Suzy in Talks to Join Lee Seung Gi in K-drama Vagabond Setting Up Gu Family Book Reunion

No. Noooooooooo! I like Suzy and I love Lee Seung Gi but I have rarely disliked any of my baes smooshed together like I hated Suzy and Seung Gi in Gu Family Book. It was so much no bueno I still flash back to the particular feeling of agony realizing that drama was going to be crap very early on. It was brought on my Suzy’s worst acting role ever in her career which isn’t saying much to those who think she’s always a bad actress but there are still levels of bad and GFB was nuclear bad. Later on the drama writing also went to pot to no one’s surprise. To think that Suzy is now offered the female lead for upcoming K-drama Vagabond which has confirmed Lee Seung Gi has me shaking my head violently. They can never work together again, unless there is some Twilight Zone shit that happens where Vagabond miraculously works so well as to be the opposite of GFB. Yes, I’ll hope for that.

Ugh, I wish Suzy and GFB weren’t so bad, because visually Suzy and Seung Gi together are sooooooooo cute. *sniffles* Vagabond is from the PD of Giant, You’re All Surrounded, and Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim with the writing team of Giant, History of the Salaryman, and Empress Ki.


Suzy in Talks to Join Lee Seung Gi in K-drama Vagabond Setting Up Gu Family Book Reunion — 133 Comments

  1. oh no no no… What about that offer with Incheon Airport drama? Is JYP not able to “sell” Suzy so he signs her up with Vagabond as well? Oh horrible nightmares… LSG needs a better female lead after that disastrous Hwayugi, he worked with Suzy before so not again please… Can he bail out if Suzy signs on?

    • He has no luck with female leads…
      Suzy > Go Ara > Oh Yeonseo (she’s good, but her performance was off during Hwayugi) > Suzy

      • His movie with Moon Chae Won was fun to watch, also she is in Brillant Legacy along with HHJ. HJW is excellent also. But yeah his drama luck recently has been pretty sucky… smh…

  2. I finally found a good reason for him to turn this down. I hate to have to miss one of his dramas. I could barely get through GFU because of her. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I will not watch her again.

  3. So it’s between Incheon Airport People with Park Bo Gum or Vagabond with Lee Seung Gi. I wonder which one she’ll choose. She’ll be reuniting with either the PD and writer of Gu Family Book, or her lead actor from there.

    There were rumors months ago on DC that Suzy would be the female lead in here, but if she already accepted this drama at that time, I don’t think she would still be considering Incheon Airport People, which was offered to her after the fact. Unless she plans to do both dramas.

    Two days ago there was a post that said there’d be an article released about the female lead of Vagabond, and yesterday it was revealed that Suzy is considering the offer.

    At the same time, it seems fishy that Park Bo Gum and Suzy were paired for the Baeksang Awards when Park Bo Gum hasn’t had any drama or film appearances this year, and normally there are only two MCs.

    • Suzy and Park Bo Gum’s drama news came out less than a week after news of their collaboration for Baeksang Awards. So it leads me to believe everything was already planned out —> they accepted Incheon Airport People —> then were paired for Baeksang Awards as a preview.

      And then there’s this now with her rumored casting since months ago, and her agency saying she’s still considering it as well.

      We’ll just have to see what she goes with.

      Incheon Airport People = Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim screenwriter
      Vagabond = Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim PD

    • I get the feeling that both she and PBG turned down People of Incheon. This news wouldn’t have leaked about her considering this drama if she and Bogum were positively considering the other one. I say this about Bogum as well, because she wouldn’t have turned Incheon down if she knew he accepted as lead hahaha

      • Both are solid productions, though this one has potential to have better quality and more buzz due to how much money they’re investing in it. Park Bo Gum and Suzy’s pairing is expected sooner or later, whether or not they appear in Incheon Airport People.

      • PSH has the ratings on her side at least (three hit dramas in a row, the last just two years ago and hitting 20 percent).

        But image-wise, I don’t think anyone has that ‘bitch I’m fabulous’ vibe that’s JJH’s most distinctive quality.

      • Nah, JJH is JJH, her aura is totally different from any other actress. As Royal We said, she has that mysterious top star ’bitch, I’m fabulous’ aura, critical and commercial hits in dramaland and films. PSH is PSH too, with easy going down to earth type of aura, although she has hits in dramas and films too like JJH.

