been strong in voting. She was nominated last year but she didn’t even crack top 3.

  12. Jung Hae In reminds me of Kim Soo Hyun too. Both acts fine and makes me believe i am seeing the character not the actor. I am totally enjoying Pretty nuna.

  13. I just checked on JHI profile. He is actually not very young. Not unlike many actors who are still popular even after more than 10 years from the time they debut eg Jang Hyuk or Lee Joon Gi or Chung Jung Myung or Hyun Bin or So Ji Sub who debuted at 19-20years old. JHI debut quite late.

    • Not just a decade Jang Hyuk and So Ji Sub debuted together in drama Model 21 years ago and they have still maintained their popularity.

    • @mistyeyed
      I mean it’s a huge feat to maintain the popularity even after so many year in fiercely changing and unforgiving Korean entertainment scene.
      There are few actors who debuted very late but they made it big. Like Ma Dong Seok debuted quiet late but he is on the top.

  14. JHI right now is PBG after R1988 – a rising star. His next projects will determine if he is an IT boy or not. PBG has been favor a lot, not only because of his acting skills but aslo his kind personality. I prefer My Mister much more than Pretty Noona – Im a noona, I dont find the drama appealing to me, maybe young girls like a hot cute guy? JHI role isnt anything special, their process of love is kinda too easy, I dont have a feeling a want to root for them. While My mister, there is no skinship but I love every single character.

    One minute topless did wonder for JHI career – he still has a lot to prove. He has been in a quite few small roles but most people dont remember who he is despite a beautiful face. I remember D.O in I Remember You, he was there in 5 minutes but I had to google who he is. JHI can act but he still hasnt shown he has great screen present (like Park Hyung Sik). In all break out star last year, JHI is still the luckiest. Yang Se Jong hasnt got a hit. Dong Ha is going to military 🙁 Woo Do Han is well, good lord, if I can understand what TGS is about. Kim Jung Hyun has waikiki, not a huge hit but its adorable. Junho has just between lovers which was amazing, just not a huge hit.

    • didn’t know JHI got popular because of a topless scene. Had been wondering how did he get so popular with WYWS when he has played supporting roles in numerous dramas before yet no one seemed to notice him.

      • After the topless scene, his name appear on no 1 naver search. His popularity start from there. But to me, it was his only impress scene in the drama, the rest was just normal. I find him and his brother in the drama are too much alike, I was so confuse at first. His role in Prison Playbook is also normal, every other actors was so impressive. If he didnt appear on Prison Playbook, the story, the quality wouldnt change much. Popularity will come with time as long as the actors impress the audience, but his agent – FNC seem to media play him to much. He is not PBG and the likes yet.

    • It’s amazing that Pretty Noona is a bipolar show. Over at DB, the beanies are raving about it including the recappers whereas My Mister not getting much attention, not even mentioned by the recapper.

      At AKP, majority not liking Noona but love My Mister.

      My preference is hands down My Ajusshi. I dropped Noona after episode 6. I agree with most comments up there, there isn’t much story to tell and that constant making out are nauseating. I am a noona too, though I never dated younger man. I could not relate to the too fast too furious romance and nope, I have no feel and no care about the OTP.

      I agree with you. I don’t find Jung Hae In has proven himself yet as a really good actor. Having said that, I don’t deny that he is talented, he definitely can act but not impressive yet. Among the bunch of rising IT actors, I find Park Hyung Sik as has the strongest acting prowess. He left strong impression in every single dramas that he has done. Coming in at close second place is Park Bo Gum.

      Again, I agree with you. JHI has the luck to back him up. I still say that he has the talent but there a lot of talented actors out there too, so it’s down to “luck” that will play out their fate. He also has the advantage with that good boy image and continues the trend of pretty boy who came out of a successful rom-com dramas. Still, I say he deserves the popularity.

