Namgong Min and Hwang Jung Eum Spar in Latest Previews for SBS Drama The Undateables

It looks like I can’t stop Hwang Jung Eum from hamming it up like she’s in a silent movie and needs to act by expression alone, but conversely Namgong Min is so exquisitely restrained that it balances the drama universe out somewhat. The latest previews are out for SBS Wed-Thurs drama The Undateables (Handsome Guy and Jung Eum), premiering next week as Switch (Change the World) wraps up its run. The drama is from the screenwriter of Tamra the Island which I am so very fond of which also tips the odds in favor of me having to check this out even as I cringe every time Hwang Jung Eum does her shtick onscreen. Maybe someone will get cancer early on and this drama will turn from slapstick to melo and Hwang Eun will stop mugging and screeching and transition to the sensitive crying she pulls off well. I can’t believe I’m actually advocating cancer for a rom-com, lol.

Previews for The Undateables:


Namgong Min and Hwang Jung Eum Spar in Latest Previews for SBS Drama The Undateables — 24 Comments

    • They rarely comment on HJE and NGM articles so I think you will be disappointed
      this time.Go find them in Suzy,PSH and LJS articles as I think they belong to those actors’age range not the 30+ actors/actresses.

    • I’ve had strong disagreements with @prettyautumn over LJS in the past and yet they never resorted to personally insulting me or talking cr-p about me in other threads.

      It looks like that concept is alien to you though.

    • Oh and the same goes for @candycane too. I disagreed with them too but if you’re so mad about some commenters criticising an oppar/unnier’s acting ability that you feel the need to insult them on behalf of said oppar/unnier, maybe comment sections are not for you. Just stick to fansites or something.

    • @lovewadaw – stop acting like a dog barking for its master… lol… @garnet is correct, I don’t have much interest on HJE (but I like NGM). prettyautumn probably won’t reply as the spelling of her name is always off by this troll.

  1. hahaha,cancer,your so funny Ms.Koala, I don’t know if you are actually dissing or praising Hwang Jung Eum ,but I would like to believe both.I am actually very excited on this collaboration of these two fine actors and whether this will turn out sour or sweet,it doesn’t matter,I just like to have a good stomach aching laugh from these two,which is guaranteed just by looking at all the teasers out.

  2. Just stop with with these cancer/bipolar jokes, Koala! Just as you cringe every time you watch Huang Jung Sum in comedy, we cringe every time you use real life illnesses to somehow prove a point. This is just bad taste. You should choose your words more wisely even if this is your own blog.

    If you don’t like a celebrity just be honest and say you are not a fan. There is no need to justify your dislike for someone by throwing in a back handed compliment. It makes you sound like one of those Knetz on Nate.

    • You know it wasn’t offensive or even trying to be, right? I don’t know how wish for a disease in a fictional production is offensive since she is only wishing it in order to see change the genre of the drama, from comedy to a melodrama. You’re being a little oversensitive and twisting things.

      • Trust me, there are far better ideas to change a drama genre. There is no need to throw in a terminal illness for the sake of a cheap laugh in an article.

        Also, these back handed compliments are just uncalled for. There are a handful of actresses she tries to diss from time to time. It just makes her look like an anti.

  3. Listen we know you don’t like Hwang Jung Eum and your entitled to your opinion but lets not use the illness jokes. Peace out.

    • @Gem, I’ve been seeing a lot of negative comments from Ms.Koala since the start of this drama promotion and became used to it,laugh at it and on it.She will probably not change the impression on HJE since it is already ingrained in her subconscious mind that there is nothing to like about HJE as opposed to YEH and PSH that she loved the most.Well that’s a fangirl mentality,and I am guilty of that too.

  4. I just can’t with NGM’s hairstyle. o(><)o

    But he looks so different from his recent previous roles so I think it's a good change too.

    Well, Greasy Melo is fun but I'm kind of disappointed, so hoping at least this one is a hit. These actors can do their job, so I'll pray that writing, editing and production comes through!

  5. Namgoong Min is so much fun to watch as a lead, I freaking LOVED Chief Kim last year. I hope this turns out well too, Hwang Jung Eum is a good actress when she’s not screeching.

  6. I’m sure they will make a great onscreen couple. Their characters seem to complement well. They are both good and charismatic actors, I hope the writing and directing are also good because I’m in the mood to watch a good romcom this spring. 🙂

  7. I miss NGM as a villain.. And HJE in melodrama. Wont give this drama a try since i havent finished their previous romcom dramas. Except for HJE with KMHM. KMHM was great. But she plays safe with the repetitive character. Well, probably she got offered the same character for years. Cant blame.

    Ngm is enjoying his comedy side. Well, it’s preference. But at least we all agree, he can act well.

    • Yeah you are right @Yui,I miss them in those genre, NGM was sooo good as a villain,it will give you the creeps watching him,will while HJE is a good crier,you will feel her pain,that’s why I’m wondering too why they don’t appear on these kinds of genre.I love melodrama,but if it is not offered to them ,they have no choice but to pick the finest one on their plates.I trust these actors’ choices,and will wish them all the luck,hundred times more to the writer and the production team coz the question really falls on them whether they can deliver a good romcom.

  8. God… Their character and acting are out of sync with each other it feels so weird! I really loved their chemistry in CYHMH. I Hope the teaser doesn’t translate to the real execution in drama. But there will be a big chance it will.

  9. Always so bitter about HJE, aren’t you Koala? I know this is your personal blog and you have every right to say every (bad) thing about certain things, include you being an anti of HJE. I thought you’d be mature enough to write a little nice things or maybe some general things, just not underlined your hate to HJE so much. But, yes, this is your blog, you got your right, I am just a mere HJE’s fan who cringes every time you write stuffs like these.

    @Sirey Directors have eyes for talents and skills that you don’t have.

  10. Ohh @Sirey the ever faithful and loyal troll of HJE for years! I can’t! Go brush your teeth honey,your breath is kinda stinky right now.

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