      • Exactly. Have we forgotten the ‘to be replaced’ TaeHyeJi have all had hit dramas/movies within the last 2-3 years? That’s something Suzy hasn’t had despite serious efforts (movies with big name costars, dramas with big name writers and Hallyu-popular costars etc).

    • Suzy is shorter & fatter than JJH, uglier than KTH, and cannot act (YEH is way way better as an actress). No comparison at all to these three!

      • Shorter, fatter and uglier. You should check and question your distorted perceptions.

      • @Imzadi – I don’t think I need to check anything. This is my opinion. Don’t question me even if you disagree coz I don’t care what you think. This is my opinion.

      • @Imzadi – in fact, I think you should question the person who brought up JJH, KTH and YEH. I don’t see any reason to compare a talentless idol to these three actresses, and that’s the “distorted perceptions” you wish to clarify… lol…

      • @Gin – this is all relative… uglier as compared and fatter as compared… just my opinion.

    • It’s insulting to Jun Ji Hyun to say that this is her heir-apparent.

      Everyone claims JJH wasn’t a good actress back in her early days but she was a fine comic actress even as far back as My Sassy Girl. People bigged up her looks but she also had the talent, this retrospective besmirching of her skills to make Suzy look not as bad at acting, is rubbish.

      I love Yoon Eun Hye but even though she was a much better actress than Suzy at the same age, I can see more similarities there – both hit massive lucky breaks very early in their careers but haven’t really had that kind of ratings/ticket sale success in a long time despite getting loads of endorsements (YEH between Coffee Prince and I Miss You, Suzy in the last five years).

    • I don’t think they can be compared this way. Each generation has its own set of top actresses. By the next “TaeHyeJi”, I think they mean the next set of top actresses. Suzy is one of the top for her age group, whether i-fans like it or not.
      Also, I don’t think PSH needs to be the next anyone. She’s a huge name by herself, and has been for a long time. I think Knetz has always acknowledged her as the top actress in her 20s, and not as anyone’s successor.
      Another name which ifans always forget is Kim Tae-ri. Girl is rising fast. She’s pretty and great in acting, and has starred in three acclaimed films th thus far. After Mr. Sunshine, she’s going to join the ranks.

      Currently, these three are known as the next TaeHyeJi (in terms of success, not as replacements).

      • There was a recent vote about best idols turned actors and the female category had IU as number 1 and then there was Eunji and some one else. But Suzy wasn’t on that list. She might be Nation’s first love and she may acted in iconic film and drama like Architecture 101 and Dream High but she will be much like Kim Tae Hee, loved for her beauty in her youth (which I don’t get since I find Kim Taeri and Kim Go Eun prettier), but with no acting skills, she will just be a beauty icon…
        It depends if Kim Taeri will take more dramas. If she stays in Chungmuro, which I hope because dramas have badly written characters, then she will be more known as a movie star than a drama actress. TaeHyeJi have all made their biggest impact in dramas.

      • @prettyautumn: I don’t trust that vote. It had Hyeri at 3 (who is imo, worse than Suzy). Of course, the other choices are great.
        Yeah Suzy is like Kim Taehee. They’ll continue to be relevant until they are married.
        Jun Jihyun has made her name through films before My Love From the Star, so it doesn’t matter.

      • @prettyautumn @sierra I wonder if instead of Hyeri, they meant her bandmate Minah, I’d think it was credible if Minah was the one in there since she’s a pretty good actress.

        Hyeri was decent in Answer Me 1988 but that was solely down to a role tailored to her. That was her best, and it’s still better than Suzy’s best performances, but on worst performances, I think they’re tied.

  4. me to..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO … they really need to do this with seung gi.. recycle his heroin? please many good actress out there… for reunion better han hyo joo, ha ji won. they perfect to be a spy..

  5. Get used to Suzy starring alongside your faves in bigger and bigger production dramas. I’m not even going to bother getting riled up in any way, she’s an industry darling so she’s not going anywhere.

  6. My most objective reason for Suzy not taking this role is that she needs to take a lighter drama. Thus far, she and her agency have been us over the head trying to convince us she’s a serious actress. She should try a cute rom-com and show how charming she is.

  7. Her acting is what it is, I guess her agency wants to find her another likely hit project and they know the fastest way to do it is to stick her opposite a well-liked It boy/Hallyu star who’ll compensate for her acting shortcomings.

