tvN Drama My Ahjusshi Ends with High Ratings and Acclaim From Critics and Audiences Alike

A big round of deserving applause is due to the cast and crew of tvN Wed-Thurs drama My Ahjusshi (My Mister) which ended its 16-episode run with what I would call near universal thumbs up. The final episode 16 brought in a series high 7.352% ratings and the ending was one that everyone watching seemed to be happy with. With the PD of Signal, Misaeng, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and Cinderella Unni paired with the screenwriter of Another Oh Hae Young, My Ahjusshi was all about the emotional highs and lows of surviving versus living and the wide spectrum in between. Lee Seon Kyun was always a beloved actor for his skills but IU is finally getting positive acting feedback that will hopefully put to rest naysayers about her decision to be an actress as well as a singer. I’m still only halfway through this amazing drama with so much richness and depth but for those who have finished hopefully it was a meal that satisfied the mind, heart, and soul as all good dramas should.


tvN Drama My Ahjusshi Ends with High Ratings and Acclaim From Critics and Audiences Alike — 22 Comments

  1. Well done to the My Ajusshi team!

    Despite all the negative talk about IU’s Moon Lovers acting, I knew the PD of Misaeng was not playing when he cast her, he doesn’t cast lead roles unless he knows they’ve got it in them. And IU had it. This drama has had a lot to overcome, from initial bad publicity over the age gap to last-minute reshoots because of Oh Dal Soo being outed as a sexual predator and having to be replaced. But they did it so well, none of that early nonsense talk even matters.

  2. I put it on hold to marathon on it, can’t wait to watch! I’m glad it was an actual healing drama in the end. And based on your description of it Miss Koala, it’s something I really need to watch at this point in my life.

  3. The drama is perfect from start to finish. (Cant say the same with misty and pretty noona). It is a drama that you want to watch time in time again. I have good cry since Go Back Couple (My mister is a better drama but GBC is higher emotional to me).

    Congrats to IU to have a turning point in her acting career. That is very brave of her to take a script like this.

    I love the drama soundtrack.

  4. Great drama! The ending is perfect. I hope it will win a lot of drama awards in year end events. Both LSK and IU deserve more recognition of their great efforts and talents. ????

  5. I really loved this drama,both actors were perfect in their role. I always loved LS but I do have to recognise IU was great too.
    Can’t wait to see them in more dramas.

  6. Beautiful ending. IU showed a range beyond her peers. The whole cast and writing remained stellar from beginning to end.

  7. This healing drama was just so unique and beautiful until the very end. I absolutely loved it and no words can really make the drama justice, it needs to be seen to be understood!

    Hehe, I can’t believe that I was feeling a bit skeptical about the show when watching the first 4 episodes. But then again the beginning was quite depressing 😛 Just keep watching and see the magic unfold!

  8. My Ajusshi is perfection. It’s flawless and exquisitely beautiful. I know Lee Seon Kyun is a terrific actor but he never failed to blow me away in ever single episode with his masterful translation of Park Dong Hoon. And IU is equally great and ofc, who in the world could ever thought that LDK-IU chemistry is that amazing. The ending is just appropriate and natural for the show and on top of thay, there’s never been a single weak episode during its entire run. I could never watch another drama and feel the same way anymore ???

  9. Congratulations! It’s one of the best drama of this year. I still can forget the emotion from every touching moment, and the ost too..

  10. This drama is best of the year 2018..everyone has done so well on it. From supporting actor to lead actors and director. I hope it will win many awards this year it will be totally deserving one.

  11. @Ms.Koala

    Now that you have watched halfway of My Ajusshi, perhaps you can share with us your interpretation of the relationship between Dong Hoon and Ji An?

    This has been a subject of debate and dividing viewers into two obvious camps – those who see them as having romantic love and those who see them as no more than platonic love. As for me, until the end, I maintain that what they share is Romantic Love, though not the typical kind but so much purer and superior.

  12. Congratulations to My Ajussi! Wow! I have never watched a drama like this for a while.Its inspiring and reviting, PDH is the epitome of how humans should live,full of kindness,patience,compassion,sympathy towards others others.This drama displayed the reality of life that each and everyone of us has a demon to battle within ourselves.We can fight it If we care enough to help one another.Bravo MA…now let’s move to the awards ceremony.

  13. This drama definitely satisfied my heart, mind and soul and way beyond that. The directing, execution, narrative, cast and every single thing was perfect. No other drama has portrayed life as realistically as this. Every character was as real as it gets and not a single moment made me feel like it was just a drama. I cried ugly tears with it and it will remain in my thoughts for a long while.

  14. My Ajusshi is an incredible drama. It was well acted, well directed, well written, and just total perfection each week. The chemistry between the leads was off the charts. I’m glad IU is getting the recognition she deserves as an actress and I was very impressed with Lee Sun Gyun (I hadn’t watched him in anything other than Coffee Prince, so I now have to watch his other dramas.)All the brothers and neighborhood friends were so charming in their own way, so loyal and genuinely kind. A must see drama that’s definitely worth watching.

  15. The ending was bittersweet and so, so good and realistic. The production obviously put a lot of thought in how the drama ended. There was only one really sad part for me that involved Dong Hoon and his wife (no spoilers intended) but even that part was still realistic. It’s an enduring piece of work, that ranks among dramas such as Misaeng, initially bleak, but full of hope. IU is solidifying her reputation with this drama, where she held her own with veteran actors and gave an outstanding performance. Kudos to her and rest of the cast and crew. Highly recommended for everyone to watch.

  16. This is the best drama since a very long time. Last year was so bad, if it would have been my first year in Kdrama I would have run and never looked back.
    My Ahjussi was just perfect and made it into my top 3 dramas of all time.
    Well done!

  17. Truly a magnum opus for director KWS and writer Park Hae Young. LSK overcame all the nasty hate and criticism thrown at him just for being cast opposite a much younger idol and delivered his life performance. IU was impressive as well, but also the brothers, Jung Hee, and all the ajusshis. Even the villains have depth and layers. Who knew that a drama centered on the lives of middle-aged men could touch so many hearts. Even more amazing, how can a non-romance drama make countless heart flutter?

  18. I’m so happy that everyone is gushing about this drama– I’ve seen a ton of dramas over the years, but none as touching and as well-crafted as this one.

    Someone else probably knows better than I do, but I gather that IU is going by her real name, Lee Ji-eun, outside of her singing career. She wanted everyone to call her Lee Ji-eun on Hyori’s Homestay, and the press releases, etc.for the drama have listed her as Lee Ji-eun as well. In any case, she deserves a lot of praise for her portrayal of Lee Ji-an. I hope she takes a break soon because she’s a (self-admitted) workaholic. The rest of the cast was awesome, too, and LSK gave the performance of a lifetime. Bravo!

    I wish there were a way to thank the cast and crew for giving us such an exquisitely beautiful gift.

  19. Well deserved accolades all around. This truly is one of the all-time great dramas, and I am over-the-moon thst it is getting the kudos it and this wonderful cast deserves.

  20. Koala, I’d love to read your review of the entire series once you’re done watching. It’s been a while since you wrote an official review of anything 🙂

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