  15. Not sure about D.O acting chops other than he has SM and EXO fans behind him.

    Though rom-com has limited space for actors to show what they can do but Jung Hae In definitely can act and he is so natural in the drama. And, his chemistry with Son Ye Jin in Pretty Noona is great too. If anyone wants to watch a good rom-com, this is the drama for you.

    • while I’ve never watched anything that D.O is in, I’ve only heard praises about him. And also the fact that he’s only played supporting roles so far despite coming from EXO & SM says a lot about him.

    • I have dropped Pretty Noona because I cannot stand her mom’s rejection of their relationship. It was supposed to be a simple love story of a man (not young, 30 years old already) and a slightly older woman (only 6 years… not a big difference), so I was wondering how the heck can a drama of 16 episodes last… It became very disturbing to me not because of the OTP (they are sweet), but I totally cannot understand their culture… So depending on your background, be aware of the cultural difference before starting, I feel like punching her dumb mom… lol… hahaha…

      • I think the same way, too, about Pretty Noona. The age difference isn’t that big either.

    • Well for those who are new to kdrama, you get glimpse of Korean culture and mindset as regards to marriage and choosing partners. It’s a Korean drama so we can’t really insist our beliefs and culture. To me, watching drama is about learning Korean culture and entertainment. I don’t watch to tell the production team of what should and what not… If I have that mentality… why bother watching the show.

    • The Pretty Noona is not just about age difference but the fact that the guy is the brother of the leading lady’s bestfriend.

      And, I think the male character is not 30 years. I think he is in mid20s or between 24-26. I have to go back and check.

      • This is another disturbing part – what’s wrong with dating your sister’s best friend? Wouldn’t it be great coz you know they will get along for sure?? ?

      • Just broaden your perspective and be open-minded that there are other cultures and norms which are different to yours. In your perspective, their culture is twisted but for Koreans your culture is probably as twisted or even worse.

      • My mind is open. I don’t think Korean culture is twisted, never said so. It’s just not a place I prefer to live in. This drama is not entertaining to me, it’s not a talk down (a reply to @SanSan), it’s just a matter of taste and preference. Not everyone likes what you recommend.

      • Don’t worry I don’t insist my recommendation. I said it’s for those who love rom-com because it’s a good one after a long time.

  16. Congrats, I guess.. Do popularity awards even matter though? It’s just Baeksang’s money making cash cow. Prestigious awards shouldn’t have insignificant and fickle awards like that. They should make categories for best script, cinematography, OST, costume design & make-up and best animation to encorage better and more quality work

  17. I don’t understand why people compare My Mister and Pretty Noona… They are so different dramas ! The both are great in a very different kind but the both have the realistic vibe. The both director, casting and story are great and I really enjoy the both 🙂

    It’s the same with Live !

    Cable channels did great for the debut of 2018 with those 3 dramas.

  18. I don’t understand why people are talking down to pretty nonna.
    I think that pretty nonna is amazing k drama and very different from previous hit dramas.
    The drama itself is very realistic, can relate with real-world couples and it can show clearly how two people who have known for long time can develop a sudden feeling and became lovers.
    I found that some hit dramas showed that impossible slots but this pretty nonna is very realistic.
    That’s is great enough already. I strongly recommend to watch who have not watched yet.
    JHI ‘s acting skill is very natural and SYJ’s acting is amazing.
    You will feel like that you are watching the relationship of real life couple in front of you in real life. I am enjoying this drama with Eng sub @ Kiss drama club. Cheers

  19. congratsss for suzy and jung hae in..i hope they’ll be in the same project in the future..
    but.. i have a question. maybe someone can help me.. why this year baeksang only make one couple popularity award? as i know before usually baeksang give popularity award for film category and drama category…

    • because d.o, yoona keep winning the last few year with no notable projects – it takes away the credibility of the award so this time only select actors are nominated in most popular

  20. I won’t flat out say that Pretty noona is horrible but it’s not my type of drama and personally I find it the worst Ahn Pan Seok’s work to date.

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