  8. If anyone thinks Suzy is cut out for acting especially in a leading role, they should enjoy her ‘performance’ next to their favs. Taste of own meds…

    • Lmao overactor? Lsg acting is actually on point and has nuance and depth acting which probably most of your favorites cant execute and actually is critically acclaim by critics and industrial panelist alike after being reviewed by them which your favorite cant achieve.

    • Lmao… Agree. Im not buying his acting. I liked him in brilliant legacy but after that.. Hmm.. Boring and overacted. But he has a good personality which is the winning of everything in k ent. I like him, but not his acting. I like his voice better and his variety skill.

      If someone asked me “is my fave better than seunggi? And can he achieve the same as seunggi? ” here is my answer.. My fave got daesang and all his dramas got great rating. He has no low rating drama as the lead. Ah, he is the most expensive drama actor so far. His only failure was his latest movie, but it’s okay, everyone will learn from one mistake. Also, my other fave also got daesang. He will play in upcoming saeguk drama. My other fave is the king in kpop for years. So, literally my faves are not bad.

      Not everyone’s comment based on hate. If i dislike his acting doesnt mean i hate him. I like hos personality. He is also my fave.

      • Who is your fav lmao. Lmao all of lsg drama has high ratings and he won numerous awards as well. Lol are you butthurt and salty the critics and industrial panelist aknowledge his acting skills? Lmao come back when you get actual certification from critics. Lmao how did lsg overact? His emoting is on point and lsg is the only one other than YAI to be able to execute nuance and depth acting. Try harder.

      • bwhahahahahaahah brilliant legacy was his first dramalead role and as an actOr he was beginner that time.. WATCH HIM IN THE KING 2 HEARTS,YAAS ANS HWAYUGI and you will see what true acting is.
        You’re just jelous cause Seung gi is above ur bias that you can’t even name!

      • Lemme guess. Kim Soohyun and Song Joongki?
        Who is King of Kpop? There are so many versions… Big Bang? Exo? Bts? Lol.

      • Why should i name my faves,just to let some narrow minded fans of lsg bashing them? Im literally not jealous of LSG’s achievement.. Lols, what for when my faves are popular, got daesang and got high rating and become IT boys.

        But i have the right to say that his acting is my fave. As i said before, i like his personality, voice and variety skill. I dont hate him, but why you guys are so butthurt? But well, you guys have the right to defend him.. Is it what fans are for, right?

        I’ve watched all his dramas, but only finished Brilliant legacy.
        Aha, i watched the king two heart but stopped at episode 19 when my fave died.

        It’s preference.

        But however, i still like LSG, it doesnt matter if some of hi fans are rude… Oppa is never wrong..

        Hope he will comeback with a great project and get daesang too. Fighting!

      • @Yay lmao how am i butthurt when i state lsg acting got critically acclaim and he won multiple awards as well and had high rating drama. Lmao & why would we wanna bash your bias when he cant even get his acting critically acclaim unlike lsg lmao. Try and get your bias to win over critics and industrial panelist win their acting like lsg did then talk. It seems you are butthurt your bias for all their effort cant win over critics lmao. Lsg and Yai destroy your bias in acting skills as their acting actually have depth and they can execute nuance acting and give mature performances lmao.

      • lmao getting your acting and drama critically panned its what counts which is what lsg & yai did & your bias cant lmao. Your daesang is mostly based on ratings, votes etc and is not based on pure acting skills as if it was some veteran actor would have gotten it. Unlike getting acting and drama critically panned that require reviews by critics and industrial panelist to aknowledge someones acting. Check all the veterans actors like Song Kang Ho etc gotten their acting critically acclaim lmao. Lsg & Yai already did it. Still waiting for your useless bias to achieve it. Lmao & you are probably scared to name your bias as apparently your bias acting must not cut it as you are not even confident enough to name your bias and his acting skills lmao.

      • @muse : then you said the current daesang winners such as actor from secret forest and actress from misty arent good enough cuz they did ‘daesang’ bcuz of rating only? And then gongyoo too? Since you only claimed YAI and LSG who are good and got acknowledge from critics and panelists. Now, i really feel bad for the other daesang winners. I forgot, actress who played mishil in queen seondeok also got daesang. Jjh in my love from another star. Ah, romantic Dr Kim also. That’s a controversy. They shouldnt win and let YAI and LSG win.

