Hyun Bin’s Agency Vast Announces 3rd Annual Rookie Actor Auditions

Starting an agency isn’t the common approach in K-ent for top stars that achieve a certain level of fame. Most stars elect to stay with an agency likely because being a good entertainer doesn’t mean one would be a good company president complete with administrative, financial, and management requirements. There are a few big name actors and actresses that have set out on their one with Hyun Bin starting his own agency a few years ago. It’s called Vast (nice name!) and this week announced the third annual new actor auditions. The company has done this for the past three years and signed a handful of rookie actors and actresses. I would go to the audition just for the chance to meet Binnie in person but I’m sure only the finalists, if even, get a chance to audition before the company head. I’m so happy his agency seems to be doing well and hopefully his pick for his K-drama return with Memories of Alhambra later this year will also prove fruitful.


Hyun Bin’s Agency Vast Announces 3rd Annual Rookie Actor Auditions — 10 Comments

  1. Congratulations to Hyun Bin for all his success. My favorite k-actor. Counting down the date for MOTA premier.

  2. Maybe Ha Ji Won or Yoon Eun Hye should join his company since they don’t seem to have luck with companies…

    • How can tell they don’t have good company?

      HJW has been working continuesly with dramas or movies a year.

      YEH is an entreprenuer and seem to be doing very well in here business.

      • Both are free agent or one man agency with no boss. Both have had legal troubles and both have deteriorated from their peak days. Both have good acting to show but because they don’t have a good agency to represent them, they don’t get to show that through good projects.

  3. Oh well he’s got MOA happening later on in the year so it’s good timing to run auditions now and hopefully his rookie actors and actresses can score bit parts in the drama. That’s pretty clever in his planning.

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