        It’s okay, next year LSG will win everything. I like him. Even suzy could win something, why cant LSG oppa. He deserves more. Like i said, i like him, especially his personality so i’ll be glad if he wins. And cant wait for his music comeback.

      • @Yay lmao did i say everyone? Those daesangs are most because of popularity & ratings and you know it. If nt everyone can see the likes of Hwang Jum Min Song Kang Ho etc owns those awards as their acting are superior than those you mention. I did not only say Yai and Lsg. Out of their age group and young actors only lsg & yai got their acting critically acclaim like those veterans lmao. Stop being butthurt your bias did not get his acting critically acclaim like lsg, yai and other veteran actors. Maybe one day he will get it lmao. Lmao the best thing is have lsg drama and your bias drama go head to head and lets see who triumphs lmao and is the superior actor. Lmao out of all the young actors and lsg & yai age gp only these 2 are actually acting all the time in their scenes and they emote constantly. The others are useless as they zone out and stop emoting when the focus of the screen is not on them. Learn korean so you can actually observe the acting than read subtitles.

      • Learn korean? Lols typical koreaboo. Well, that’s your preference. Those two movie actors you mentioned are great. But doesnt mean the movie and drama actors who got daesang arent great just bcuz in your opinion, daesang just based on popularity. If daesang means nothing, the latest scandal of jaein wont be big since he was standing in the middle of the winner while the daesang winners beside him.

        All the daesang winners are respected in korea for their acting skills. Not everyone can get daesang, if it’s based on popularity, suzy will get one. Those idols will get one. But bcuz of the impact of their character, of course it comes from great acting.

        Just bcuz your fave didnt get daesang, you underestimate other winners.

        It’s like a kpop fan who said it’s okay if their oppa didnt get artist of the year, as long as they got millions youtube views. What for? You oppa is still rooting for that award.

        But yeah, what makes you happy. Your oppa got the praise from critics. While my oppadeul collect the awards so they can show their children and grandchildren later with the real awards. Not just words.

      • lmao since when? Lsg lost the daesang to veterans. Lmao that year your useless oppa did not even compete with any veterans lmao. Yeah critics and industrial panelist are just words lmao…..Tell that to others rofl. Meanwhile all pds and writers know the weight and the certification it gets. That why lsg gets good big projects and numerous offers lmao. Stay salty and butthurt. Maybe one day your oppa will join lsg & yai and other veterans in getting a critically acclaim performance rofl.

      • Cant wait for your oppa drama to go up against lsg so we can settle for once who truly reigns lmao. Lmao lets see all the salt and butthurt when your useless oppa loses in both ratings and acting skills lmao. Your useless oppa actually zones out with blank face when the focus is not on them instead of continuing to emote lmao. So much for great acting rofl.

      • @another abc lmao when did i meant critically panned was for lsg and yai… was meant for your other 2 actors who stop emoting and acting when the shot and focus is not on them lmao. cant wait for lsg drama to go up against your bias so we can truly see who is superior.

      • muse, it’s pretty obvious from yay comments that his two acting bias are Kim Soo Hyun and Song Joong Ki lol. Both have won Daesangs, as yay mentioned, and both have been at least nominated for Best Actor in TV (KSH twice, winning once) and Best Actor in Film (SJK) in Baeksangs. LSG hasn’t come close to being nominated once for either of those categories. I love LSG, but his acting isn’t on par with the above two. SJK has like 10 lines total in A Werewolf Boy, yet emote so well without words that he was nominated for a Baeksang for Best Actor. This does not mean LSG is bad, he is actually quite good, but not as good compared to SJK and KSH.

        As for critically panned, you just have to do some simple searches and you will find both critics and industry specialists raving about their acting skills in their many projects. If you want to talk about highly-rated dramas and, most of SJK and KSH’s dramas and films blow LSG’s dramas and films out of the water. In TV we have TMTETS (admittedly a bad drama but we’re just talking about ratings here) to MLFTS to DOTS. Even their “lesser” dramas, such as Dream High (still iconic for its genre) or The Innocent Man, beat most of of LSG’s dramas besides Gu. Their movies, The Thieves and A Werewolf Boy, are among the top-grossing Korean films of all time and were both also very big critical successes.

        LSG of course beats them when it comes to being a very good and successful singer and variety show MCs, though SJK was no slouch himself when he was part of Running Man. However, in the area of acting, while LSG is good and decently successful, he can not yet measure up to SJK and KSH lol. Just because LSG is your bias doesn’t mean you have to claim everything he does, from pooping to singing to acting, is the best thing ever.

      • I’m shallow. I don’t care who gets critical acclaim or awards. Lee Seunggi can be the best actor in the world but I don’t like his visuals. So my bias > Seunggi.

      • What substantial acting awards has LSG won? Don’t list the ones from the three big channels where everybody gets a prize for showing up.

      • @wisely Lmao lsg acting is actually much better than those 2 lmao. Lsg and Yai are the only ones whose acting have depth and can actually execute nuance subtle acting. Take a good look at acting without looking at subtitles and you would know lsg & yai blow those 2 you said out of the water lmao. Those 2 actors you mention cant even do a mature performance. Also your actor won only because they had no competition that year. Lmao and how does their drama blow lsg out of the water when lsg has as high ratings like 40% just like your amatuer actor rofl. Lmao lsg drama like MGIAG and BL destroys their drama lmao. Nope their acting were not critically panned at all lmao. I keep a close watch on critics and industrial panelist comments and their acting is no where close to lsg or yai so dont talk rubbish liar and their performances were never critically acclaim. Lsg is not even my bias lmao. I only stated cause you thk your useless actor is on level when lsg and yai are much better actors lmao and these 2 actually have critically panned performance. i cant wait for lsg drama to go up against them so you can see who really wins lmao.

      • @another abc & what substantial award has your bias won lmao….at least lsg acting is critically acclaim and his drama was critically panned unlike what your bias cant achieve.

      • @Holic lmao good you know you are shallow instead of using other excuses lmao. But i guess most people in this world dont get talent lmao.

      • Btw lsg actually emotes way better than the other 2 lmao. Learn korean so you can actually observe their facial expression. Lsg acting is more intricate than the 2. The only 1 who is as good is yai. Its no surprising lag and yai acting are actually critically acclaim and panned unlike your bias liar. Lol your bias does not have any critically acclaim performance from reviews by critics and industrial panelist. So dont lie and talk rubbish. Best thing is lsg drama goes up against those 2 so we can really see who is on top of the game rofl.

      • @muse, you’re making yourself sound like a fool. Learn what critically panned means before using it to praise your faves, LMAO.

      • yeah thank god my bias doesn’t have “critically panned” dramas. lsg can have that honor himself 😀

      • @Holic lmao another who does not know how to read. The critically panned is for your useless actor who stop emoting and acting when the shot and focus is not on them lmao. Lsg and Yai actually are acting and emoting constantly even when the shot is not on them unlike your bias. Lmao learn korean so you can actually observe the acting instead of busy reading subtitles lmao.

      • @another abc learn to read idiot. The critically panned was meant for the other 2 useless actors who stop emoting and acting once the focus and shot was off them lmao. At least lsg & yai dont do this kind of rubbish lmao. Nothing better than lsg drama goes up against your bias so we can settle for once who is superior lmao.

      • Didn’t The King 2 Hearts take over Moon Embracing the Sun’s time slot back in 2012? And didn’t even get half of its ratings? LOL.

      • So what does a follow up drama has to do with a previous drama ratings lmao. Btw that drama was about NK & SK conflict issue which obviously did not sit well with most of the viewers as it was sensative issue.

  9. It amazed me that Suzy got so many acting offers despite her non-existence acting talent. Whatever her choice would be, my only take from here is to stay away from any drama headlined by this pretty piece of wood. Good luck to her male lead, though.

    • Nah she just mediaplay it so much, top actors receive more script than her but they will never put out articles about it unless they are positive with the project. I see it as respect for writers and pd. Her, Park Hae Jin and Jung Hae In are the top 3 when it comes to mediaplay.

      • Yeah this comment makes so much sense. There are so many A-list actors we’ve never heard casting offers of, until they decided to appear in a drama. Now we know why.

  10. Heaven help us or should I say please give us a break a long break away from Suzy.I really tried watching her dramas.

  11. Suzy really is ‘immortal’. although her acting is criticised by many, directors just keep giving her leading roles. i honestly wonder if these directors actually live somewhere with no internet connection that they can’t read all these criticisms regarding her acting?

  12. JYP is working hard.Its not even a melo or rom com but action thriller and on SBS.Good luck y’all?.I am also not sure about Lee Seung Gi in action drama.I have seen most of his filmography and familiar with his acting style.Me thinks his strength is in romance dramas.He can vary them; fantasy, rom coms, melos, historical..he can nail those.I feel like LSG in action thriller would come out like Rain.

    • I have watched it and my opinion still stands.By the way, “You are all surrounded” was not a serious action thriller.It was an “action” romance, comedy.The emphasis was also not on the “action” but the comedy and romance.

      • oh please Seung gi already trained in special action force for 2 years.. the hardest area in the army. Do you really think he will come out good doing action scenes in a drama.???

  13. oh my Gosh! this cant be…wondering why she always got leading roles..she’s pretty but drama dont suit her..

    • Wow, that’s plain nasty! Just because you don’t want your bae’s drama to be bad, you root for another person’s drama to be unsuccessful? *shakes head*

      • did i say she’s so bad that will ruin LSG drama? i think it’s you wh o has nasty idea and jumped to the conclusion by yourself.

  14. @koala i noticed every time there was an article about suzy drama casting, this comment section going wild XD

    seems like suzy is one of your fave but most your visitor dont like her.

    anyway really interesting come to visit your site just to read the so call dramagod fans, Hallyu oppa/ajushi fans even the one who pretend they know the entertainment industry work.

  15. Suzy needs to do a movie not a drama! Poor girl gets knocked every time there is a post here. I liked her in ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ and ‘Sound of a flower’ and I’ve just read she had a cameo role as a tattooist in ‘Real’. If Yoona can score a lead role with Cho Jung Seok in the movie ‘Exit’ about poisonous gas I’m sure Suzy can score the lead for something else. Here’s hoping! Go Suzy ?

    • It would flop so hard and JYP knows it.Thats why they are securing her offers in dramas only.She would need to star with a big box office kmovie star for people to actually see the movie.On her own, she has no clout in kmovie world.Even Song Hye Kyo(who can act and is a beauty icon) still doesnt have a korean box office hit to her name despite her years of success as a kdrama actress.Yoona’s case is slightly different because SM seems like does have a lot of powerful connections and influence with the acting industry.Have you seen how she is always at award shows and getting random awards.

      • I think SM is quite smart, getting Yoona to act in films is much better then dramas. Next she will be appearing in Cannes or some other film festival and it will lift her prestige as an actress.

      • You’re the proof good people still exist here. It’s not all the readers who have a venymous heart and insanity to say about those young artist ?

  16. So SBS wasn’t ready to pay the budget for DOTS with Song hYE kyo and Song Joong Ki but they’re wasting much more (25 billion won) to a drama with Suzy and Lee Seung Gi as leads. LSG I understand since he’s got a good track record when it comes to ratings but Suzy…. lmao. Wasn’t Uncontrollably Fond supposed to be the next DOTS with a star writer Lee Kyung Hee and astronomical budget and months of mediapl.. ahem promotions? With 9% average rating in a year of dramas with over 20% ratings that’s tragic. And WYWS supposed hit.. when Hospital Ship had higher average ratings despite the fact that star writer Park Hye Ryun collaborated with superstar Lee Jong suk and again a big budget.. lol SBS is still ready to waste that money for Suzy drama? Or is it JYP sponsoring these dramas?

    • lol are you serious SBS passed on Descendants for budget reasons? When they knew Kim Eun Sook was the writer? They must have been kicking themselves so hard when it aired. But then KBS got egg on their face with UF too, they promoted it for longer than Descendants and well, look at it.

      I guess WYWS wasn’t a flop but it was hardly the same level of hit as Pinocchio (ratings at finale: 13.8 percent) or even W. The one who benefited most from it was Jung Hae In, he went straight to leading man opposite Sohn Ye Jin in like three months after it wrapped, meanwhile Yoon Kyun Sang who had the similar third-lead-breakout position in Pinocchio, spent another two years in second leads and supporting roles before getting Rebel (which is a really good drama btw).

      • Yeah, SBS passed on DOTS exactly for budget reasons. They weren’t confident about pouring so much money on that drama. SBS must have regretted so hard. KES is KES, no matter how superficial her dramas are. But Vagabond is said to have a higher budget (or whatever mediaplay that is from JYP or something) and they are ready to dump that much money in a drama with Suzy as a female lead.. something tells me that SBS isn’t the one fully funding this drama. Didn’t JHI have Prison Playbook in between? I wondered how did he get a lead role faster from a fourth lead than some actors (like Kim Jae Wook) who seem to be stuck in the second lead category for ages. I guess good looking flowerboys luck out much easier…

      • @Prettyautumn – true, JHI did Prison Playbook in between but Yoon Kyun Sang still had to go through three more dramas including a 50-episode sageuk (to be fair, he had a decent role and got good reviews, and his eventually getting the lead role in Rebel probably had to do with how he performed in Six Flying Dragons) before getting Rebel.

        As for Vagabond….we’ll see. Moon Lovers had a huge budget partially financed by NBC Universal too and that didn’t work out so well for SBS either, at least in Korea thanks to Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. But at least they had the sleeper hit success of Doctors to cushion that blow.

      • @Royal We. Ahh it’s the agencies. FNC is famous for their excessive mediaplay. While a more talented Yoon Kyun Sang who acted in better dramas had to prove himself much more

      • FNC, eh? No wonder they say empty vessels make the most noise, at least JHI has some talent though. But I wish Yoon Kyun Sang got better offers, it’s not every actor who can make a murderer sympathetic.

      • If Kim Jae Wook wants to be a lead, he probably have gotten the role already. It’s either his agency is not working hard enough or he himself don’t want lead actors.

    • SBS passed on Mr. Sunshine too…
      Now I really don’t understand whats going on in their mind. I highly doubt Vagabond (whether the lead is Suzy or not) will be bigger than DOTs and Mr. Sunshine.

      • We will see. The writer of vagabond is a respected award winning veteran who is famous of solid script.

    • TV channels don’t pay the production of the drama. But there are probably few channels that bids one particular drama. I would say sometime negotiations falls through due to disagreements on the terms and conditions e.g. for paying a drama for $500k episode yet with limited re-run rights or additional fees for re-run, tv channels may find unattractive deal so they more on to another production that gives them better deal.

    • Public TV channels lost it’s market share to cable tvs and streaming sites.

      What rating are you talking about? Thanks to the internet. Only countries with slow internet connections still watch free-to-view these days.

      • Ok, tell that to Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, Doctors, Defendant, Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim and the multiple other dramas that have scored ratings in the late teens/twenties in the last two years alone. Or did all those dramas not air in South Korea or something?

      • Yeah, and tell that to recently-ended drama, Grand Prince, who gave out free hugs to audience because their drama broke ratings records.

  17. Suzy fans were saying her and Bogum looked awkward in Baeksang. Maybe its one of the reasons why she’s not considering that drama?

    • Bo Gum looked awkward, Suzy looked fine… I think it’s more like PBG does not want to work with Suzy… her fans are delulu. If she does not want that drama, she would right off the bat reject it like how she did with Nam Joo Hyuk’s. She was practically waiting on PBG’s decision there…

  18. Erm, I don’t trust SBS with big-budget. All of their pre-produced dramas these past two years were underwhelming.

  19. SBS gave her the excellence award, they have to assume now :p

    Honestly, I understand that she want to be an actress but she should take second role in movie and come back in drama when she’ll be good.

  20. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I don’t watch Suzy dramas no matter how much I love the male lead and I will have to pass if she gets this. This is a reunion NO one sound of mind should ever want to see!

  21. I have said this many times before…Actrors in South Korea are so prone to being caught up in being a celebrity trap it takes away the value and focus of what they actually need to concentrate on. Many fall victim and many never recover. To me being a good actor and being a celebrity are two entirely different things …What do they actually want to be or remembered for.

  22. All this mega budget make sbs cast her i think. Only for her advertising power (sponsor) and not acting skill. Sigh…
    Anyway I’m not LSG fans so i don’t really care about their pairing.

  23. wooowwww… so many hate comments for suzy.. daebak..
    as a suzy fans.. i will always support her decision.. lee seung gi or park bo both or reject both..its okay .. SUZY fighting!!..lets keep trying,learning and be a humble person.. never give up SUZY…

  24. Suzy has no chemistry with LSG at all. In Gu Family Book, i was so disappointed in her she cannot act. So why bring her in Vagabond, if it is a good drama Suzy should not be there. Nooooooohhhhhh!!!!!!:((((

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